Friday, November 2, 2012

Chan chan chan

Cursing no one in general, he climbed the stairs to the 3rd Floor. Office had closed by 3pm thanks to Cyclone warnings. But as soon as he entered the apartment, security told him that there was no power. He got into his flat. Throwing his bag to some chair, he went to change his dress. He saw the time - 3.30 pm.

With wind blowing heavily, dark clouds looming in the sky ready to open up any time and no power, he lay on the sofa and took his mobile. To his dismay, battery was almost drained. He had forgotten to charge the mobile after listening to songs till late night. Looking outside from the window he soon dozed off.

*Chan chan chan* *Chan chan chan*

He woke up with a jerk.

*chan chan*

It was pitch dark and he heard the clattering of anklets. His heart skipped a beat.

It took him a few minutes to realize where he was.He took his mobile for light and then remembered that it didn't have battery.

Cursing himself for being such an idiot he got up from sofa. Slowly he started walking towards his right knowing he would hit the wall turning to balcony door, near which there was a chair. He kept waving his hand around to check what was on the way. As he was about to reach the chair, it started moving away from him,making a noise. He was shocked. Then again he heard the sound of anklet coming from somewhere. In the confusion he couldn't make out the direction.

Bracing himself, he again started looking for chair and finally held it. some 7 steps straight from the chair, was the dining table. He slowly walked till there and started searching for Torch. He felt a sharp prick in his hand and realized it was a knife. In the morning, he had forgotten knife on the table itself after cutting apple. For Some Nth time in his life, he promised himself that he will be more organized. Not finding torch and still stuck in darkness, he decided to search for Candles.

After some deep thinking, he recollected having kept some candle on the TV Stand drawer. He turned left and blindly started walking straight. His head bumped into something. IT was the shelf above TV stand.Rubbing his head, he opened the TV draw and found the candles. He turned back to go to dining table when he again heard the sound - *chan chan*.

Chill ran through his spine.  Did he lock the main door! He tried to recollect his actions but it was all blank out of fear. HE walked back to dining table and started searching for the match box. Again his fingers were almost pricked by knife's sharp edges.

Staring at complete darkness, he wondered what to do. He kept the hand in his pocket when he felt something. Cigarette Lighter! Feeling like killing himself for being so stupid, he lighted the candle. He looked at the clock and it showed the time as 7.15 pm..

 In candle light he looked around, and realized that both balcony and main doors were open. He started walking to the main door, when he again heard the same sound - chan chan. Completely scared , he retrieved his steps and sat on sofa.

He could feel the wind blowing past his face.

The heavy blowing of the wind made a kind of whirlpool sound which reminded him of all those old scary movies. 

He felt stupid getting scared. But he didn't have guts to go out and find out from where the noise came.

He wondered when the power will come.

After sometime, which felt like eternity, power came. Relieved, he ran and looked outside. No one was there and doors of other houses were also closed. He immediately closed both main and balcony doors. Then he looked inside the whole house to check if he was alone only!

Feeling hungry, he went to kitchen to prepare dinner. While having dinner, he sensed that no anklet noise came. After sometime, relieved he decided to sleep early. As he closed his eyes, he heard the sound again.

Initially scared but then a bit confused also, he mustered courage and walked till the front door. He slowly opened the door.

The 2 year old girl neighbor girl was standing near the door and as  soon she saw him she started laughing, jumping and her anklets went *chan chan chan*!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Taking the pan
In the hand
Cooking the food fast
To not be in office last
I looked here and there
Thinking I missed scissors where
When i heard him come
as usual on time
I looked at him
Looking all trim and slim
Tracing his looks
I found it in hook
Opening the pack
And keeping it in rack
I got busy with work
As he waited for his perk
As I hummed the tune
The time passed soon
He made angry sound
Forcing me to turn around
I looked at the clock
It showed 10′o clock
I kept the morsel of rice
Only to hear his cries
I tried ignoring
But couldn’t help noticing
I looked pleadingly
He stared Angrily
He walked up and down
With a frown
While I took the clue
And finished making stew
I again looked at the rice
Trying to look at him nice
But he had the sway
And simply looked away
Finally I gave up
And added stew on top
And kept the food for him
And he ate every bit of them
As i watched with pleasure
He smiled in leisure
Spreading his wings he flew
Cawing a Thank you!

