Friday, October 31, 2014

Life is a heist!

I was reading this news while watching Ocean’s Eleven! It was cool watching Clooney and Brad Pitt using their charms and wits to rob Casinos.

Now watching a movie, where the Hero is performing such a heist is thrilling! C’mon we all agree that we will enjoy whatever the so-called “Heroes” do in the movie – be it a Dance, Romance scene, action, murder, theft anything. Period! They are the Hero – larger than life persona.

Why else would a movie like Happy New Year, whose reviews I have been hearing are super bad(best being of Vigil guy’s) , but still the movie crossed 100 Cr mark making all those making the movie richer by god knows how many multiplications!

Not just Happy New Year, but any movies in recent history and here I am talking only about Bollywood.

Now this news also carried the headlines in many other news article mentioning, Bollywood style heist! You ask any movie makers and they will say they get inspired from real life incidents.

So who got inspired by whom here? Special 26, all the Dhoom movies, HNY, etc etc (you can add many more movie names) show the classic robbery cases with all the possible justifications possible convincing us that the robbers are/were good people!

Bollywood inspires us to no means. The entertainment industry as such inspires us. But what is that inspiration is a huge question mark. ‘Grass is always green on the other side’.

Somehow success is being equated to coming on tv or being in this entertainment industry. Sports is next on the list.The work we are doing have our own success chart but very few people I can see who take that path seriously.

There was a time when Bollywood gave us “what we call as good morals”. How many of you know that Sholay movie’s ending was changed because censor board rejected the ending where Thankur kills Gabbar Singh. Justice should not be taken in our hands, so the ending was changed to show that Gabbar is handed over to police. But then if sholay was made today(am not talking about Ram gopal verma remakes here) , the ending would have been very violent. The classic change of movie ending of Amitabh and SRK – Don itself shows what Bollywood is showing us. The Big B generation applauded when the innocent Vijay helps the police to nab all the criminals and SRK generation applauded the return of ‘Don’ who is supposed to be master criminal.

Is it good to be bad.. so bad? So many movies have anti-hero image and they justify it in every sense to convince us that its actually correct. Now on one side, if it does show a bit of reality but then to what extent is my concern.

So we all acknowledge these images that Bollywood is showing us and make them superstars.

In real life, even if people were inspired, can you imagine, these robbers – if you saw/met them, to be good guys who looted a bank because of some good 2 reasons and acknowledge them for this wonderful heist they pulled?

The news currently doesn’t bother any of us because it was not my locker or money which was looted. All we can do is sit and complain about police/security etc etc and at the same time enjoy the same scene shown in a movie while watching TV!

I am not blaming movies, Bollywood. They are making money for themselves.

I pity ourselves because we are taken by this imaginary life and do not know how it will hit our real life in some form!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crazy hope!

As I sat in the balcony,
sipping cup of tea,
waiting for the dark clouds to open and shower with rains,
With the hope to drown my worries,
And have new hope inspired!

I looked across the street
Where the old lady struggling to sell flowers,
And the auto driver tying to bargain with customer,
And the watchman was sitting staring nowhere,
And the maid was slowly walking back home.

Do I have any bigger worries than any of them?
Arose the question in my mind!

Giving up on the rains I came in,
Switching tv hoping to get distracted,
But the plights of the innocent lives stranded in Gaza,
And the anger of the loved ones of the aircraft mishaps ,
Crushed me more than anything!

Switching it off and turning to the ever faithful smartphone,
I stared at it wondering what to do,
With the world around being so crazy,
Except pen down my random thoughts,
With the only hope to make myself feel better!

Monday, April 7, 2014

WE - The So called Women Empowerement!

There are times when one gets so frustrated that all he/she sees is negative things around. One of those days results in all random rants! Well these were written in such days :

* I used to wonder how girls/women used to cover their face completely while traveling especially in this hot sun, but now after I started riding my own 2-wheeler and circumstances forced me to cover my face completely, i have realized how useful it is, compared to getting all sweaty!

