Friday, March 6, 2009


This is one of the most standard conversations that I’ve had with a new person (NP).

Soundarya – Hi, I am Soundarya.

NP – Hi. I am so-so.

Soundarya – How are you?

NP – Am good. You? What do you do?



NP – You’ve Siblings?

Soundarya – Yes, 2 Brothers.

NP – Elder?

Soundarya – 1 elder and another Twin.

NP –Whaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt??? :o

Soundarya – Yeah. I’ve a twin brother.

NP – Do you look alike? Who’s elder? What’s he doing? How come he’s far away? I heard twins have same kind of feelings and that they are very close and inseparable.Do you both like same kind of food? Do you both wear same color clothes?and the list of questions goes on and on..…

Well I have sort of condensed this conversation.

It always amuses me to see the reaction the new person always gives when he/she comes to know that I am a twin. And the kind of questions they ask is dubious. Each time As I answer them and tell them we are just like any other brother-sister, the disappointment shows in their face clearly. I wonder what they were expecting me to reply! Were they expecting me to reply that when my brother feels hungry 1000 miles away, I feel hungry too? Or when he falls down somewhere, it hurts me!!(Some people have asked me such questions!!)

And the best part is when I show someone my twin’s photo without telling them that he’s my brother. No one would even believe that he’s my brother. When I tell them that he’s actually my twin, then for a second they stare at the photo and change their stance completely saying “oh yes, he looks pretty much like you”! Completely amused, I simply look at them and smile.

I wonder how one is supposed to feel as a twin!!

Special? In What way??

All I can say is we are just normal siblings except for the fact that we’ve been in same class!!


tha said...

ha ha ha! i am amused at how ppl u cud hav such a ball cooking up stories...

of course twins r least u didnt hav to write everything down during school...u cud just copy from ur twin even in the middle of the night...:P

Anonymous said...

nice blog , r are simple and practically oriented itz pleasant to read...u hv substance in wat u write

soundarya said...

@uthara - but then wen i am cooking up some story,my bro shud know abt it case!!;)

@anonymous - thanks..but would appreciate if you posted with your name .. :)

s.H.a.S.h.I said...
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s.H.a.S.h.I said...

HMM... ya people get so excited when they come to know that i have a twin..
actually i wud say it is special to have a twin..

soundarya said...

@shashi - yeah..when its identical i can agree to some extent..with people getting confused(as in ur case :P)...but with me its different.. :)

p.s. - and yeah..i do feel special :) but there is nothing special to as such talk about!

Agni said...

Good one :)

Contact Ramaa, Ramya paar more inpaarmason! :))

soundarya said...

thanks yogaesh.... :)

Anonymous said...

Haahahah sound atleast you are saved coz ur twin is a bro but i face more wierd questions when i say i have a twin sis and i prick teh excitement very quickly by saying that we both are chalk and cheese in looks as wellas tastes :P but yeah she happens to be my best friend :)

PS:sorry for the length of the comment :D

Sriganesh R said...

If you compare the reproduction of man/woman-kind with animals, you will find that we usually take singles but other animals are able to produce enormous amounts in one single shot (I mean delivery).

Hence, when we hear of twins or triplets or quadraples and so on, there is a general curiosity.

It is only but natural as beings with additonal senses and a well developed brain, we investigate.

By the way, congrats. :) Are you by any chance upset about having entered into this world with a pair or you are just pondering, I am just wondering.

soundarya said...

@sriganesh - am not upset that am twin ..i am happy actually...:) ..i can understand the general curiosity but its just that peole don't accept the fact that as twins we are completely different!!they expect us to tell something "special" and thats what am pondering at!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol nice post. I don't have a twin but my family has a very rare case scenario. My mom has a twin sis and my dad a twin bro! And guess what, they're both non-identical(the twins). The first question I hear when I tell people this is "are your parents twins married to each other as well?" and when I say no, I see a disappointed look, as humans prefer symmetry everywhere.

And I have an elder bro, but so far not one person has believed we are siblings after looking at us together. He is the colour of the models you find in Lux ads, while my complexion can be described as the hour before dawn. He is average height, I am tall. He is a model with a petite waist, I am large and hefty. Not as much fun as a twin, but still very much fun :)

soundarya said...

@aniramzee - thanks for commenting :)
interesting to not that your parents are set of twins :) i can imagine the dissappointment in their faces.. lol ...have seen so many myself!! :D

and your posts are as long as aadi's posts(are you his cousin whom he mentioned in 1 of the blogs?)!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Haha! Nice post! I had NO idea about two things, to be frank.

One, that you had a twin. And yes, a lot of things that you said about the reaction of people is true. My case is slightly different. My mom has a twin sister and my dad has a twin brother. Some people keep asking me the same thing over and over again each time the topic comes up. They very conveniently "forget" that my parents had twins. So yeah, I get a few of those questions too.

And two, that you blogged. Happened to notice when I was reading Amritha's blog. Nice stuff! Checked out some of the stuff. Will come back for more later. Need sleep now.

P.S: I guess you don't post often anymore. I think you should. Keep writing. It makes you feel wonderful. :-)

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Looks like my brother got here too, but he beat me! Sound, that is my brother, not my cousin. LOL! And in my blog, I mentioned my brother. The cousin I was talking about has a son who is older than me. And she is surely not tall, hefty and with a complexion which can be described as "the hour before dawn." LOL!

By the way, you call these posts long? Gawd! You have seen nothing yet! :P

soundarya said...

ha ha aadi..thanks for your comments!! well when i read ur 1st comment..i guessed he must be ur bro!! :)

yeah i need to blog more! but then am too lazy :P

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! No wonder! Anyway, I see that you have come up with a new post now. Stop being lazy. Post at least once a week. It keeps your blog going and makes you feel really nice as well.

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

first time to ur blog!! nice one.

I have non-identical twin grandpa. but they r the moat peculiar case i have seen. they have more week bond than the ordinary siblings.

I have been always amazed with the twin factor. I like them very much. Sometimes I wish i could have got a twin. they get a companion even before they enter the world!