Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wait

She sat down looking here and there. There was no one around. She was thankful for that but still she was nervous. This was not her first visit but still each time she went there it felt like first time.

She looked at her watch! It was already very late. She tried thinking of her favorite things. She tried thinking of songs which made her happy. But she could not remember a single thing. She could not concentrate on anything at all.

There was this unexplainable fear inside her. Each time she came there she felt like a prisoner full of guilt!

And then the door opened. The Door to Hell! Some one called her name.

She went in and sat. He smiled at her. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth open.

The Wait to get in was over and the next wait to get out started.

Poems are not my cup of coffee or tea but then a poem that is very close to my heart is this particular as it gives me some relief from the pain i go through each time i visit this place i dread the most!

Ogden Nash

This Is Going To Hurt Just A Little Bit

One thing I like less than most things is sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth wide open.

And that I will never have to do it again is a hope that I am against hope hopen.

Because some tortures are physical and some are mental,
But the one that is both is dental.
It is hard to be self-possessed
With your jaw digging into your chest.

So hard to retain your calm
When your fingernails are making serious alterations in your life line or love line or some other important line in your palm;

So hard to give your usual effect of cheery benignity
When you know your position is one of the two or three in life most lacking in dignity.

And your mouth is like a section of road that is being worked on.
And it is all cluttered up with stone crushers and concrete mixers and drills and steam rollers and there isn’t a nerve in your head thatyou aren’t being irked on.

Oh, some people are unfortunate enough to be strung up by thumbs.
And others have things done to their gums,
And your teeth are supposed to be being polished,
But you have reason to believe they are being demolished.

And the circumstance that adds most to your terror
Is that it’s all done with a mirror,
Because the dentist may be a bear, or as the Romans used to say, only they were referring to a feminine bear when they said it, an ursa,
But all the same how can you be sure when he takes his crowbar in one hand and mirror in the other he won’t get mixed up, the way you do when you try to tie a bow tie with the aid of a mirror, and forget that left is right and vice versa?

And then at last he says That will be all; but it isn’t because he then coats your mouth from cellar to roof
With something that I suspect is generally used to put a shine on a horse’s hoof.

And you totter to your feet and think. Well it’s all over now and afterall it was only this once.
And he says come back in three monce.

And this, O Fate, is I think the most vicious circle that thou ever sentest,
That Man has to go continually to the dentist to keep his teeth in good condition
when the chief reason he wants his teeth in good condition
is so that he won’t have to go to the dentist.

PS: CCPed the poem from a site...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A-Z ~ Home Alone!!!

Idle mind is a devil's workshop but then Sound's mind also went for weekend vacation as she was stuck at Home Alone!!!

A - Awesome feeling of being alone at home

B - thinking about Blogging about it

C - Cleaning my stuff to make sure mom is happy :P

D - Dancing all over the place!!

E - Excited to be alone

F - Figuring out what different to do

G - Gifting myself

H - Home alone watching Home Alone

I - iTunes - my companion

J - enJoying

K - K is boring ….

L - Loudly singing

M - Messages

N - Noodles

O - Origami - future paper king :P

P - Pizza in between

Q - gonna be a paper Queen like paper princess :P

R - Read books

S - Singing loudly

T - watch Television

U - Upbeat about everything

V - feeling Victorious after cleaning my place!

W - Wishing a lot of things like...

X - Xpect the home alone weekend to extend!!

Y - Yawning and trying to sleep

Z - Finally Sleep off on the last night...

Ok now don't get angry after reading this.. New Week is starting and am excited!!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Books - Inspiration!

Rainy Day, A cup of hot tea in hand and a Book! Life is bliss with these 3 combinations!!!

Books play an integral part in our lives. Starting from school text books to fictions to non fictions to self help to biographies. Each and every book teaches us something and we learn without even actually learning!

One of my friends recently asked,which is my favourite genre of book and and it kept me thinking on what kind of books I read!!