    -  you don't have to bother about all those bikers who stop next to you during traffic signal and give those looks and at times comments, as they can't see your face now!
    - you don't have to bother about all those peering eyes in bus and bus stops as they call all see is face covered girl with cooling glass!

 But then I wonder why should I be scared and hide my face just because of some idiots who roam around with their only agenda in life is to make life of women helpless/worse!

* In this generation where we are talking so much about women empowerement etc, when one meets guys who say , girls should get married and take care of kids and house, it's super irritating! Recently met 2 guys like that, though they worded it slightly different - on one side the guys tried to convince that they were the nicest guys and that they were modern (had microwave, washing machine and electric gas at home - am sure term modern would have committed suicide hearing it) and secondly,  more than them , their mothers could just not believe that when families were ready to take talks further the girl would even say No.
And ofcourse all the guys need - a traditional girl with modern outlook(someone has to clearly define the limits of traditional and modern)

* Recently I went to trichy with 2 blogger friends(guys) for another ex-cts bloggers wedding! While waiting for others, I was reading newspaper when the news of a college girl in coimbatore assaulted by 2 of her friends caught my attention. She had befriended these 2 brothers while doing her project work, had gone to chennai also where they had helped her for project work and after coming back , one weekend the brothers sexually assuaulted her at their home. As I read ,
I wondered where the friendship, trust and loyalty had gone! Here I was with 2 friends whom I had known virtually and met once-twice but c2blogs platform had given the foundation and trust.!! I recollected the other trips made with blogger friends(guys and girls) in these past 3 years! My parents have never met these guys but somehow trusted me to go with them. I have been lucky to have made good friends!

I have seen so many relationships made, thanks to such virtual medium like c2blogs but still when one reads such news , one wonders how relevant are these words - trust, loyalty and friendship.

* Recently for a family function, my uncles and brothers had come down. It was a monday and I had to go to Siruseri office for meetings. I had booked office cab. While waiting for cab in morning, all of them started inquiring about how the cab systems work, how trustworthy the cabs are etc. It was very odd as they had never asked anything earlier but as I was entering the Siruseri in cab, passing the area where that poor girl's body was found, I wondered if we women could ever live without fear for safety and the concerns of our loved ones who do not want to show the fear but it becomes very obvious from their questions/expressions!

* Having watched Queen movie, the topics during lunch table was ofcourse about movie and then the reality with each teammate sharing stories she knows from around. Hearing the stories on one side makes me feel proud of my family who have given the complete independence, but then sad for all those women who are trapped because of these "unsaid society rules"! -(a girl is emotionally blackmailed by her parents to marry someone because her sisters had love marriage against their wishes, a girl is killed by her parents , honor killing, as she loves someone outside her cast, a girl is asked to leave job because her prospective in-laws demand and ofcourse dowry is always the talk around!)

It's not enough to let girls study school and college. They have the right to choose what they want in life but unfortunately right now, for everything they need to ask permission, get approvals from others and each of their decisions are questioned! :(

And last but not the least, in the eyes of society, a girl can never have a good life or happy life, unless she is married! Even though she earns and is financially independent, she is a burden to her parents! And she is asked questions as if she has decided that she is not going to get married, which is never the case! And parents are scolded for giving "freedom" to the girl!

But still WE live in hopes that times will change!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am a Queen!

Queen - Every girl is bought up as a princess/queen(hamari rajkumari/rani) in her parent's house, only to be given to some guy/family in the name of marriage - that's the only worthwhile work in her life!!

As I was watching the movie Queen yesterday, somewhere I could relate to the 2 other movies - English Vinglish and The Lunchbox. These 3 movies show the reality of what women are face in this Society from all the facets of life.

A Girl is taught not just how to eat, tidy up and then cooking, but also on how to behave(Wear Dupatta always, never shout at others, never tell lies etc) And ofcourse she has to take permission for anything and everything she wants to do(from wither parents, siblings,relatives or future-in-laws).