P.S – my mere attempt at poetry again ;)

P.S 1 – This is my entry for Poem in humor category for an Internal Contest!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Phone Call!

The Phone rang. She woke up with a jerk. The Clock said 5AM.

Hesitantly she picked the call.

Son – “Hi Ma. Did I wake you up?”
Mother – “No Son(Yawning). What happened?”
Son – “Nothing. I just wanted to know how to make Semolina Upuma.”
Mother – (Sat in chair Sighing) “ok. Note it down. Do you have ingredients?”
Son – “What ingredients should I use?”
Mother – “Ok, A few spices like…”
Son – “I know what spices and have it here”
Mother – “Ok, take a Pan and…”
Son – “I know I should use Pan. Then?”
Mother – “Pour a bit of oil and spices and …”
Son – “Which oil?”
Mother – “Which oil do you use for Vegetables?”
Son – “hmm ok Oil and then?”
Mother – “Add 2Teaspoon of oil and..”
Son – “You shouldn’t use so much of oil. What next?”
Mother – “And then add water and let it boil. When the water is boiling till..”
Son – “Ma, I know how to boil water,  then?”
Mother – “Add salt and then Semolina.While adding Semolina…”
Son – “I know how to mix them all ,then?”
Mother – “Well upuma is ready.”
Son – “But that’s not how it’s given in this website.”
Mother – !!?!!
“Then listen to Google!” and kept the phone.

P.S – This is my entry to internal blogging contest.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship band and Blessings! - Quilling

On the day where we celebrate Friendship day all around the globe, here is a simple Quilled band for everyone!

And blessings from Shiva Lingam for those who believe! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bigger Picture!

Every morning I wake up to the Music system playing “Deiviga Ragam”. The RJ tells wonderful snippets and stories(with morals) daily in between the songs.
When I heard today’s story, it was so apt. With mid-year review happening, the story was more like a reflection of our lives.
Once there was a Wealthy Man who loved travelling. During one such expedition, he travelled with a new servant. After a full day of travelling, they decided to take rest near a stream. The Master asked the new servant to be awake the whole night and keep a watch on their horse. And then he told the servant, “if you feel sleepy, then start thinking about the biggest problem and your sleep will go off.
 With that, the Master went to sleep. He woke up after sometime and saw that the servant was deep in thought looking at the sky. He asked, “What are you thinking?” The Servant replied “Am thinking from where the stars have come and assembled like how we can see in the sky”.
Master was happy with the way Servant was thinking and following the instructions and went back to sleep.
After sometime again Master woke up and this time the Servant was staring at the stream. The Servant looked at the master saying “Am thinking from where did so much water come in the stream?”.
 Master was happy that Servant is following his orders and slept off.
 He woke up at dawn and saw the Servant was deeply thinking with his eyes closed.
He asked, “What are you thinking now?”
Servant replied “Am thinking how the horse which was tied, ran away. Did it go by itself or someone took it”.
Moral – To achieve the main objective, we do smaller things but then at times we get so absorbed in those smaller things that we forget the Main objective!
P.S – I hope I was able to write the whole story just like the RJ told (Tamil to English is always a problem) :P
P.S 1 – I know i know… this is like those moral science stories :P but couldn’t help posting it :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hippogriff - Quilling Part 4! :)

A challenge accepted and well i am proud of myself for this attempt! :P

Gifted it to the same friend who challenged me!

Keep Quilling! :)

P.S - Wondering whats a Hippogriff?? Check here!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Art Gallore!!! StitchKit :)

Taking a small break from Quilling comes Embroidery Stitch Kit!!

For my Parents - completed this in 2006

 For my Bro and SIL for their wedding!! Year - 2010!

For my Special Aunt - Made in 2012

Keep waiting for more Quillings! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quilling Series Part 3 - Swinging!!

