Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am a Queen!

Queen - Every girl is bought up as a princess/queen(hamari rajkumari/rani) in her parent's house, only to be given to some guy/family in the name of marriage - that's the only worthwhile work in her life!!

As I was watching the movie Queen yesterday, somewhere I could relate to the 2 other movies - English Vinglish and The Lunchbox. These 3 movies show the reality of what women are face in this Society from all the facets of life.

A Girl is taught not just how to eat, tidy up and then cooking, but also on how to behave(Wear Dupatta always, never shout at others, never tell lies etc) And ofcourse she has to take permission for anything and everything she wants to do(from wither parents, siblings,relatives or future-in-laws).

She is taught that she has to be dependent on someone always in her life and not voice out her own opinions/likings unless asked to! She is made to feel guilty if she does anything that pleases her.

Even if she can be a bit independent in her own house, when the "age" of marriage comes she has to change as per the society norms!

In the name of culture and society, invisible walls are built around the women curbing them from living their own life!

So what happens when such a goody goody girl is left at crossroads? Everything she believed in and wanted to live(as she has known) comes to a standstill because her fiance calls off the wedding in the last minute for no good reason! You can read the story of the movie by googling it!

For me, Queen is a movie of self realization for any Woman. It's a growing up phase which tells us that a girl can actually live her life in her own terms and not ask permission from anyone.

All it needs is determination and self confidence. Men are jerks.Period.They take things for granted and any mistake they do, its assumed that they will be forgiven!

There are unspoken/unwritten rules of what is right and what is wrong in this society and everything we assume. This movie shows us perspectives of a few women who are supposedly not in good path! There is nothing right or wrong. Its all how we see things!

Another very good point shown in this movie were the three roommates - guys who are friends and thats all! Why cannot a girl have friends from varied circles and that too guys. And the guys are not jerks here!

The movie leaves a positive feeling, a positive hope that keeps us womenfolk positive about living our lives!

All a woman expects in her life is to be respected! Rest all follows.

Even though we have started getting a few good movies which doesn't show women in typical cliche but still in reality we are long way to go!

For now, I am Queen of my own life!

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