Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Unusual Affair!! Dream Day!!! :)

A Typical Iyer Wedding would be inside a mandapam and range from 3 to god knows how many days. But with the changing times, The number of days range from 1 to 3 days. When I say 1 day - it will be for whole 1 day with the main ceremony at a time and different religious ceremonies surrounding it!!

Receptions are also equally a grand and monotonous affair, with a queue standing near the stage to meet Groom-Bride and to mark their attendance by posing for the photo.But Exceptions are everywhere!!

And that was what witnessed in JeyaMahal Palace in Bangalore on 12th September!!!

Muhurtham - 10.30 am to 12 pm

Venue - Open Ground in Jeyamahal palac

So starting off with a small religious ceremony from Bride's side kick started the marriage ceremony!!!

Kasi Yatra

Malai Matral


Mangalya Dharanam


And the Reception - An evening with them - No stage, they went around meeting everyone :)

And what's a wedding without feast?? A mix and match of food items of South!! So a non-foodie, thats me, also had nothing to complain about!! :D :D :D (Now don't ask me menu :roll:)

A few Random Snaps -

And the Family :D -

P.S - Finally posting this :) All the pics are copyrighted!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winners or Losers???

She kept switching the channels - various News channels showcasing India's achievements on all the events that were held for past 13 days in commonwealth Games 2010. India beat England in the medals tally and finished 2nd overall! She saw all the smiling faces being shown, those who had won the medals for India and made our country proud.

She was both happy and sad. Happy with the achievements but sad for the winners!

8 years back she had been beaming and smiling. People surrounded her and wished her. Camera-persons came behind her to take her video, Photographers to capture her photo with medal. She felt happy for getting recognized, after all she had won Gold Medal for her country. She felt proud. As she gave interviews and posed for photographs, she sincerely hoped that now things should be smoother. With her achievement, Sports Ministry should try and help more aspiring athletes by providing good facilities and training and fund them for coaches. She felt her Achievement would be a gateway for India's future in all forms of games.

She fought all her way to achieve her dream, and make her country proud! She fought with society and broke the shackles which expected girls to be at home and cook. There were no good training facilities and coaches, but despite that she learnt. She went out of her place to meet new people and improve herself. There were no good accomodations and she had to struggle to live in a decent place. But she fought.

Her goal - Was to make India Proud.

But alas, that was not to be the case. 8 years later she was a forgotten face and her country never acknowledged her. Not just to the public but also those involved in her games had forgotten her. Right now she felt like a loser! And she knew that the same will happen to all those winners this time.

Right now they all are living a dream an soon will be hit by reality!

P.S - Apart from Cricket and Cricketers, none of the games/sports or the sportspersons have been as recognized. Even today the sportspersons struggle. The winners we see on TV will soon be forgotten except one or two maybe. "She" in the story, could actually be any player/winner of previous games whom we simply don't know now.

P.P.S - This is a small tribute to all those forgotten heroes - Achievers/winners from different games/sports who have made India Proud at sometimes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NP2KMCRS - 6 Wanderers

There were 5 Wanderers, who accidentally or coincidentally, met at one of the greatest Wanderer's house on a saturday morning The 6 Wanderers(NP2KMCRS) decided to hang around for the weekend with nothing much to do!

They are -

Mr.P, Mr.M,Ms.R,Ms.S,Mr.C and Mr.NPK

So the 6 Wanderers decided to go out in car to a place called Valparai. No concrete idea was made. They simply started from R's house without taking any eatables or anything. Camera's in hand and smiles in their face, they decided to explore not just the nature of Mother Earth but also themselves!!

Mr. NPK - Prasanna - He wandered in the tea states in Pollachi and Valparai and found a new passion - plucking tea leaves ;)

Mr. C - Chiranjib - He wandered and got awed by the Nature's beauty and got out his passion for photography!!
Ms.R - went into the stream of journalism and scared a few people near Valparai Police Station ;)
Ms.S - The MAD Scientist felt herself completely lost looking here and there!!
Mr.P - got into two passions - Driving and Modeling ;)

Mr.C - He also tried his hand in Modeling but turned out that Chaiwala in him was better ;)

Not just the humans, but our NPK's lots of other friends also were there to give them company -



Biscuits were the saving grace for the wanderers

But then who was complaining as far they had an awesome ride.

Mother Nature was kind enough on them and showed them the best in her!

And thus the Wanderes wandered back to Ms.R' house to rest and chat and have fun-filled weekend! :D

P.S - NP2KMCRS - Habit of Mad Scientist ;)