Sunday, May 5, 2019


Detective Nilesh was trying to read a book when his son came running, asking if he had made the decision of their vacation destination. Would it be Indonesia or Thailand? His son, was excited as this was the 1st international vacation they were planning in their family. The 1st vacation he had in the past 2 years. His friend Rajat and his Indonesian wife voted for Indonesia, as it was their favorite and planned to accompany them.

Nilesh and Rajat were family friends. Their common interest was solving cases. Both loved their work so much that they compete on solving a case they take up together. Their score was equal and the last case would have proved who won this unwritten competition.

After that last case, where both of them could not get evidence for their suspects to be caught, they both were burnt and practically burnt them out. They both planned to take a break.

But then he just could not forget the unsolved case. They just could not figure out why “Run” what was written on the wall. Every Detective has 1 case that haunts them. This case had become that for both of them. He badly wanted to find what that missing piece was!!!


 Almost 1 year back, Naren Mallya was found dead in his apartment. He is a business tycoon who had many properties within and outside India. His shrewd methods had got him more enemies than friends. All the clues pointed out to his business enemies, but both Detective Nilesh and Rajesh were not convinced. 
Naren had a younger sister, Nalini, who had called the police after she found her brother’s body. She was completely broken to see her dead brother. No one had seen any activity in the apartment as the security cameras that day didn’t work as batteries had died.
Naren had written “Run” in the wall before he had died.
Why did he write “Run”? Did he want to convey to his sister get away from the house from this trap? Only both of them stayed in the apartment after their parents had died in a tragic accident 3 years back. And from the investigations, it seemed the siblings were very close and didn’t have any problems, even though there were business partners who had different ideas.

Nalini had taken over the business and was always available to answer any queries and looked as if she wanted to help them.

All the business rivals, though relieved that Naren is dead, but didn’t seem to have had a hand in it.

Nilesh believed the murder because of a business rivalry while Rajat was convinced that Nalini had killed her brother, though both of them could not get evidence on either angle.


Finally, after a lot of discussions, Detective Nilesh’s family had decided to make a trip to Indonesia with Rajat’s family.

Day 3 of their trip, as they were just getting down the boat to the nearby island where they were staying for the night, his son started his questions and facts sharing. At times, he wondered if his genius son was trying to just show off.
“Dad, do you know what this island is called?”
“No, but am sure you are going to enlighten me!”, he smiled at his son as they made their way to the resort.
“What?”, He looked startled.
His son laughed and replied, “Yes Dad, see it’s called Run, actually Pulau Run”
He and Rajat looked at each other as they entered the Resort. Mallya Resort was written in the big fonts! And this resort is in “Run” Island!

Rajat was all smiles as now he had the direction, he had to take to prove his suspicions, thanks to Naren’s writing in the wall.

He looked at Nilesh, “Dude, you are buying me dinner while I collect my evidence”. Am leading now! 😉

P. S- This collaborative post is written along with my friend, Sandhya.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Krithi and Shwetha, very close cousins, are doing their usual catchup at the end of their week.

Krithi: “Hello Shweth! How was your week?”

Shwetha : “Long and no time to breath re. But then since I want to wind up by next week to come there, am not complaining. You tell me how are things there? Vacations started for Ritu right? Went out?”

Krithi : “Nah! Nothing new from my end. Same old stuffs. Ya her vacations started but Ritu has a lot of homework so finishing that fast before her favorite aunt comes home. So we hardly get time to go out. “

Shwetha – “haha, super! Ya ask her to keep whole time free for me! Ok tell what’s the latest gossip at your apartment that I should be looking at when I come there? :D. “

Krithi: “Oh yes, listen! I told you right? Mr Mukherjee and his wife had moved out. Someone new has arrived. OMG! She is full of attitude. You remember how sweet Mrs Mukherjee used to be. I used to leave Ritu with them when I go to market.

This new girl seems like a model or actor or someone from those kind of industry. She hardly talks to anyone here. Mrs Sharma tried to strike a conversation with her but she bluntly snubbed her with a one word reply. Baap re! How rude! She has tattoos and pierced so many studs. Can you believe? And her dresses. Don't even get there. She wears such revealing clothes. I don't understand how girls can wear such skimpy clothes and walk around like it is swimming pool everywhere.

I'm trying my best to keep Ritu away from her. I don't want Ritu to get influenced by such girls. Won't the parents or siblings of these girls tell anything? Had I been her sister I would have given her nice and tight. All guys ‘in this apartment are now swarming near her house to get a glimpse of her. Aur Kya! Free show for them *giggles* She has no timings. Comes and leaves as she pleases.

