Friday, May 10, 2013


It was just another day and time was 6.30 pm.  He was going back home from work, when he saw them! He looked shocked. How could she let this happen?
He barged into the house and started shouting – “Madhu..Madhu… ”
Madhu came out of the kitchen scared.
“How could you let this happen”
She stared at him clueless.
“You let our daughter, preethi, play outside in road again. How may times have I told you that its dangerous”
She sighed and looked out of the window, their 7 year old was playing with her friends in the street which is normally very quiet.
“What if some bike comes fast and hits her or Auto? The Auto stand is nearby only”
She again went inside kitchen as he kept shouting.
She was tired of the paranoid father , her husband Mohan and his obsession for Preethi’s safety/welfare.
Do not let her go by school bus – Drivers drive rashly
Do not buy/use  any glass items – Preethi might break and hurt herself.
Do not use table fan. Preethi can hurt her hand by touching it
And worse is when they go out, from crossing road to being in crowded places to what they eat, how paranoid he becomes of Preethi’s safety/welfare!
She didnt know where and when this was going to stop.
It was yet again another day and time was 6.30 pm .
She came outside home completing all work  and saw them.She looked sad.
She closed her eyes and wondered how could he let this happen!
 “Her husband,Mohan,  had died in an accident 1 month back. If only he had worn the helmet, he would have been safe and alive”
She looked at Preethi and wondered about the welfare of the girl now!

P.S – We care for safety of those close to us except ourselves. Accidents (without helmet/not folloing rules/seat belts) are most common!

P.S 1 – got the idea of this post when I got this message – “Life is more precious than Time. STOP, look out for trains before crossing unmanned level crossings – safety Dept, Southern Railways”

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