She is taught that she has to be dependent on someone always in her life and not voice out her own opinions/likings unless asked to! She is made to feel guilty if she does anything that pleases her.

Even if she can be a bit independent in her own house, when the "age" of marriage comes she has to change as per the society norms!

In the name of culture and society, invisible walls are built around the women curbing them from living their own life!

So what happens when such a goody goody girl is left at crossroads? Everything she believed in and wanted to live(as she has known) comes to a standstill because her fiance calls off the wedding in the last minute for no good reason! You can read the story of the movie by googling it!

For me, Queen is a movie of self realization for any Woman. It's a growing up phase which tells us that a girl can actually live her life in her own terms and not ask permission from anyone.

All it needs is determination and self confidence. Men are jerks.Period.They take things for granted and any mistake they do, its assumed that they will be forgiven!

There are unspoken/unwritten rules of what is right and what is wrong in this society and everything we assume. This movie shows us perspectives of a few women who are supposedly not in good path! There is nothing right or wrong. Its all how we see things!

Another very good point shown in this movie were the three roommates - guys who are friends and thats all! Why cannot a girl have friends from varied circles and that too guys. And the guys are not jerks here!

The movie leaves a positive feeling, a positive hope that keeps us womenfolk positive about living our lives!

All a woman expects in her life is to be respected! Rest all follows.

Even though we have started getting a few good movies which doesn't show women in typical cliche but still in reality we are long way to go!

For now, I am Queen of my own life!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Walk!

She looked at herself in the mirror after struggling to put on the wedding dress. Her eyes were moist.

The door opened. He looked smiling at her with the same love he had when he had proposed to her.

He carried her walking to the mandap.

The accident had crippled her just before the wedding.

P.S - another attempt at  55F :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Call!

He was busy coding. One more hour of work and he would call it a day, actually night!
He glanced at the clock - 7pm.

Almost everyone had left for the day in his bay.

As he was looking forward to the solitude hour, his intercom rang.

He picked it up and even before he could say hello, a girl's voice - "Connect to the International bridge".

All he could this was - What a voice!

Even before he could say anything, the girl again said(shouted) - "International Bridge, can you connect fast. Am late for the call".
Without thinking, he routed her  number to the Operator and kept down the phone.

He glanced at the computer screen but only the voice kept ringing in his mind!

Finally her call got over. She had got late in her 1st call itself. Damn the Operator for taking so much time to dial the number.
Already it was tough to handle the project work and finally she had got a chance to talk to Clients, that too on the day she reached home earlier(7pm).

It was almost 2 weeks since that call, but he was haunted by the voice. He had looked at call logs and got her mobile number but then what? He didn't know her name yet!
Almost daily at 7pm , he looked at the intercom hoping she would call.

It was 7pm again and no call. He had started waiting till 7pm even when he completed his work!

He got up to leave when the intercom again rang!


"Connect me to the international bridge"

It was her!

"Connect me to the international bridge"

"Ya ya.. hmm ..wh what is your name"


Feeling he made a mistake , he kept the phone down!

Damn! Why did he not tell her, it was wrong number.

What should he do now!

Again the phone rang. He looked at the number and it was her.

He  picked up and her voice sounded with irritation - " Can you connect to international bridge immediately"

Even in anger, the voice was sweet!

He was about to ask her name again, when he saw his friend coming to call him. He immediately routed her number to Operator.

Again she had joined late. This was the 2nd time when she had to leave office early and she joined the client call late. Next time her Manager will not accept this excuse!

She wished she could hit that Operator guy. Instead of connecting, he was asking for her name!  All these new joiners were like that. Just didn't know how to work.
Cursing she listened to the call.

Next day he called the Operator.
"Hi. Can you connect me to international bridge"
"Yes Sir, can you confirm your ID"

ID! What an idiot he was. Of course ID. He would then know who she is.