After the Love Birds and Bike, came turn of a swing on a friends request!! :)

Enjoy the Swing :D

Do order your requests!! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bike - Quilling series Part 2!

When it comes to Art, Creativity has no boundary!!!!

Especially when it comes to making something for your family and friends!!!

Here is a bike for my friend. He asked for a bike, well made him and his GF(future) also ;)

Enjoy this till i post the next and do order yours!! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Quilling - Yet another art! :)

Quilling is an Art. If this word is new then check this to know about it more.

Inspired from my friends, i tried my hand at quilling. I actually went and did shopping only for Quilling :P

The Love Birds - A small gift for my bro and SIL

Very simple with just 6 strips of 3mm paper of different colors(your choice).

Keep rolling!! :D

P.S - A series of Quilling on the way :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May I Help You!!!

Imagine the following Scenarios -

1) You go to a SuperMarket to buy your Grocery. You ask for a normal pack of Bread and the guy with the “May I help You” Look simply stared you back as if you have asked for 1 Crore. He turns back and calls one of his colleague to help. The colleague after thinking for sometime guides you to the bread packer you were asking for. After Bread you are seating for a particular biscuit and not able to find. You again look out for help from the guy and he simply blinks at you.
How would you feel?
2) You go to this crowded Clothes shop(The famous one of town) and try to buy a dress. You are not going to be noticed by the staff unless you are VIP or they are sure that you are going to buy dresses worth 10K +. Unless you know the exact dress with the color and pattern that you need and have the ability to pick a needle from Haystak(you are just wasting your time getting crushed between the mad rush)

3) You go to this not so crowded shop looking for some simple items. The staff  there are either too busy watching TV or chatting. You ask them for one item, 2 hands shoot up in the air in diff directions and you wonder what that is supposed to mean. You ask them again, and they give you a look as if you are insane to not even know that!

If you have at any point of time faced one of these incidents or related to it then welcome to the “Customer Service” World! And if you have not, then well you are atleast not in India(Because I cannot talk for any other Country!)

Apart from these in person incidents are the famous “Welcome to Soundarya’s Blog. For English Dial 1 bla..bla with series of menu and in the end when asked to talk to a human, the Lady very beautifully says – “Your call is very important to us, our executives are busy in another call. Request you to hold the line.” By the time you get your line connected you would have easily forgotten the purpose of the call.

This is the general scenarios we tend to see currently though mostly any pathetic service is related to Govt Office support.
It’s very rare when you see someone going overboard to understand the Customer’s requirements.

So it was a big surprise for me when, one of the stationary shops actually knew a lot about Quilling and its tools to actually show me what I wanted instead of simply showing what they have and leave it.

 Being in the receiving end as Customers in above scenarios, when it comes to us servicing to our customers/clients(which ever field you may be), What do we do?

Do we service them as they need or as we need??

Monday, April 23, 2012

IPL - Indian Power League

She was very nervous. With exams starting tomorrow, she opened the book to study.
And the Power went off.
She slammed the books completely irritated.
She looked out of the window as she heard the cheers outside. 

Stadium near her house was all lit with IPL match in progress, as she stood in the darkness.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Joy of a Bus Ride!!

When was the last time you had fun/joy travelling in an MTC bus???

Life is very Simple, Man makes it complex.

With the Software industry booming and bikes and Cars of various kinds in the offering, our lifestyle have taken a step higher and we tend to forget the days when we used to even walk those 5-10 kms or take the bus to get basically anything.

Those were the "nostalgic days" part of the other life which the kids of which generation might not even be familiar with!

Getting used to such a life where we do not need to think twice to take an auto despite the charges, I was in a pleasant surprise when the sight of a "bus" brought a whole community together and happiness spread!

The stretch from my place to main road is 1.5 km walk which takes 20-30 mins depending on your walking speed. And the Autos easily charge 30-40 rupees for one side trip.And for a common man, shelling out that money on a daily basis adds to the worry.

For those who do not have own vehicles, its minimum 45 minutes spent daily to walk. Its an herculean task especially in this hot summer where the sun is already up in your head at 6.30 AM!

