Sunday, November 10, 2013


She woke up hearing her daughter crying.

Radha, her 5 year old daughter, had another nightmare! She held her daughter closely wondering when will this even end. When her daughter stopped crying, she put her down and looked at the innocent face sadly, knowing things will never be fine for them!

She got up to get ready to go work. One glance at kitchen and she realized that the stock will get over in few days. How will they survive after that? No one will let them buy anything even if she is ready to pay.

Soon time was up to go to work.  Work - Cleaning the old lady's house in the other corner of the village who felt pity on her and still employed her. But she knew that the old lady was counting her days and the day she dies,  her own world will stop!

As she and her daughter were walking through the narrow path, people looked up and stared at them.

She felt their gazes piercing through them as if she was being stabbed. Men looked down as if she deserved to be ogled at. Women looked at her as if she was a bad omen.

Her daughter clutched her scared. She looked at her lovingly, knowing she could not do anything else.

Soon the gate came which she dreaded the most! Men sitting in the side wall would always comment.

She knew they spoke about her in their own cheap language.

As she completed her job and was about to leave she looked at the old lady. Something was not right. The old lady sat in the porch and looked at her with a sad smile. They did not speak a work but she realized what the lady was saying.

She called her daughter who had been quietly sitting near the door the whole time.

Instead of taking the normal route, she started walking towards the town well. She held her daughter closely, looked back at the village once, the village which had been her own from the day she was born! The village which was her only world. Her friends, family, school, inlays - everything was in this village but now she was an outsider. An outcast for no mistake of hers!

She didn't chose this life...

She still remembered the day vividly. Her husband had come home drunk as usual late night. Without eating, he slept off. After sometime, there were banging in door. Men barged in and started hitting him. Before she could even realize what was going on, police had come and took him to custody. Her parents and in laws came and started cursing her. No one told her what happened but were only scolding her. Her daughter had been crying incessantly.

And then everyone left her alone. She finally got up and went outside but no one spoke to her. The houses where she worked as maid shut their doors.

Finally she went to the Old Lady's house, who told her the truth!  When she heard the news, she was aghast!

Her husband was behind the bars for Raping a woman!

She closed her eyes and prayed for that Woman!

Still she didn't chose this life -

The whole village, including women, think she deserved to be punished. If men ogled at her,touched her, say gross things, no one was there to question them. She could not go to Police Station also to comment! And they did not spare her daughter also!

It was the Man, whom she was married to, who made the mistake, not her or her daughter!

She didn't chose to marry him. It was the village who had decided. Now the same village was against her.

She didn't deserve to be assaulted for a Man's mistake! Then where was the justice for her? Who will put these Men behind the bars!

She was being punished! This World has always been unfair!

She thought of that Woman again and prayed for her.
Then she looked at her daughter, kissed her and apologized to her. Before her daughter could realize, she threw her daughter into the well and then jumped in herself!

P.S - This is purely a work of fiction based on my imagination and various things I read!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Life in Lunch Box!

The Lunchbox

Am not going to write review of the movie where most of it would be what the movie is all about! For that you can read this link or all those reviews thats making rounds!

These are my thoughts/reflections after watching this movie.

After English Vinglish, This is one such movie which brings into light how a woman gets entrapped in married life and loses her individuality and is taken for granted!

Be it Ila or her mother or Mrs.Deshpande(the neighbor); each woman portrays life of so many women in our society , where their life after wedding revolves completely around their husband. Each stage of how, they as person have got so lost that even though they are lonely still they can't imagine a life alone!

The difference from English Vinglish is that this movie has another angle, that of Men - of an Old man who is facing a life of retirement and a young man whose life is just starting!  The loneliness and  longingness of having someone around, of the small pleasures, of life in general and hopes! They are so different in character but still so alike in their life!

A simple,  heart warming of story of Saajan Fernandes, Ila and Shaik , who are just anyone whom we know. We just have to look around! A Film that portrays their relationships and how they try to realize what life is!
Some of the Dialogues, written in letters, are hard hitting facts of life - sample this : "We are all moving so fast, trying to have what others have "!!(I might not have got the exact line )

And the best part is the innocence. The small girl, Heroine's kid is just a kid and not a "smart kid who knows everything /understands everything" as most of the movies show. She just follows her mother where ever she asks and with her expressions and body language shows her loneliness, boredom and happiness just like we all have done in our childhood!

And then is the letters (I love such stories!), a strong medium of communication and a way to just write what we want to/feel!