He kept the phone down.

He hoped she would call today!

Going forward she decided that she would never go home to take the client calls.
She had some time before the call. Deciding to clear her mailbox she opened the mail, when a new mail came.

Inter-Office Cricket Tournament finals was on Sunday. There were 2 groups of guys in the Photos.
Immediately her friends from around the bay came to talk and admire the "cricketers" and tease her. They all knew about her wish to marry some Sportsperson(and especially with name Rohit, after Rohit Sharma, her favorite cricketer!)! Each time such a mail came, they immediately came to tease her!

It was time for client call. While on call, she again browsed through the photo! The guy standing in the corner smiling shyly was indeed handsome! As she heard her name in call, she brushed aside these thought to concentrate on call.

He came tired from the practice match. Time was 6.50pm. He was in good touch but to play in the finals, he needed more practice. He would have to come earlier than usual. Thinking about the match he started the computer, when the intercom rang.
He looked at the number, it was Her!

He had completely forgotten about it!


" Can you connect me to international bridge"

"Hmm.. yes.. your ID please" he asked remembering the Operator call.


He then routed her to Operator again feeling very happy!

She was furious. What again operator! She had just given the ID.
She had to really complain about this to Admin. She checked her watch, this time she had dialed the operator earlier to be on time!
This would be her last client call now before she moved to new Project and role. She wanted it to go best!

He felt very happy. He had found out who she was. Diya! What a name with a sweet voice! With the help of come connections he had got her complete biota which his friend would mail him!

He opened his mail and when he saw the photo, he was surprised!

This girl was part of the noisy gang in food court!
 His friends would always tease him that for his quiet nature, one of those noisy girls only he will get as partner!

He was reading her bio for some nth time when new mail came.

His manager informing them about the complete team shifting to a floor above!

What will he do when she calls in the evening!

Lunch at Food court is always a noisy affair which he tries to avoid. Today he forced himself to join his friends only for her. As they were finishing lunch, he saw her. The noisy gang as they were known among all guys!

As his friends rose to leave, he waited back giving some excuse. He sat patiently looking at her talking to her friends animatedly! He could imaging her voice in his head.
Finally when he saw her leaving alone, he gathered all his courage and went behind her.

"Excuse Me"

She turned back to see him. She was shocked than surprised to see him.

She quickly looked at her friends, who were giving the thumbs up sign. They had told her this cricketer guy was staring at her while they were eating , but she didn't believe them. So they made her leave alone and he has now followed her!

"Hmm yes"

"Diya right?"
She stared at him.

" Hmm don't mistake me but you have been calling my intercom for your international calls. I routed you to operator but going forward i wont be there so .."

Suddenly she realized all those mishaps in the call.

"I wanted to tell you but your voice was ..hmm.. well am sorry. This is Operator number." He handed a piece of paper." Please don't mistake me. Ok bye"
He stammered and started going.

"Wait. Your name?"

He looked at her with his shy smile - "Rohit".

Saturday, February 15, 2014


He stared at the stars up in the sky very confused. This was not supposed to be like that! Was it?

Lying in the mattress in the terrace of his friend's house, he could not understand why he was here instead of going down and talking to others.
He turned and looked at his phone. The battery had to die now only!

He closed his eyes and slowly started thinking.

She was his friend, that's it. But then why did he miss her so much. It was just a weekend. Monday he would be back and they would meet as was their routine.

Her smiling face kept popping in his head.

They had met almost 2 years back through a common friend. Being in same company and location, gave them enough opportunities to meet and slowly they became close of friends. They had soon formed a close gang of friends, who regularly met which was sometimes daily if all were in same work place!

The daily talks had continued with chats almost whole time and most weekends meetup with the gang.

But then she was also a friend!

Was she now?

He opened his eyes and again look at the stars. He felt like he was miles away from earth near the stars. He suddenly wished she was next to him watching the stars!
When did this change happen , he wondered!