Recently I have started books of different genres.I even started reading Fantasies, Chiclits,Romance etc ;) But in fiction/non-fiction, a few have really inspired me. Do pick these and read in your own leisure time -

  • The Leader who had no title : Robin Sharma

Am not a great fan of the self help/guide books but this book with simple examples inspires. An apt book for all of us on how we can make a difference not just within ourself on how we work but also within the team.

  • Switch - How to Change Things when Change is hard : Chip and Dan Heath

Change is something we all hope/expect/look forward for but when the change actually comes we are not ready to accept it immediately. Even the slightest change like direction from the normal route makes us uncomfortable even though we want the change. This book is just the "Switch" on how we can embrace a change. A change can be a very smaill thing. And most importantly even "You" can inspire a change!!!

  • Chanakya Chants : Ashwin Sanghi

A fictional book based on Chanakya's principles. Loved this book to the maximum as the book keeps switching between present day and past giving us a wonderful picture on how the Chanakya's principles are effective even today! I recently heard Dr. Radhakrishnan, Author of Corporate Chanakya on how Chanakya's principles can be used for effective Management. Its next "to read" in my list.

  • Mafia Queens of Mumbai : S.Hussain Zaidi

True stories are always an inspiration! The title of the book says it all but still reading the book makes you realize that the worls is not actually so nice as it seems. It made me thank my stars that i am on the other side of the grass. Each and every story tells us how a woman is caught in the web of deceit, lies" and how she turns from the "innocent woman" to the "hard hearted mafia queen".

On the lighter side, moral of the story - Don't fall in Love ;)

Each and every woman's story is how their life was all rosy till they fall in love with a man who cheats and betrays her and she ends up in those dark cities of Mumbai!!!

  • Makers of Modern India : Ramachandra Guha

This is the latest book i have started. Guha comes up with yet another inspiring and knowledgable book on India's history. Here he takes 19 Indians who were visionaries and had a hand in shaping India's Future. As he clarified he only took the names of those who had ideas/visions of modern India. The book, not just has the story of their visions but also excerps of their articles. Inspiring is a very understated word!

Do share your list! :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

Neon Nagaram Book Review

Are there times when you hear a new song and wonder if the tune is very familiar?

Are there times when you felt completely dejected and all alone in life?

Are there times when you wanted to tell something to your loved ones(be it anyone) but couldn't tell it openly?

If you can relate to any of the above, grab the copy of Neon Nagaram and experience it yourself.

When we ask a group of people what are their hobbies, 90% of the replies would be "Listening to Music" and "Reading Books".

Paadhai has taken this wonderful concept to of mixing both these pleasures to one package and presented us with the 2nd musical Novel - Neon Nagaram.

A complete novel written with the hero,Vinay ,in the lead and a perfect story woven with all the mentioned points!

  • One can relate to each and every character in the story. From the father, who understands the son but hardly talks to him. A mother who is concerned about you. A brother who will, without even thinking for a second, will give his own things to you. A friend who is there for you always. A boss who remains distant to you but still encourages you. A colleague who is not actually a friend but understands you .

  • Each and every relationship written in subtle ways captures one's attention. Father-Son Relation. Father-Daughter relation. Siblings who help each other but don't overstep the line.

  • Friendship which helps you come through tough times! Initially the hero's friend is portrayed as the typical "comedian" friend that we see in the movies, but as the story goes, one can deeply acknowledge the way the "Friend " helps the Hero professionally/personally, being in the backdrop!

  • No one is a Hero/Villian. Situations make you to become something you might not have been before!

  • The Moral of the Story - "When one door closes another door opens". Just believe in yourself.

As one of my friend's who read the book said - Vinay is my best friend as I can relate to him so much!

The impact that this book leaves on each is immeasurable!

You can just pick up the book and read, if not listen to music at same time!

Musical review coming up in the next part!

P.S - For all the non-tamil readers, you can still pick up the copy and listen to the songs! Music has no language barrier!

And have some patience! English/Hindi version soon will be out for you all! :D

Check out Earlier post on Paadhai - Ranam Sugam's review and Neon Nagaram's Promo!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matter of Survival

She was standing at the corner of the road.