It's just a week and I hear so many friends chatter and laugh in her place most of the time.. It's like she is always having a party. *whispers* I'm sure she drinks. I'm very worried already with Ritu in the house. I'm asking Shiv to talk the association people about this but he is hesitating. Sigh! Whatever said and done, I'm definitely going to keep distance from her.. Also would never let Ritu interact with her. You will see all these yourself when you come here next week!”

Krithi : “haha breathe breathe. She sounds like a total bitch! Cool, I will come and see all the drama myself! See you next week!!”

Next Week

Shwetha is hanging out with Krithi in the apartment pool and already tired of the multiple people coming out and trying to talk to her. Guys were brazenly checking her out which she hated. She hated socializing especially where all these neighbors were nosy and only wanted to know, why she hadn’t gotten married yet like Krithi! Did she have a boyfriend? And did she go and party daily because she wore sleeveless tops and shorts. She was wondering how she could escape all that when Krithi nudged her.

Krithi: “hey, look there, The new madam is coming this side. Notice how she will look around as if we are mere mortals and walk off. “

Shwetha turned around, to look at the “madam”. The new girl looked around and sensing the kind of people around, just walked off. For a second their eyes met and Krithi could sense the same tiredness of socializing that she had.

Krithi – “Did you see? Such a bitch. What’s her problem, she cannot even talk to us here. “

Shwetha looked back at the retreating girl envying her and shook her head murmuring, “definitely, not a bitch”.


This week's topic is Perception and I wrote this in collaboration with a friend(Aishwarya)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Trial - Belief!


Scene 1 - Two law associates are talking at the corridor of a long court room halls.

Pranav: Where are you heading Sam?

Samantha: Court room 5, of course! Don’t you remember Pranav? Today is the trial day for Vikash. The driver who ruthlessly killed that poor little girl Sabani.

Pranav: That was such a tragedy right! We have come across so many cases, but this was brutal. We believe these drivers, employ them and send kids. But, see what has come upon. It really troubles me.

Sam: Oh man! That’s true. I heard, he kept denying about committing the murder even after the Assistant Commissioner literally caved into him.

Pranav: Oh! You do have your sources (smirked Pranav). Since this is a pro-bono case, who has volunteered to represent Vikash?

Sam: Mr. Jaswesh Saini. Can you believe that?

Pranav: Wow! Really? Generally, he doesn’t encourage taking up cases where there is a chance of losing. This is clear cut case of murder for money.

Sam: Yeah that’s what I still don’t understand. How he took up this case.

Pranav: Guess he saw something that we all miss to see. He might spin some surprise at the hearing.
Sam: Whoa! Pranav, if we keep talking, they won’t let me in the courtroom. Judge Sophia is the honor today and you know her. She doesn’t entertain anyone after trial begins.

Pranav: Wait. I’m coming too. I really want to see the guy sentenced to death.

Scene 2 – Inside the courtroom

Speaker: Order order order.

Judge: The trail is about to begin. All of you take your seats and maintain silence. Public prosecutor, you may go ahead with your arguments.

Public Prosecutor (PP) - Thank you, my lord.

PP: My lord, is there at all anything to argue in this case? Mr.Vikash standing here in the box has murdered for money. As we all know, Sabani Mishra is the daughter of business tycoon Mr.Himesh Mishra. Vikash, being a man of poor means and a big family, knowing this fact started
to get close to Sabani and showered his affections on her. Sabani grew fond of him. The Mishras
believed in him and thought it was all in good faith. But, as the facts and several evidences that
we have furnished indicates, Vikash had planned the kidnapping of Sabani, due to denial of
money from Mishra, proceeded to kill her. He kidnapped her, acted as if he was hit from the back
and someone else kidnapped Sabani. Once the police got involved, he panicked and killed the
girl. That is all for now, my lord. I plead you to rule Vikash as guilty and bring justice to the

Judge: Mr.Saini, you may now go ahead with your counter arguments.

Saini: Thank you, my lord. Firstly, I would like to call upon Mrs.Yuvathi Mishra to the witness

Speaker: Yuvathi. Yuvathi. Yuvathi.

Saini: Yuvathi, do you know this guy?

Yuvathi: Yes sir. He is our driver. He takes Sabani to school every day. Also does odd jobs for us.
Saini: Alright. So how long has he been known to you?

Yuvathi: For two years now.

Saini: How did you come to know him?

Yuvathi: I got his details from Sabani’s classmates’ mother.

Saini: Good. So, did you trust him?

Yuvathi: Well, yes. He seemed decent and a known driver around the neighborhood.

Saini: Alright. What makes you sure that he only abducted and killed Sabani?

