Friday, March 6, 2009


This is one of the most standard conversations that I’ve had with a new person (NP).

Soundarya – Hi, I am Soundarya.

NP – Hi. I am so-so.

Soundarya – How are you?

NP – Am good. You? What do you do?



NP – You’ve Siblings?

Soundarya – Yes, 2 Brothers.

NP – Elder?

Soundarya – 1 elder and another Twin.

NP –Whaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt??? :o

Soundarya – Yeah. I’ve a twin brother.

NP – Do you look alike? Who’s elder? What’s he doing? How come he’s far away? I heard twins have same kind of feelings and that they are very close and inseparable.Do you both like same kind of food? Do you both wear same color clothes?and the list of questions goes on and on..…

Well I have sort of condensed this conversation.

It always amuses me to see the reaction the new person always gives when he/she comes to know that I am a twin. And the kind of questions they ask is dubious. Each time As I answer them and tell them we are just like any other brother-sister, the disappointment shows in their face clearly. I wonder what they were expecting me to reply! Were they expecting me to reply that when my brother feels hungry 1000 miles away, I feel hungry too? Or when he falls down somewhere, it hurts me!!(Some people have asked me such questions!!)

And the best part is when I show someone my twin’s photo without telling them that he’s my brother. No one would even believe that he’s my brother. When I tell them that he’s actually my twin, then for a second they stare at the photo and change their stance completely saying “oh yes, he looks pretty much like you”! Completely amused, I simply look at them and smile.

I wonder how one is supposed to feel as a twin!!

Special? In What way??

All I can say is we are just normal siblings except for the fact that we’ve been in same class!!