Friday, November 16, 2007


I witnessed an accident today. A bike hit a scooter in the middle of the road. The biker sped from the scene before anyone else could react. The scooter person was on the floor badly hurt. He,fortunately,survived thanks to his helmet. If he hadn't wore the helmet, the consequences could have been fatal.

This incident has made me ponder over this issue about wearing the helmet.

There are so many accidents like this that we read in newspaper daily,especially involving two wheelers.

In June 2007,Tamil Nadu government made it compulsory for all the two wheeler riders to wear a helmet. This new rule got mixed responses from the people.
There were, lets say, around 15-20 % who were ready to follow this knowing how important it is. But unfortunately the rest of the 80% didn't take it seriously. For around 1 week this rule was mostly followed but as it happens every time, slowly things got weary and again it was back to square one. The rule was taken off.

I asked a few of my friends who ride two-wheelers as to why they don't want to wear helmet & tried to reason out that it was indeed useful. But the replies i got was that 'helmets are useless & there is suffocation & sweating etc etc..'

Though there are many factors that need to be followed & also talked about,like following the traffic rules,lanes,speed limits,seat belts this moment i'll restrict myself to helmets only.

I personally feel that each person who is riding or driving a vehicle should understand the seriousness of consequences of accidents and try to follow such simple rules like wearing helmet or using seat belts, just like how it is followed in all foreign places.

Drive Safe,Live Safe should be the first priority.


s.H.a.S.h.I said...

ya helmet and seat belts r really important.. but all accidnts r just onto fate.. one of my friend died after a bike accident.. even after wearing a helmet.. his helmet was crushed well as had major injuries to the chest.. u never knw wht can happen.. i myself escaped frm a major accidnt.. its all fate..

soundarya said...

i agree shashi ..still fatal accidents can happen...
but i meant in general terms as many people think wearing helmet is useless...whatever is destined for us only will happen but we take precautionary steps from our side..