He hugged his mother tightly not wanting to leave her. She fed him. He quietly ate whatever she gave him. He felt happy when she took him in her arms.He felt secure.

She looked at him with all the warmth and love in this world. He was her baby and she would never let anyone harm him. She felt him shiver as he heard the noise. A van stopped near them. She saw a few get out n come near her. A few were sitting inside and watching her, as if laughing at her.

One of them took something from his hand and kept near his face. He was looking intently at her.

She looked here and there. She could sense that her son was very scared. He had closed his eyes and was tightly hugging her. She was ready to fight them if they tried to do any harm her son.

*Flash*, light flashed out of what that thing the guy had in his hand. She was about to snatch it away from him when she heard them going back to the van laughing.

The van started and the shouts and laughter slowly fed down.

She looked at her son and whispered something in his ears. He looked up and slowly came out of her arms. Danger had gone for time being.

P.S - Today while doing major cleaning at home, I had to break the nest that was built by wasp. There were baby wasps inside. After all the cleaning, the mother wasp came seating for her nest and baby and was roaming the whole room for almost one hour searching in vain. I felt sad but then could't help it!

As my father put it.. its just a matter of survival!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beep - you have got a message!!

Life has become a business of sort! Compromises..Negotiations..Persuasions and what not to live our own life in ur manner!

Oh am not going into philosophy now ;)

My cell beeped with this message which prompted me to write this post!

"SMS PUBLICITY for your business development excellent response@low cost for just Rs.1800 for 1 lakh sms. Attractive discount for corporate & bulk orders!"

Thanks to the bulk sms option; we, the customers, who have a phone get numerous messages varying from plots on sale to holiday resorts to how to treat your hairfall!

This goes by saying that when your cell beeps and you read such a message, it in turn only spoils your mood because we all look forward to messages from someone else...hmm i meant friends ;)

All the service providers have this option of disabling any advertisement oriented msgs.

I had also subscribed for that till recently.

Normally each time I get such a message, i delete it or just have it in my inbox without reading it.

So today out of sheer boredom(I mean too much work :P and also the fact that inbox was full), I started reading the messages one by one. A few very important and a few very idiotic and a few quite ..well..lets say humorous to be very polite ;)

"Dear Soundarya, wherever you go we are with you. Justdial, India's local search engine is now available from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a single number +918888888888. From any village, town to city get an instant info by sms. "

JustDial is very helpful when we need to know a few numbers and are not accessing internet to google at that time!! :D

"Thank you for using to file your income tax return. Today is the last day, please ask family/friends to file. Thanks you again"

This message was very helpful reminder especially for those who were engrossed in their hectic schedules!

"A Casual attitude towards safety - "Casualty".Wear Helmet for your safety. Issued in Public Interest by Chennai Tamil Police."

A seriously thoughtful message and a good gesture from the department which almost all of us criticize!

"For train fare sms ...... to 139 and get the details instantly!"

for all those who travel by train, this helps a lot!

"It's Sunday. Time to catch up with friends - no worries about mobile bills, its FREE! Unlimited SMS and more.Join _______ now!"

This sms on a Sunday morning, made me smile :)

"IPL Cricket Offer, buy Kent Aquaguard Genpure RO Water purifier and get ceiling fan and dust cover free. Offer valid for 2 days only. contact _____"

Wonder what IPL, Aquaguard and ceiling fan have in common :roll:

"Reduce upto 5 kgs in just 4 weeks! with new 3in1 Suana Slim Belt for just 2499 Rps. For booking sms to _____!"

Well for those who know me, this sms will make you laugh over me! business stragy wrong as message coming to non-intended recepients ;)

"Are you in search of your Life Partner? Please register at _______site and find one.Contact _____"

Well no comments ;)

And the most hilarious of all the sms was this one -

"Get Pregnant faster using easy do it at Home, Ovulation Predictor Kits. 99% accurate.Contact - ___"

Sigh!!! what can i say ;)

I have it saved in my inbox, to read it when am too stressed to laugh over it :D

Recently I have started recieving Teen Love tips from Airtel also ... Sigh...

