Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pleasures of Life – Part 2


Communications are part and parcel of a man’s life. The mode of communication has only changed over a period of time. Most of us can’t imagine a life without a cell phone or internet connection. For example - A day without getting connected to twitter (on 6th, Thursday) was like losing something very special for millions of people using twitter.

My post is actually on the earlier modes of communications – letters. How many of us write letters nowadays? How many of us have visited post office recently? As emails (for faster communication) and couriers (for sending something important) have become so popular, letter writing has become an old fashioned way! Nowadays the letters that we get through the post are – some magazine for which we have subscribed or various bills (whose soft copies are also sent in mail, like phone bills, credit card bills) etc.

With all the technology developments happening, postal department has taken a back seat, though they have good investment plans and also postal accounts. I remember once waiting in post office to buy stamps when a customer asked the person working there why they couldn’t make it computerised for faster and easier work (they do all the updations manually and have huge files still)? The person replied that most of the people who use post office accounts etc live in villages where there is no computer and net connection and even if the facility is provided, they don’t have people to work there. Those who are educated and have computer knowledge prefer higher-paid jobs than low-paid government jobs.

Am sure my grandfather must be among those very few people who still believe in postal department for their communication with world. A few must items in my grandfather’s list of things to be brought are inland letters, postcards and envelopes. Yesterday morning also he gave me a list of the same. He’s the reason why I visit post office regularly. He writes atleast a letter per day.

I used to look forward to his letters during my stay in hostel. Whole of hostel knew about my grandfather because of his letters as I was the only one getting letters. Though I already used to know the content of letters written by him (courtesy my mother who would update on everything happening back at home) but still it’s a pleasure reading a letter. Whenever I used to feel homesick, I would simply take out all his letters and read it. I used to reply back to him though it was once a month compared to his once a week letter! :D

As there are very few customers, even the supplies in smaller post offices are very less. Once I went to a post office and asked for 25 inland letters and that guy stared at me as if he was hearing shocking news. He told me they have only 15. Such is the condition of many post offices but one can’t blame them too as very few buy them.
Once upon a time stamp collection was a favourite hobby of so many kids. I still remember my brother and his friend used to have so many fights over stamps! Last year a movie called “Welcome to Sajjanpur” came, which showed the essence of letter writing still.

Writing is an art and letter writing is also an art! I admire my grandfather for writing letters without expecting any replies! I will always cherish those letters he has sent me till date. :)