Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Phone Call!

The Phone rang. She woke up with a jerk. The Clock said 5AM.

Hesitantly she picked the call.

Son – “Hi Ma. Did I wake you up?”
Mother – “No Son(Yawning). What happened?”
Son – “Nothing. I just wanted to know how to make Semolina Upuma.”
Mother – (Sat in chair Sighing) “ok. Note it down. Do you have ingredients?”
Son – “What ingredients should I use?”
Mother – “Ok, A few spices like…”
Son – “I know what spices and have it here”
Mother – “Ok, take a Pan and…”
Son – “I know I should use Pan. Then?”
Mother – “Pour a bit of oil and spices and …”
Son – “Which oil?”
Mother – “Which oil do you use for Vegetables?”
Son – “hmm ok Oil and then?”
Mother – “Add 2Teaspoon of oil and..”
Son – “You shouldn’t use so much of oil. What next?”
Mother – “And then add water and let it boil. When the water is boiling till..”
Son – “Ma, I know how to boil water,  then?”
Mother – “Add salt and then Semolina.While adding Semolina…”
Son – “I know how to mix them all ,then?”
Mother – “Well upuma is ready.”
Son – “But that’s not how it’s given in this website.”
Mother – !!?!!
“Then listen to Google!” and kept the phone.

P.S – This is my entry to internal blogging contest.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship band and Blessings! - Quilling

On the day where we celebrate Friendship day all around the globe, here is a simple Quilled band for everyone!

And blessings from Shiva Lingam for those who believe! :)