There are no villains or scheming people who try to torture the heroes. Its the life and the various situation which all of us are familiar  with that our heroes go through, but then these are dealt in lighter still  firm manner. It doesn't make you cry but actually smile and a sense of hope when the film ends. An ending which we can imagine as we want since the life of such heroes still goes on!

Beyond all this is ofcourse the food packed in the Lunch box. In this generation, where we are running behind god knows what and complain that we don't have time and even skip breakfast, lunch or dinner; each item they show in the screen makes you fall in love with food. The love with which lunch is prepared , the art of how neighbor with just aroma tells Ila what spice is missing in her food to the different food items cooked and packed made even a non-foodie like me hungry!

Time for us to reflect in our life and appreciate those in our lives and cherish those moments which make our life meaningful!

Life is like a lunch box. Some days when we open them, the food is yummy and aroma beautiful. Life is equally good and enjoyable. And then there are days, when it might have some dish we might not like or not be hot as we want! All part of life :)

All I can say is don't miss this Lunchbox! :)

Monday, August 5, 2013


Appreciation: This is something we all yearn for!

A hard day’s of work and when someone appreciates we feel happy. That small joy becomes worth all the troubles we take.

There are times when we feel all our efforts are wasted when we are not appreciated on time. And worst when we end up feeling that someone else is being appreciated for what is due to us.

On one side, it’s the professional environment set up, where one appreciation mail from client helps you tremendously or from supervisors/managers.

And other side, even in personal life, when you cook something and your parents appreciate you, or siblings appreciate you for some support or some relative/friends appreciate you we feel happy and acknowledged. We truly become a part of that group which recognizes you be it in any situation/ reason!

Why do we remember grandparents who only appreciate us, or that school friend who always gave thumbs-up when you won something, or that uncle who would appreciate when you did something  and the list goes on!

We all realize and understand the importance of appreciation and actually feel bad when we are not appreciated (when we think we deserve it), but then do we appreciate others equally?
Do we also show our appreciation truly to people around? Am not just talking about thanking them(that’s a completely different topic).

Do we appreciate our mother/spouses cooking even if its normal dish they had prepared? Or appreciate father for something he does for us? Or appreciate the maid/dhobi/security for the work they do. You might argue that they(except for our parents- where we see it as their duty) are being paid for the work they do for us, but then are we also not paid for the work we do?

Still these appreciations matter – the motivation to continue, to believe in ourselves and work harder to prove – be it in professional or personal life!

We can easily find fault in others around us but do we take time to appreciate the smallest thing done by someone.

If you have , please share the stories and if you have not, just try to appreciate some – be it the office security person(for properly checking bag) or cab driver(for driving properly) or the guy serving in cafeteria or back home, to anyone who is there to support you at home with different works.

Most importantly, notice that small joy which shows in their face for that 2 seconds when you appreciate the person!

Friday, May 10, 2013


It was just another day and time was 6.30 pm.  He was going back home from work, when he saw them! He looked shocked. How could she let this happen?
He barged into the house and started shouting – “Madhu..Madhu… ”
Madhu came out of the kitchen scared.
“How could you let this happen”
She stared at him clueless.
“You let our daughter, preethi, play outside in road again. How may times have I told you that its dangerous”
She sighed and looked out of the window, their 7 year old was playing with her friends in the street which is normally very quiet.
“What if some bike comes fast and hits her or Auto? The Auto stand is nearby only”
She again went inside kitchen as he kept shouting.
She was tired of the paranoid father , her husband Mohan and his obsession for Preethi’s safety/welfare.
Do not let her go by school bus – Drivers drive rashly
Do not buy/use  any glass items – Preethi might break and hurt herself.
Do not use table fan. Preethi can hurt her hand by touching it
And worse is when they go out, from crossing road to being in crowded places to what they eat, how paranoid he becomes of Preethi’s safety/welfare!
She didnt know where and when this was going to stop.
It was yet again another day and time was 6.30 pm .
She came outside home completing all work  and saw them.She looked sad.
She closed her eyes and wondered how could he let this happen!
 “Her husband,Mohan,  had died in an accident 1 month back. If only he had worn the helmet, he would have been safe and alive”
She looked at Preethi and wondered about the welfare of the girl now!

P.S – We care for safety of those close to us except ourselves. Accidents (without helmet/not folloing rules/seat belts) are most common!

P.S 1 – got the idea of this post when I got this message – “Life is more precious than Time. STOP, look out for trains before crossing unmanned level crossings – safety Dept, Southern Railways”