Thursday, May 24, 2012

May I Help You!!!

Imagine the following Scenarios -

1) You go to a SuperMarket to buy your Grocery. You ask for a normal pack of Bread and the guy with the “May I help You” Look simply stared you back as if you have asked for 1 Crore. He turns back and calls one of his colleague to help. The colleague after thinking for sometime guides you to the bread packer you were asking for. After Bread you are seating for a particular biscuit and not able to find. You again look out for help from the guy and he simply blinks at you.
How would you feel?
2) You go to this crowded Clothes shop(The famous one of town) and try to buy a dress. You are not going to be noticed by the staff unless you are VIP or they are sure that you are going to buy dresses worth 10K +. Unless you know the exact dress with the color and pattern that you need and have the ability to pick a needle from Haystak(you are just wasting your time getting crushed between the mad rush)

3) You go to this not so crowded shop looking for some simple items. The staff  there are either too busy watching TV or chatting. You ask them for one item, 2 hands shoot up in the air in diff directions and you wonder what that is supposed to mean. You ask them again, and they give you a look as if you are insane to not even know that!

If you have at any point of time faced one of these incidents or related to it then welcome to the “Customer Service” World! And if you have not, then well you are atleast not in India(Because I cannot talk for any other Country!)

Apart from these in person incidents are the famous “Welcome to Soundarya’s Blog. For English Dial 1 bla..bla with series of menu and in the end when asked to talk to a human, the Lady very beautifully says – “Your call is very important to us, our executives are busy in another call. Request you to hold the line.” By the time you get your line connected you would have easily forgotten the purpose of the call.

This is the general scenarios we tend to see currently though mostly any pathetic service is related to Govt Office support.
It’s very rare when you see someone going overboard to understand the Customer’s requirements.

So it was a big surprise for me when, one of the stationary shops actually knew a lot about Quilling and its tools to actually show me what I wanted instead of simply showing what they have and leave it.

 Being in the receiving end as Customers in above scenarios, when it comes to us servicing to our customers/clients(which ever field you may be), What do we do?

Do we service them as they need or as we need??