I heard that The Mumbai police used this bulk SMS facility to send message to all those staying in Mumbai when a recent terror strike hapened to inform everyone to not panic and be safe!

Each of the service/businee has its own + and - !!!

Have you got any interesting/wierd SMS? ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pen Pal

Sudha picked up the newspaper and started reading it. As she was flipping the pages, her eyes fell on a picture.

The person in the photo was smiling at her.

Obituary column : Ramesh , 10th August 1940 to 13th August 2011.

As she was reading the details, postman knocked at her door. She opened her letter.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. We are growing older!

You know that am not an emotional sort of person, but today for some reason am feeling nostalgic. There are times in our life when we need a person to whom we can depend on, a shoulder where we can lean on and a hand which we can hold for support. That person doesn't expect anything in return. And we are are forever indebted to them.

You are one such person to me. I recollect all those situations when even though you were not here physically, you helped me in your own way.

I am still happy that I made that small error of miscommunication that let us to know each other.

This world might not see us in right frame of mind but deep down we both know what our relationship is - Friendship!

With age creeping, a small fear has seeped in. Even though we had agreed to never know each other's name and details but just converse through these letters. Today I wish to know you name and see you once before I close my eyes forever – Birthday wish.

Am enclosing my business card and a photo of mine along with this letter and hope you will send yours soon.

I wish we are friends in the next lifetime also.

Your Pen Pal

Dated - 10th August 2011

The smiling face in the photo was the same as the one she saw in the newspaper.

P. S - This post is an entry for Friendship Day Contest held in Internal Blog of my company!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 3

He was very excited. More than attending Raj's Wedding or the Sight seeing, he would get sometime to spend with Madhuri. Till now they had talked over the phone or chatted but had not met personally after the train meet. In the past few weeks he had started liking her a lot. He would eagerly wait to call her in the evenings to talk to her. His friends had started teasing him a lot. One of them even asked if Madhuri was his girl friend and he had actually blushed.He didn't say yes or no. Did he think of her as his girl friend? Now he wasn't sure himself. There was something special about her. But what did she think about him?

With this trip, he felt he would get good chance to know her better.

There were 7 of them who started from Mumbai together. Their plan was to leave on Thursday night from mumbai to Pune. The wedding was taking place in pune on Friday night. And after the wedding they decided to spend the weekend in Lonavala and then back to mumbai.

Apart from Himanshu and Madhuri; Sreeram, Meghana, Dishit, Anu and Ravi were the part of the "Gang".

As soon as the trip started, Himanshu never felt he was going along with some people whom he just knew, thanks to Raj. They all hit off from the time the van started, which they had arranged for the whole trip. The guys decided to drive themselves all throughout the journey as it would be extra fun.

Dishit started driving from Mumbai. Himanshu's heart pumped when he saw Madhuri sitting alone. The rest of the seats were taken by others. He went and sat next to her.

He thought of the million things he wanted to talk to her and know about her which he could do throughout this journey. As he was about to start a conversation, she plugged in ear phones and closed her eyes.

He was disappointed but then thought she might be tired and just left at it.

The journey to pune was smooth and they reached late night. Raj had already arranged for their accommodation.

Friday morning saw them in between various functions which take place before the actual wedding. They feasted on the sumptuous food served and enjoyed their time doing simply nothing.

Himanshu tried his best to talk to Madhuri but she was very distant towards him. In the group she was cordial to him and talked to him just like she was talking to everyone.

He wondered if he was trying too hard. He had never felt like this before. The gang had the time of their life in Raj's wedding and left from Pune to Lonavala. He was to drive the 1st part of the journey and he texted MAdhuri asking her to sit next to him in the front. But Madhuri ignored his message and sat behind.

As he started driving the van he kept asking himself - Why was she ignoring him…


On one side Madhuri was very excited about the trip. After long time she was going out somewhere.But on the other side she was very nervous. In the past few months that she has spoken to Himanshu, she felt very happy. She wasn't sure why. When one of her close friends had asked her if she loved him, she got scared and confused.

Was she treading into dangerous grounds? She had spoken to many guys but she had never felt so comfortable as she felt with him.