So when a MTC bus was released last week for this stretch along with another route, there was an excitement and chaos all around! One could see the sheer happiness in the faces of people for whom it was like a savior.

People came out of their homes to just watch the bus as if they were seeing it for the 1st time in their life!!!

It brought me back to the reality that while we crib about so many things in life(which at times i feel is unnecessary), the genuine happiness and sharing of such people for the basic necessities in life.

And Daily Morning, travelling in the bus and watching the smiles all around, gives me a new energy in life :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


He was upset. It was Saturday afternoon but his father wanted him to study when they got back from shopping.

He wanted to go and play. He kept looking out of the local train window even though his mother was calling him.

He finally turned when he heard “Samosa”.

He saw his schoolmate selling it.

P. S - another 55F attempt from me! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In these times, we are so engrossed in our work/lives that we tend to forget lot many things around us. A chance glance at the "Young World" , supplement of The Hindu paper yesterday made me recollect a few things that i knew as a kid and had completely forgotten!

Maths might as well been one of the not so favorite subjects in school with Algebra, Integration eating our minds but still it was one subject we just could not ignore!
And if you are Maths lover, you will be celebrating this Day!!

March 14th ,i.e, 3-14(M/D) is celebrated as the Pi Day.

Even though all of us know and have use "Pi" in our mathematical calculations at some point of time but still there are so many things revolving around Pi that we simply might not know.

As i was checking the details about Pi in Wiki, well it simply amazed me!

There is even a poem by a Noble Prize Winner Poet, Wislawa Szymborska and a few lines from the poem -

The caravan of digits that is pi

does not stop at the edge of the page,

but runs off the table and into the air,

over the wall, a leaf, a bird's nest, the clouds, straight into the sky,

through all the bloatedness and bottomlessness.

Oh how short, all but mouse-like is the comet's tail!

There is even a style of writing called Pilish!! :D Should learn it!! :)

When one talks about Maths, Physics can't be left behind and Today is also Great Albert Einstein's Birth Anniversary!!!

Just a google search(you can even do bing search :P) results in numerous results for each day! Should keep checking that a lot!

And for all the Origami fans(thanks to Raji) check the Google Doodle. Today is the 101 birth anniversary of Akira Yoshizawa, considered as the GrandMaster of Origami. He has to his credit more that 50,000 origami models!
It will take me more 7 births to complete 50000 models :O

Now do we need any reason to actually celebrate :P

We should all have Pie for Dessert ;) What say??? :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cracks in the Wall - Joined by Jam

I am a major fan of Sports even though i do not play it.

Cricket and Tennis being the ones i keep myself always updated(if not able to watch them) on and F1 and Football keep coming and going.

And the set of Players whom I have been Fan from the right beginning have all been Men and Women who have ruled in their Sport at sometime or the other!

Coincidentally some of the players(Male) have been very good looking but then am not simply a Fan because of their looks(Though my Siblings might not agree to this fact - but then when have siblings ever agreed :P)

Rahul Dravid is one such Players whom I have rooted for from the time he has been playing International cricket. Now my heart never bled when he got married or I never kept his photo in my room/wallet looking at it daily and dreaming about him as my Fantasy Hero!!

I am just one of those "N" number of Fans of his Cricket!!

As the news came out of his retirement on Thursday Evening and Rahul Dravid confirming it on Friday at 12.30pm in a press conference on his retirement from All forms of Cricket, we could see so many articles written on him and blogs from Fans flowing out celebrating the "Wall".

Ironically enough, RD has never liked the nickname "Wall" though he never minded being called "Jam".

Am not going to write again about his achievement or how illustrious his career was or when he started playing and the background etc. There are more than enough said/written about him for us to read and am not sure even if am worth to write about him!

Instead am just going to write about a few things that stuck me as I was listening to all these interviews and reading all these articles, which am going to Sum up as

"Cracks in the Wall - Joined by Jam"

1) RD is a classic example of how much good you are in your work/skill, you are expected to deliver more and also get criticized more than appreciated.

2) RD is known for his cool and calm outlook even if the path is rough and always ready to stand for the whole team during tough times.

