Friday, November 2, 2012

Chan chan chan

Cursing no one in general, he climbed the stairs to the 3rd Floor. Office had closed by 3pm thanks to Cyclone warnings. But as soon as he entered the apartment, security told him that there was no power. He got into his flat. Throwing his bag to some chair, he went to change his dress. He saw the time - 3.30 pm.

With wind blowing heavily, dark clouds looming in the sky ready to open up any time and no power, he lay on the sofa and took his mobile. To his dismay, battery was almost drained. He had forgotten to charge the mobile after listening to songs till late night. Looking outside from the window he soon dozed off.

*Chan chan chan* *Chan chan chan*

He woke up with a jerk.

*chan chan*

It was pitch dark and he heard the clattering of anklets. His heart skipped a beat.

It took him a few minutes to realize where he was.He took his mobile for light and then remembered that it didn't have battery.

Cursing himself for being such an idiot he got up from sofa. Slowly he started walking towards his right knowing he would hit the wall turning to balcony door, near which there was a chair. He kept waving his hand around to check what was on the way. As he was about to reach the chair, it started moving away from him,making a noise. He was shocked. Then again he heard the sound of anklet coming from somewhere. In the confusion he couldn't make out the direction.

Bracing himself, he again started looking for chair and finally held it. some 7 steps straight from the chair, was the dining table. He slowly walked till there and started searching for Torch. He felt a sharp prick in his hand and realized it was a knife. In the morning, he had forgotten knife on the table itself after cutting apple. For Some Nth time in his life, he promised himself that he will be more organized. Not finding torch and still stuck in darkness, he decided to search for Candles.

After some deep thinking, he recollected having kept some candle on the TV Stand drawer. He turned left and blindly started walking straight. His head bumped into something. IT was the shelf above TV stand.Rubbing his head, he opened the TV draw and found the candles. He turned back to go to dining table when he again heard the sound - *chan chan*.

Chill ran through his spine.  Did he lock the main door! He tried to recollect his actions but it was all blank out of fear. HE walked back to dining table and started searching for the match box. Again his fingers were almost pricked by knife's sharp edges.

Staring at complete darkness, he wondered what to do. He kept the hand in his pocket when he felt something. Cigarette Lighter! Feeling like killing himself for being so stupid, he lighted the candle. He looked at the clock and it showed the time as 7.15 pm..

 In candle light he looked around, and realized that both balcony and main doors were open. He started walking to the main door, when he again heard the same sound - chan chan. Completely scared , he retrieved his steps and sat on sofa.

He could feel the wind blowing past his face.

The heavy blowing of the wind made a kind of whirlpool sound which reminded him of all those old scary movies. 

He felt stupid getting scared. But he didn't have guts to go out and find out from where the noise came.

He wondered when the power will come.

After sometime, which felt like eternity, power came. Relieved, he ran and looked outside. No one was there and doors of other houses were also closed. He immediately closed both main and balcony doors. Then he looked inside the whole house to check if he was alone only!

Feeling hungry, he went to kitchen to prepare dinner. While having dinner, he sensed that no anklet noise came. After sometime, relieved he decided to sleep early. As he closed his eyes, he heard the sound again.

Initially scared but then a bit confused also, he mustered courage and walked till the front door. He slowly opened the door.

The 2 year old girl neighbor girl was standing near the door and as  soon she saw him she started laughing, jumping and her anklets went *chan chan chan*!!

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