Yuvathi: Last week, he came to our house while dropping Sabani and asked for 1 lakh rupees. He
mentioned that his daughter was admitted in hospital and being treated for Leukemia.

Saini: Did you give him?

Yuvathi: No. I told him I can give him some money but not 1 lakh.

Saini: How did he react?

Yuvathi: (Getting emotional) He pleaded first and when I told him, we cannot give so much money
suddenly, he raised his voice and told that I will understand his pain only when I lose my
daughter and stomped off. I did not know; he would really do anything to my daughter! Then
that day, that day... she is kidnapped and we get the ransom call. We called the police to help but
then she is killed! (breaks down)

Saini: Thank you very much. One last question. How long has your maid been employed with

Yuvathi: (looking surprised) Who Jhanvi? She has been with us for more than 1 year. She came with
excellent reference from my cousin.

Saini: Thank you. Your honor, now I would like to call upon the maid, Jhanvi.

Speaker: Jhanvi. Jhanvi. Jhanvi.

Saini: Jhanvi, how did you come to work at this house?

Jhanvi: Sir, I was in need of employment, when my uncle’s friend recommended me to madam.
Saini: Ok, tell me what happened on the day of tragedy.

Jhanvi: I got baby (Sabani) ready for school in the morning. Once she left for school, I finished
house chores, went to my house for lunch and then came back home before 3pm. That’s when
baby returns home. She did not come. The phone call came for ransom and I panicked and called

Saini: Who takes Sabani to school?

Jhanvi: (Pointing to Vikash) Vikash is the driver.

Saini: When you go to your home for lunch, who else is there at home?

Jhanvi: No one. I’m alone in the afternoon as my parents also go out to work.

Saini: Right.

Saini: (Looking at the judge) My Lord, I need permission to call another person as requested earlier
in my petition.

Judge looks at the petition and nods her head

Speaker: Bhola. Bhola. Bhola.

Jhanvi gasps and looks nervous. There is a commotion in the court room. A tall built man looking pale enters the courtroom and stands in the opposite side of the witness box.

Speaker: Order. Order. Order.

Saini: Jhanvi, do you know this person, Bhola?

Jhanvi: Shakes her head slowly.

Saini: Interesting, because Bhola tells me he is your husband!
Jhanvi: Closes her eyes.

Saini: Your honor, Bhola here is Jhanvi’s husband. He is a small-time crook and had just come
out of prison. Her family had disowned him after knowing this, but Jhanvi was in touch with him. I had hired a private detective to unearth things in this case which everyone overlooked. I personally know Vikash, so I was never convinced that he had committed the crime. But since
the fact that Sabani was last seen with Vikash outside the school before she went missing and he
was upset and had pressing financial needs, he was the 1st person to be accused and no one looked beyond him. Jhanvi here along with Bhola had similar financial issues. When she overheard the
last week’s conversation between Yuvathi and Vikash, she had told Bhola, and they came up with the plan to kidnap Sabani, demand ransom and put the blame on Vikash and run away with the money. But they did not expect Mishras’ to go to police and when Sabani also became tough to handle when they held her, they killed her. They had planted all the evidences against Vikash so that he will be caught and punished. The private investigator found Bhola yesterday only, and he has confessed to the crime.

Jhanvi starts to cry.

Judge: The court is adjourned for an hour. We shall have closing remarks and the judgement will be made.

Scene 3 – In the corridor

Huge commotion at the corridor.

Pranav: Sam, I really believed that Vikash abducted the girl for money. Who knew the maid would have done it!

Sam: Yes Pranav. I feel bad for Vikash. He had never done it, but since he was accused first, the whole world believed him to have been guilty even before he was pronounced guilty. This should teach us not to believe in everything till we get the facts and evidences right!


P.S - This post has been written in collaboration with a friend, Divya , as an entry to topic - Belief

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Raj opened the door and switched on the light of Amit’s house.

He still could not believe it! His best friend, Amit, was dead. All of 35 years and dead due to a cardiac arrest!

He still remembered their dinner 2 days ago on Amit’s birthday when they had met at their favorite restaurant. He was perfectly fine and even contemplating taking a break from work to visit his brother. Work which kept him awake for more than 20 hours a day. Being a cop was not easy. But he was one of the best in his team.

They both had started their career together and had become best buddies in those 3 months of training. Through all the ups and downs of the cop life, they were there for each other, even when duty took them to different cities.

And the next day Amit was dead. He shook his head and looked around. A small room at the front with a section carved as kitchen. Last time the kitchen was used was for making coffee. The utensils were still in the sink.

He entered the small bedroom. Bed neatly made, clothes folded in the cupboard and books lying in the side table.