3) Despite being one of the Seniors in the team, he had been asked to keep shuffling in the team positions as and when needed.

4) Even though he is No.3 Batsman and Slip fielder but he has also kept wickets, even bowled and took a few wickets and also been a 12th Man.

5) Even though at times overshadowed by a few other greats, he quietly kept playing knowing that the recognition and appreciation will come if he plays well and his team wins!

6) His Leadership Quality being tested and him not emerging victorious had still not deterred from being a Team Player.

7) He was a learner of the Game. Despite loving history and being the conventional sort who believed that only Test Match could make you a real cricketer, still he never opposed the new formats and braced them despite being in his last years of career!

All these points could be reflected to our Professional or Personal Life!
Can we be like that? Experience is what helps and kept him going!! Does experience make us modest like him? Even though we might be skillful or best known for a skill we have, do we say Yes/No if we are asked to do something else which we might not be good at? Can we let our competitors/counterparts to hog the limelight and patiently wait for only the success of our work and not appreciation! can we accept the reality of our limitations and still work with team! We need to change as the world is changing!

In his speech while acknowledging his family, he mentioned " During tough times -- and there have been many --" , If one looks in his career there have been more tough times than actual rewards of which we talk today as we bid him adieu from the Ground. Life is full of such tough times and its unto us on how we handle it!!

My Heart is Bleeding knowing that I will not see Rahul Dravid's Name in the Playing XI for India but then Am feeling proud to have been born in the Era of Rahul Dravid and watched brilliant Cricket!!!

Today we celebrate the "Wall" as Monument but he also had Cracks which he tried to join as "Jam"!!

Salute RD!!! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

No Women's Day!!!

Why should today not be a Women’s Day!

It’s again that day of the year when we celebrate “Women’s Day” – 8th March.

We get down to celebrating the “success stories” of those “Successful Women” in life who are well known in their circle!!

While we celebrate the “Stories” of those who have come out of their houses and made a name in the so called corporate/entertainment” world, we tend to forget the stories of those women who also have come out of their houses to earn to ensure her family gets three course meals. Those are the women whose life revolves around a very restricted world and who have to fight daily for their mere existence!
What’s so special about celebrating a Women’s day when we trying to tell the whole world that all of us are equal, be it a Man or a Woman. The general argument immediately from the other Gender is that if you are equal then why the debate for 33% reservation or separate Q for ladies in various places etc. If we were considered equal then we won’t bother about these reservations!

Still a woman who is not married is looked down upon as someone not a good person or a working mother who leaves her kids in playschool is deemed as not a good mother! In this generation where women also work, still a so-called dowry is expected indirectly from the bride’s side.

Ritu has done her masters and loves her job, but now that she is in her “marriageable age”, she is being pressurized to quit her job since a high paid working woman cannot get a good groom in her caste.

Sita has been in love with Rakesh for more than 2 years and the day she told her parents, all hell broke loose. The mere fact that she loves someone has made her an “outcast” in her society and is being looked down upon as an irresponsible girl, despite the fact that she is well educated and loves her family and respects everyone.

Neetu has been married for 4 years but she knew from Day 1 that this marriage would never work. But she is still stuck and both her and her “so called husband” is leading a meaningless life because she knows that if she gets a divorce she will be looked down upon and never be respected by the society.

Meeta works very hard to make ends meet. Being a widow and mother of 2 girls, life is very tough with no one to help. Her daughters do now want to follow their mother’s steps by being maid. Instead they want to study and earn well. But then her mother is not able to send them to college. With the society’s pressure, she is in turn searching groom for her elder daughter.

And we can see “n” no of examples.

Today morning when I opened the “Women’s special” edition of The Hindu paper, I read this -

Behind every Liberated Women, is a Women doing dishes

And that’s a hard truth!

Just being a liberated mind doesn’t help us to lead a life that every woman wants to!
I have heard the very educated folks(leave the illiterate minds) also talk about how “women” after marriage should only be at home taking care of kids and In-laws. And with such a mindset how can one expect to cherish and celebrate “Women’s day”!

