Sunday, July 24, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 2

Continued from Part 1 - Thanks to all those for liking the part. Makes me all the more enthu to write the next part :)

As soon as she finished reading the post, she searched for his phone number in Facebook. She took the phone and messaged him.

Himanshu was almost asleep, when his cell phone beeped.

"Hi, its the unknown girl"

He got up with a start. Before he could think about anything, next message came.

"Sorry for messaging so late. Won't Disturb. Will talk later. Good Night."

He wasn't sure if he should message or not. He opened his laptop to check mails/FB/Blogs. No messages.

He decided to reply to her message the next day and went to sleep, thinking about her.

She wondered if he would have read the message. She had sent the first message and then realized how late it had been at night. She immediately sent the next message. Lying down in the bed, she secretly hoped he would message and slept off, thinking about him

The next morning, he wondered what to reply to her message. He still didn't know her name. She must have read his blog post.

He decided to call her.


"Hey Himanshu, what a surprise"

"Yeah, saw your message yesterday night"

"Ya, i thought you might have slept off as it was already late"

"Yea. I was about to sleep at that time"

"hmm ok"



"Well, nothing.. i was just wondering…"


"hmm…please don't mistake me but i don't remember your name"
he blurted out.

She started laughing on the call."I know, i read your post but then how come you accepted my friend's request"

He was blank. "Oh, when did you send?"

"Yesterday night"

"Wait let me check"

She said laughingly "No need. I was expecting you to remember the name atleast, after that incident when we met 1st.Hmm..But then you simply accept any friend's request you get in FB. Do you know how dangerous it is? You should ..."

He was quiet.

"Oh sorry, why am i lecturing you..anyways, Its Madhuri, ab pehachana."

Madhuri - The name rang a bell!! He remembered where he had met her the moment she said her name. How could he have forgotten her.

2years back - Raj's Birthday treat.

Raj was his close friend in work place. They had met on the day of their joining and had gone to become very good friends.

He and his friends were meeting in their usual hangout for Raj's treat. There were many new people who joined the treat, all Raj's school/college friends.

Some one suggested a game of Truth and Dare to be played and they started playing it. Himanshu was known to be a very quiet person and when his turn came he chose Truth.

Some one asked -
"Your 1st Crush"

Himanshu replied - "

Many of them started laughing and looking at a girl. Himanshu turned and saw 1 girl completely embarrassed.

Himanshu looked bewildered wondering what happened when Raj told that the girl's name was Madhuri. He tried to tell again that he means Madhuri Dixit but it was enough for others to have the fun at his expense. Himanshu looked helplessly at the girl but she meekly smiled.At the end of the party when everyone were leaving he got the courage to go unto Madhu and apologized. She simply smiled and brushed off the incident.

"Hey you there" She asked.

Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he replied "yeah"

"Pehachana, we met.."

"yea, i remember Raj's birthday treat. So tell me what do you do"

And they spoke for more than one hour.

When he kept down the phone, he wasn't sure why but Himanshu felt happy.

She thought about that day and how Himanshu had been apologetic for getting her into gossip. They had met a few times after their 1st meet at Raj's place. She had a crush on him after that incident but she never told anyone. Himanshu was the very quiet sort of person who talked only when needed. She had liked meeting him. But thanks to work demand, they all had gone their ways.

They started regularly chatting online after that. Both wondering why they liked talking to each other.

One Day Himanshu called Madhuri.

Himanshu - "Hi"

Madhuri - "Hey"

Himanshu - "Raj's wedding is coming up. You got the card na"

Madhuri - " Yea, I got it. aAe you going?"

Himanshu - "Yea, me and a friends are planning to. What about you?"

Madhuri - "Not sure. Have to find out yahan se kaun jaa raha hai"

Himanshu -"ok.Let me know. Nahin toh you can join us. I mean if you want to"

Madhuri - " Thanks. iIll let you know"

Raj was her school friend and once upon a time neighbor as well. Both of them and Raj's sister had practically grown up together. She knew that if she didn't attend the wedding, Raj and his sister Reema, would be very upset.

After lots of calls/mails finally a group - mix of Raj's School/College and Work place friend's decided to attend the wedding together. They had decided to use the long weekend to not just attend the wedding but also go out for a trip!

What happened in the trip - To be continued...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 1

Hi Everyone :) After long long time am back with story telling. Hope you like it :D


Himanshu was waiting in the station for the train. He was already running late. He looked around and saw the crowd everywhere. He swore to himself why it has to be so full today only compared to the other days. Finally the train came and he got into the already crowded train.

As he got into the train, he saw a girl standing at the middle of the coach. First look at her and he thought, she looked very pretty. Next moment, it dawned to him that she looked very familiar but he simply couldn't remember when and where he had met her.

Through the jostle and pushes, he found himself in the middle of the coach. He heard a pat behind his back and turned back. It was the same girl he saw when he had entered the train.

The moment she saw him, she smiled widely and said,"Himanshu! Hi, how are you. Heard that you were working in Mumbai. "

Himanshu simply couldn't remember who she was. Not wanting to be embarrassed, he simply smiled at her and nodded his head.

The Girl continued speaking, not minding his silence. "You are still with same company? It's so long since we met na"

Himanshu tried to keep a straight face and remember at least the girl's name.

The girl suddenly turned and saw out of the window and then told,"My stop has come. Good to see you even if it's this crowded place.See you sometime. bye." and struggled her way out of the coach as the train stopped in the station.

He meekly said bye, which only he could have heard. He was still wondering who the girl was. He felt relieved that the girl's station came soon and he avoided being embarrassed in front of the girl.

She got down the station. As she started walking, she wondered, if he had recognized her. She wasn't sure remembering the look in his face when she said hi; despite the confused look he looked cute and handsome. She laughed at herself and decided, she will find out if they meet and picked up her phone as she went out of the station.

He reached the office just in time for the meeting. Throughout the meeting he was constantly distracted by who the girl was. As soon as the meeting got over, he went to his place to write a blog about the incident in the hope that he might find out.

She logged into facebook once she was in her desk and wondered if he would be there. She searched his name and found his profile. His profile had his photo and minimal information. She wondered if she should add him as friend. She checked the mutual friend's list and saw only one name - Raj. Raj was the common friend for both. She had met Himanshu on Raj's birthday treat.

Still not remembering where they had met, he clicked on the publish button hoping he should find out before he met her next time, if that time comes. He checked his Facebook and saw a few friends' request. Without giving much attention to the names, he accepted the friend's request and logged off.

She was surprised that he has immediately accepted the request. He must have remembered her then. She smiled to herself. She started going through his profile when she saw his blog link. She opened the link and started reading his latest post.

He went to bed wondering if she would find out and read the blog post.

To Be Continued...


This story is a work of fiction inspired by one of the friend's blog post! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10th July!!! - The next journey of Paadhai :)

“His life is complete. He is in love. He is working with the best music composer. He is living his dream. But then, he had a secret. One small mistake, one small incident, changed his life. How will he get his life - music and love back?”

You want to know how he wins life back?? Wait till 10th July!!!

Paadhai is back with their 2nd Musical Novel with a bang - Neon Nagaram!!

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