The police report mentioned that Amit had made himself coffee and had just opened the door to leave the house, when he collapsed. The security guard of the building found him. By that time, Amit was dead.

Raj stepped back to the front room. He would have to come back when Amit’s brother came to clear the house.

He was about to leave when he saw the small perfume bottle along with a thank you card on the table.
He took the bottle in the hand. He closed his eyes, thinking carefully and remembering the smell. He had smelt it 15 years back. It seemed like yesterday only. The night of their graduation, those bottles of alcohol and the shrieks of that innocent girl.

He slowly walked out of the house, waiting for his turn!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Outlook of Life

I was walking to my stop to get on my ride back from office. Instead of taking the usual shuttle from my office block to the main gate, I got into the mood of walking, despite the laptop bag! The distance is close to 1 km.
There were many people walking the same distance both ways so I was forced to alter the pace of walking. First 2 times someone slower to me was walking ahead of me, for a moment I got frustrated. Friday evening – the last thing I wanted to be was frustrated!
Then suddenly I remembered the video games we have played as kids.
Do you remember Contra and Mario? Those Video game era, where we had to share the video games and it was only allowed during summer holidays. Different video cassettes were exchanged and played!
Well, I suddenly started thinking of each of the people walking alongside, as the obstacle we face in those video games! Also during that walk, the entrance/exit of other buildings are there. So the vehicles entering/exit also make you stop for a few seconds.
My imaginations started running wild with the thoughts of each time:
  • I stopped due to a car, I would wait for it to go and walk around it – in my mind I was jumping over the car/bike!
  • I slowed down due to 1 slower person – I made them vanish ..poof!
  • I slowed down due to a group of folks walking together – I was shooting daggers through my eyes and moving on!
I was also time bound so I had to maintain my pace somehow!
Finally I reached my destination also on time – exactly 11 mins for 1 km – as planned!
That was Level Crossed!! 😀
P.S – why should we have such imaginations only when we are kids. If you actually try, then such mundane or tiring things can become more interesting and refreshing also!! 🙂

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Friend - 55F

Diya stood at the edge ready to jump. She had lost everything worth living for and was feeling completely alone!

Reema wiped tears, looking at the photographs, missing her friends. Finally divorced, she wanted to reconnect with her old world she had lost touch.

*Phone Ringing*

“Diya, Reema here. I need my best friend now!”

P.S - This post is part of weekly challenge that me and my friends have started to get us back to our passions of writing and art work that we all used to do!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Empathy – Novel concept of Human Library!

Last weekend saw me and my husband attending something pretty interesting!
Human Library – is a novel concept which has started its edition in Hyderabad 1st and now in Bangalore.

We both had registered out of curiosity. We got a mail confirming our registrations and a time slot was given for us to come. We went to the venue wondering how the event will play out.

There were 7 books from which we could choose. We realized that time slot was just 1 way of confirming for 1 book but we could actually visit other books in other time slots if it were open.

Each book topic had got us curious but with time constraint and slot constraint, we chose 2 books to attend on that day. I mention attend here, as the book(author) shares his/her story and we can have discussions/question-answer as needed. Since this was the 1st session, there was 30 mins time slot fixed so that everyone will get a chance with the books.

I am not going to share on what were the books and what was discussed, because this is something one needs to experience and have their own insights on it. You can read more about them in these 2 sites :

What I am going to delve into is how interesting this idea is and why we should have more of this to spread “Empathy”.

If you read the “about” section of human library page, they mention: “The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.”

Empathy is an emotion or I can even call it a tool, which can help us immensely in our lives – both professional and personal. In this era, where we are all chasing dreams, numbers and are all moving so fast to get where, which even I don’t know, we are missing on one very important aspect of life called Empathy. We want everything done for us, we want others to stop and help/support us but are we ready to stop when someone else wants us?

In this generation, where we are more vocal about things and question the so called “stereotypes”, are we actually accepting the world as it is or want the world to be how we want to see it? There is less tolerance and anything that’s not in line with our thoughts, we either question it or fight it.
There are times when I believe that while we have access to more knowledge and these should give us the exposure to change our minds on lot of things, we are actually narrowing our mind on the knowledge.

We are all so engrossed in our lives, that we do not realize that the small world we lead in is not the only world but a small subset of so many things that this world has to offer! We believe that “things” happen to others and not to us!
The books in the human library question this narrow mindedness and want to bride this gap by making us aware and question the stereotypes and make us wonder, with the technology advancement, why are we not advancing in these thoughts!

I sincerely hope Human Library expands and we have more books/readers growing across the country to break these shackles and make our world more open-minded!