Friday, November 16, 2007


I witnessed an accident today. A bike hit a scooter in the middle of the road. The biker sped from the scene before anyone else could react. The scooter person was on the floor badly hurt. He,fortunately,survived thanks to his helmet. If he hadn't wore the helmet, the consequences could have been fatal.

This incident has made me ponder over this issue about wearing the helmet.

There are so many accidents like this that we read in newspaper daily,especially involving two wheelers.

In June 2007,Tamil Nadu government made it compulsory for all the two wheeler riders to wear a helmet. This new rule got mixed responses from the people.
There were, lets say, around 15-20 % who were ready to follow this knowing how important it is. But unfortunately the rest of the 80% didn't take it seriously. For around 1 week this rule was mostly followed but as it happens every time, slowly things got weary and again it was back to square one. The rule was taken off.

I asked a few of my friends who ride two-wheelers as to why they don't want to wear helmet & tried to reason out that it was indeed useful. But the replies i got was that 'helmets are useless & there is suffocation & sweating etc etc..'

Though there are many factors that need to be followed & also talked about,like following the traffic rules,lanes,speed limits,seat belts this moment i'll restrict myself to helmets only.

I personally feel that each person who is riding or driving a vehicle should understand the seriousness of consequences of accidents and try to follow such simple rules like wearing helmet or using seat belts, just like how it is followed in all foreign places.

Drive Safe,Live Safe should be the first priority.

Monday, November 5, 2007

True love or Acid love??

We want everything to be perfect in our life. We want to have everything that we wish.

But is it possible?

Now just for a second,imagine yourself to be a Hero of a movie. I guess then you'll get everything that you want in life. Because thats what they show in movies and unfortunately most of us are taken in by it. All guys think themselves to be hero(This is a genaralised statement,so guys who read this please don't get offended). When they see a girl for first time, they fall in love with that person. They imagine themself to be a 'Shahrukh Khan' or 'Salman Khan' and expect that girl to fall for them just like how a heroine in our movies does.

But what if that girl doesn't fall for that guy.Something like this or this happens. Is this called True Love that these guys claim?

When I hear news like these it pains me. What wrong did these girls do to get such a huge punishment? All they said was a NO to a guy. Many girls like these two have lost their life
though being alive because of such attacks.

I wonder why these guys do such attacks? What makes them do these?
What can be done to put a stop to such attacks? How can we create awareness
among people about such incidents?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Are We Independent!!!

When I say 'We' , I mean Women. Or more specifically 'Indian Women'.

There are talks about Women Empowerment & how women have come
out of the four walls & began to make mark in various fields,be it academics,sports,politics,entertainment,corporate sector etc.

If anybody is asked to name women who have made a mark or inspire you then
few set of names that automatically come up in the minds are -
Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi etc.
And ,of course, Bollywood actresses' names are always in the list.

I admire women (apart from names given above) like M.S.Subbalakshmi,
Jayalalitha,Sonia Gandhi,Anju Bobby George,Shiela Dixit,Mithali Raj,
Sania Mirza,Medha Pathkar & the list continues for the way they've shaped
their own lives. I would like to add that personally i might not hold same views
as them or might not agree with what they are doing in their own fields but still
1 thing is there. These women have come up in their life in their own manner
& Its truly inspiring.

But the question is to what extent is this true.

Just by seeing a small group of women making it big doesn't mean that
the whole women population is becoming independent and that they are
given the rights to come up.
In smaller towns & villages, still a women going for work or a girl going to
school & college is still a taboo. In Major Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
we see women growing up independently. They are given opportunities to
improve themselves. But then that too is only to some extent.

As a young woman about to graduate from college,i've big dreams. And thankfully
i come from a family where i've been given the freedom to choose on what i want
to do in my life. But this is not true in each girl's life. Whether she comes from
an educated & well-to-do family or an illiterate family,she doesn't have her rights.
Now Parents have to some extent become open & are allowing their daughters to
complete college education. But after that they are not allowed to choose their own path.

Many might argue that situation has changed but out of my experience,
where i've seen in many of my friend's & classmate's life, i've to say that
still 'We' have a long way to go.

Women Empowerment is just hyped. Its not about becoming modern.
Its not about achieving high in any field.but its up to day-to-day basis
that matters most & which will change the shape of "Indian Women".