Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who Am I?

This question I started asking myself during my final semester in college.
This question is not to get into any philosophical theory or something.
This question is only for me to answer to myself.
This question is to judge myself as a person or as an individual.

This question started troubling me after I got to know what in general people feel about me.

If someone asks me how I’m in academics, I can say that I’m an average person or just above average. But I got a rude shock when I found that lots of people think me to be a brilliant person, who is totally academic-oriented. Even many see me as a role-model (though there is nothing wrong in it but I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything that I could become a role-model for someone).

This made me wonder on how they got such a notion!

Is it, just because, I was, among very few students, who got placed in a software concern during the job placement. Or is because they always see me reading (actually novel). Or is it because, I like to talk about anything under the sun, from sports to movies to marriages to anything.

I’m a very extrovert person, ready to talk to anyone & everyone. Though I might not have knowledge about many things but I try to include myself in any discussion that’s going on in a group, but actually many have got this wrong idea that I’m a very quiet person!

Not just academics but in many other areas too, how I perceive myself, has been entirely different from how others see me.

This makes me wonder ‘Who am I?’

I’ve always believed that what a person thinks only is shown outwardly, unless that person is a very good actor. But now my own case has proved my belief to be wrong.
But then I wonder how it is possible.

Here, I just gave an example of my academics, to try to express myself better. There are many instances which have made me wonder about myself or what others think I’m.

If I’m not what I’m, then how can other see me in that way?? And if I’m what I’m, then how can other not see me in that way??


Who Am I?

Ps – I hope I’m able to find about this during my lifetime. I would appreciate if you can tell me what you personally think of me. It will be of real help.

Describe About Yourself

If you are preparing for your campus interview or any job interview, this is one question that you are very familiar with. “Describe About Yourself”!

I’ve always wondered how interviewers are going to judge a person with this question. I got many theories from various sources for this, as to why this question is asked. Well, I’ll put this case to rest here, as the interviewers only have to deal with the outcome of this question.

But what is more baffling is the kind of preparation that is done by many for this question.
I’ve seen people mugging, what is believed to be a standard format of answer, for this question.

With a high number of campus placements going on ,a number of placement institutes are being run to guide a person on how to master aptitude tests, how to face group discussion & interviews. I myself attended 10-days course in one of these institutes 2 years ago, just for the sake of attending it as it was arranged through college.
I was surprised with the way they were teaching students to answer interview questions. It was some kind of standard format only they were teaching. Students too, without thinking, just accept it and practice it.

For example – my name is so-so coming from so-so place, doing so-so course, hobbies so-so, details about parents etc. this whole detail they tell in a stretch and that’s the answer to the question (this is one of the type of answers I’ve seen people reciting, there are other types also!).

I agree that some preparation need to be done before attending an interview but to prepare answers to questions like this (which is similar to how it’s done for theory exams) is an extreme.
This is like you don’t know about yourself and want someone to tell you how to answer it!!

I’ve heard a lot about employers complaining that, though there are lots of jobs available, but they are not able to find proper candidates for it. I am not surprised by this, if the kind of preparation for interviews is done like this!!!

Well finally my answer to this question if asked!!
Personally, I see this question as a good opportunity to present myself in a nice manner to my interviewer and to make a good impression on him/her. And my answer will vary each time someone asks me!