Last weekend she had gone out of town and never messaged. He felt very bad and even scolded her.

This weekend he had come for his friend's wedding to a village. He decided he won't message her. But then he felt childish and decided to message. He took out his phone and there was no battery. He had forgotten to charge it.

Thinking about all those moments he had spent with her, during lunch, coffee breaks, movies, treats , he slept off!


She just could not sleep. Tossing around the bed, she kept looking at her phone waiting for his message. He had not messaged from the moment he left for his friend's wedding. But then why was she bothered?

She knew he was upset that she did not message him last weekend when she was not in town. But then she had a very busy schedule and her phone was also in roaming. She had tried to explain but he was still a bit angry with her. Was that why he was not messaging?

She kept down the phone and sat up. She had sent him so many messages but not a single reply! She picked up her phone and thought of messaging others in their gang but then her mind kept thinking of him.

He was taller than her and had the childish smile , when her friend had introduced him. He soon became part of her gang of close friends.
And she never realized how close they had become in recent times.

Frustrated, she again lied down but could not sleep. Why was she missing him so much? It had never been the case with others.

Once when they all had gone for shopping, she had seen this beautiful shirt. She didn't know why but she had wanted to buy it for him! Was that natural for friends?

Deciding that she would not talk to him on Monday when he comes back, she closed her eyes trying to sleep!


He kept calling her the whole day once he was in office. He had to meet her today. Finally he decided to wait for her outside the bock where she was seated.

She came outside the block late in evening thinking he would have left for home when she saw him.

He looked at her pleadingly.

They started walking together without saying anything.

After some 10 minutes of silence and walking outside their company's deserted roads, they were passing the street light when he stopped.

They turned towards each other and said 'I am sorry', both said at the same time.
He had her favorite Corn in his hand!
They both started laughing.

Their eyes met and all those unsaid words were understood. They started walking back to gate hand in hand!

P.S - This story is dedicated to 2 of my friends who have become couples. Ofcourse she made him propose her again romantically but then that's a different story altogether! ;)

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Rest is History! :)

He kept looking at the door wondering when she will be coming?

He glanced at the watch and then at the door. It was already 3pm. She is normally in by this time.
He had already bought his weekly groceries. The only thing he needed now was time before she came. 

Just as he was losing his patience, she walked in to the store. His heart skipped a beat looking at her ever smiling face. She looked around and took the basket to do her shopping. 

She was wearing pink top and jeans, his favorite! He tried to act as if he was shopping and went behind her. He knew her routine well by now. The order in which she picks up her groceries and then admires those chocolates and flowers in the entrance while the billing is being done. He never had the courage to talk to her. Many times she would have passed him. Each time he would freeze as if some one shot him!

It was already 4 months since he saw her first, during one of the friend's party. The moment she had walked into the hall, his heart had skipped a beat. He wondered if this was what was called "love at first sight". But being the quiet guy he was, he had just admired her from a distance till the event was over.

Even though he didn't see her for almost 1 month but he kept thinking of her. He realized that she was not like other girls and kept to herself and rarely went out, especially parties! And she only spoke to people whom she was comfortable with!

One of the weekend as he was shopping, he saw her in the same shop. Even before he could think of talking to her, she passed him and went on with her shopping! Every weekend from then on he came to the shop just to see her. The weekends she didn't come, he was terribly disappointed.

There were a few random parties where she had come but they had never spoken!

Just as he kept thinking about her, she walked past him to billing counter. 

She picked up the Dove Heart Shaped chocolate he had wanted to buy and give her! Before he could even think and act, he saw her getting her groceries packed to leave the shop struggling with the big milk cans near the door. 

Without thinking, he went over and asked "Hey, Can i help you?".

Startled,she dropped the chocolate from her hand.

He bent down to pick up the chocolate and looked up apologizing. 

Their eyes met and for a moment the whole world Stopped!

And as they say, the rest is history! :)