There is no point in celebrating such a day, when only a few like me are trying to come out of that “invisible circle” around us which the “So Called Society” calls the Boundary. There are arguments that the society is changing but the reality is that it has not!

What do women actually want – RESPECT! And that respect is not just for those women who are well known and celebrities but for each and every woman around you and letting them make their choices!

The Day we are respected and allowed to make our own choices would be the day we should celebrate “Women’s Day”!

P.S – I know this post especially from a woman might be surprising but this is my point of view and I respect if you differ from these points!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Weekend

He was angry and furious. It was Saturday Evening and he was stuck in heavy traffic. His weekend-party mood was spoiled. He passed Cursing the Men near the road who caused the traffic.

As the Men looked in envy, he Crossed the barricade which read - "Men at Work. Go Slow. Sorry for the inconvenience caused".

P.S - 55Fiction based on yesterday's outing where i saw a few folks giving somewhat same reaction for the traffic as i saw lots of men working for the Metro Work near Kathipara junction at Chennai.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One January Sunday Evening was at its best. In Front of the Television watching two of the best Tennis Players across Globe playing a Match which was the Longest and arguably one of the best Slam Finals to be witnessed. The sheer power and determination leaves us all mesmerizing.

Entertainment is one of the words we would associate with Sports and Movies. We watch it for relaxation and fun but then there are times when we learn from them also. The Good and the Bad both.

As I was watching the Matches, the learnings from just watching those two men fight over the ball was a lot.

Its not just enough that we learn. Its more important that we implement those learnings.

In any organization, one of the most used term in Team Work. Team Building exercises are done regularly to ensure that the "Team" gels and works together but how much do these exercises really help?

As I ponder and look back to my learnings from that Amazing 6 hour match,I Learnt 5 simple things for Team Work. We just need to START using them and our life would definitely be better. And this applies to both personal and professional life.

S - Smile

How can a man playing for almost 5 hours and reading the scoreline in the 5th set -4-4 30-30 can lost a point and still smile because it was just out of the line! Thats Djokovic for you. And how can a Man who lost the match after fighting with everything he had, still smile during the presentation?Thats Nadal for you. Smile is the easiest thing we can do. The genuine warmth, kindness and affection can be easily displayed in that smile. Why do we enjoy that small moment,forgetting all our worries, when a small baby smiles at you. The smile automatically comes in our face.

Just try smiling when you meet your team daily even in the hard situations and see the difference!

T - Trust

Trusting your Doubles Partner despite having a completely different style of playing can only make you and your team a winner and thats what the Doubles and Mixed Doubles pairs keep proving!

One of the toughest things we face is to trust someone. But the fact is if we cannot trust someone then the same applies for that person.He/she cannot trust you. In this world, we just cannot survive alone. Without trusting your team, you cannot perform well. And your team cannot simply move up and without your team climbing up the ladder, you simply cannot climb the ladder.

Trust those with whom you work instead of cribbing and questioning them.

A - Appreciate

The Four Top Players in Men's Tennis astonish me by the way they keep appreciating each other on and off the court.

We all long for appreciation. We feel like we are not appreciated enough despite the hard work we do. But have we ever thought the other way. Have you ever though of appreciating your teammates. Or for that matter even your supervisor/manager. Just a small mail thanking and appreciating the person for being there for you. We tend to criticize a person quickly but really hesitate to appreciate the same person.

Just appreciate those with whom you work regularly and just see the difference.

R - Respect

The respect that the top 4 players have for each other can be easily seen on
court and it simply amazes me!

Its true that in your team you will have competitors. Your colleagues/Peers with whim you need to work but at the same time they are the ones with whom you need to compete for that deserving promotion/appraisal.

Respect each and every person even if its your competitors. You will be acknowledged and respected back!

T - Teach and Learn

Djokovic in his speech said that playing against the likes of Federer/Nadal has taught him so much!

You need not go and teach someone voluntarily like teaching a kid but when your team needs help don't hesitate. You never know what you can learn from your own teaching.

Learning is an on going process and unless you share what you know, you will never learn yourself.

Well START each day with a Smile and Trust,Appreciate & Respect others and keep learning with your own Teachings!. :)