Are you fit?

  One Friday, per month – we have a fun game at my work place. During one of those games, I had a rude awakening! The game was very simple. Group of us had to form a circle facing outwards, sit in point A and then when the buzzer goes off, get up, and run as a group without breaking circle to point B. When the other team did this, it looked so easy. But when my team’s turn came, even before I got up, I was dragged by others who got up quickly to point B. Even though all of us were laughing and moved to next game, I was ashamed at myself for not getting up quickly. I kept wondering how since, I am not a lethargic person or overweight. I did quite a bit of introspection and I realized that I was simply not fit. Which means I had to do something to make my body fitter. I used to be very skinny and people would always admonish me to gain weight! Recently I had gain weight and looked healthier and it did surprise people who have seen me in skinnier side. Now I had a mission to be fitt

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day! Is there any new explanation one can give for Mother’s Day. We all know why we celebrate Mother’s Day. I have always wondered why we need to have specific dates to celebrate something – Mother’s Day/father’s day/valentine’s day etc etc. Nowadays it seems like every other day is some day – Roses day/ Siblings Day/Twins day and what not. Now it has become more of a show than anything else, but still all these days started existing due to a specific reason. So “Google” came for help again, when I started looking at Mother’s day origin and celebrations. As usual this  wiki  page gave very interesting details on how today is not celebrated as Mothers day across the world as we all think. Every county has chosen a date. In India, its celebrated today and I really liked the explanation given “ Indians do not celebrate the occasion as a religious event; its celebration is mostly restricted to urban areas where the occasion has been largely commercialized ”. Today i

Gratitude during these tough times!

So after 1 week, I stepped out of my house today to buy 1 week of vegetables and groceries stock. The roads were quiet and the usual buzz of activities were amiss, as expected. I had to make 2 rounds of visits, 1st to veg shop and then for groceries. I stood in the queue outside grocery shop, and then when my turn came, kept mentioning each item I wanted from my list. For a few items there were discussions on the brand, quantity, alternate option etc. So finally after 30 mins of this, with multiple interruptions for the shop guy he got my list. Then the wait for billing for 10 more mins and the  payment.  This reminded me of childhood when we would go to nearby kirana stores and used to have this scene regularly.  Social distancing and washing hands and dresses once am back etc was indeed followed and I realized even these I took for granted. We have come a long way with digital world and fast paced where we don't stop to pause or think. But today, I reflect


Detective Nilesh was trying to read a book when his son came running, asking if he had made the decision of their vacation destination. Would it be Indonesia or Thailand? His son, was excited as this was the 1st international vacation they were planning in their family. The 1st vacation he had in the past 2 years. His friend Rajat and his Indonesian wife voted for Indonesia, as it was their favorite and planned to accompany them. Nilesh and Rajat were family friends. Their common interest was solving cases. Both loved their work so much that they compete on solving a case they take up together. Their score was equal and the last case would have proved who won this unwritten competition. After that last case, where both of them could not get evidence for their suspects to be caught, they both were burnt and practically burnt them out. They both planned to take a break. But then he just could not forget the unsolved case. They just could not figure out why “Run” what was


Krithi and Shwetha, very close cousins, are doing their usual catchup at the end of their week. Krithi : “Hello Shweth! How was your week?” Shwetha : “Long and no time to breath re. But then since I want to wind up by next week to come there, am not complaining. You tell me how are things there? Vacations started for Ritu right? Went out?” Krithi : “Nah! Nothing new from my end. Same old stuffs. Ya her vacations started but Ritu has a lot of homework so finishing that fast before her favorite aunt comes home. So we hardly get time to go out. “ Shwetha – “haha, super! Ya ask her to keep whole time free for me! Ok tell what’s the latest gossip at your apartment that I should be looking at when I come there? :D. “ Krithi : “Oh yes, listen! I told you right? Mr Mukherjee and his wife had moved out. Someone new has arrived. OMG! She is full of attitude. You remember how sweet Mrs Mukherjee used to be. I used to leave Ritu with them when I go to market. This new

A Trial - Belief!

 A TRIAL Scene 1 - Two law associates are talking at the corridor of a long court room halls. Pranav : Where are you heading Sam? Samantha : Court room 5, of course! Don’t you remember Pranav? Today is the trial day for Vikash. The driver who ruthlessly killed that poor little girl Sabani. Pranav : That was such a tragedy right! We have come across so many cases, but this was brutal. We believe these drivers, employ them and send kids. But, see what has come upon. It really troubles me. Sam : Oh man! That’s true. I heard, he kept denying about committing the murder even after the Assistant Commissioner literally caved into him. Pranav : Oh! You do have your sources (smirked Pranav). Since this is a pro-bono case, who has volunteered to represent Vikash? Sam : Mr. Jaswesh Saini. Can you believe that? Pranav : Wow! Really? Generally, he doesn’t encourage taking up cases where there is a chance of losing. This is clear cut case of murder for money. Sam : Yeah that’s w


Raj opened the door and switched on the light of Amit’s house. He still could not believe it! His best friend, Amit, was dead. All of 35 years and dead due to a cardiac arrest! He still remembered their dinner 2 days ago on Amit’s birthday when they had met at their favorite restaurant. He was perfectly fine and even contemplating taking a break from work to visit his brother. Work which kept him awake for more than 20 hours a day. Being a cop was not easy. But he was one of the best in his team. They both had started their career together and had become best buddies in those 3 months of training. Through all the ups and downs of the cop life, they were there for each other, even when duty took them to different cities. And the next day Amit was dead. He shook his head and looked around. A small room at the front with a section carved as kitchen. Last time the kitchen was used was for making coffee. The utensils were still in the sink. He entered the small bedroo