She thought about her family. They were fine with her talking to guys and going out with friends but one thing her family would never accept is a Love Marriage. Till date all the marriages in her family had turned to be disastrous and affected the whole family.

Realizing these, she even thought of not going for the trip but she knew that she couldn't miss Raj's wedding at any cost. She had decided to keep a distance from Himanshu but now it was increasingly tough.

But as the trip started she felt like like talking to him. She tried to keep her distance between them but still be friendly but it was increasingly tough.

He was trying to talk to her but she had been ignoring him. He had asked her to sit next to him in the van but she had intentionally sat behind though she badly wanted to sit in next to him.

Now with them going to Lonavala and Himanshu trying so much, will she be able to keep her distance from him?


While both their minds were confused and trying to justify their thoughts, rest of the gang could make out what was going out between the two and came up with a devious plan…

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 2

Continued from Part 1 - Thanks to all those for liking the part. Makes me all the more enthu to write the next part :)

As soon as she finished reading the post, she searched for his phone number in Facebook. She took the phone and messaged him.

Himanshu was almost asleep, when his cell phone beeped.

"Hi, its the unknown girl"

He got up with a start. Before he could think about anything, next message came.

"Sorry for messaging so late. Won't Disturb. Will talk later. Good Night."

He wasn't sure if he should message or not. He opened his laptop to check mails/FB/Blogs. No messages.

He decided to reply to her message the next day and went to sleep, thinking about her.

She wondered if he would have read the message. She had sent the first message and then realized how late it had been at night. She immediately sent the next message. Lying down in the bed, she secretly hoped he would message and slept off, thinking about him

The next morning, he wondered what to reply to her message. He still didn't know her name. She must have read his blog post.

He decided to call her.


"Hey Himanshu, what a surprise"

"Yeah, saw your message yesterday night"

"Ya, i thought you might have slept off as it was already late"

"Yea. I was about to sleep at that time"

"hmm ok"



"Well, nothing.. i was just wondering…"


"hmm…please don't mistake me but i don't remember your name"
he blurted out.

She started laughing on the call."I know, i read your post but then how come you accepted my friend's request"

He was blank. "Oh, when did you send?"

"Yesterday night"

"Wait let me check"

She said laughingly "No need. I was expecting you to remember the name atleast, after that incident when we met 1st.Hmm..But then you simply accept any friend's request you get in FB. Do you know how dangerous it is? You should ..."

He was quiet.

"Oh sorry, why am i lecturing you..anyways, Its Madhuri, ab pehachana."

Madhuri - The name rang a bell!! He remembered where he had met her the moment she said her name. How could he have forgotten her.

2years back - Raj's Birthday treat.

Raj was his close friend in work place. They had met on the day of their joining and had gone to become very good friends.

He and his friends were meeting in their usual hangout for Raj's treat. There were many new people who joined the treat, all Raj's school/college friends.

Some one suggested a game of Truth and Dare to be played and they started playing it. Himanshu was known to be a very quiet person and when his turn came he chose Truth.

Some one asked -
"Your 1st Crush"

Himanshu replied - "

Many of them started laughing and looking at a girl. Himanshu turned and saw 1 girl completely embarrassed.

Himanshu looked bewildered wondering what happened when Raj told that the girl's name was Madhuri. He tried to tell again that he means Madhuri Dixit but it was enough for others to have the fun at his expense. Himanshu looked helplessly at the girl but she meekly smiled.At the end of the party when everyone were leaving he got the courage to go unto Madhu and apologized. She simply smiled and brushed off the incident.

"Hey you there" She asked.

Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he replied "yeah"

"Pehachana, we met.."

"yea, i remember Raj's birthday treat. So tell me what do you do"

And they spoke for more than one hour.

When he kept down the phone, he wasn't sure why but Himanshu felt happy.

She thought about that day and how Himanshu had been apologetic for getting her into gossip. They had met a few times after their 1st meet at Raj's place. She had a crush on him after that incident but she never told anyone. Himanshu was the very quiet sort of person who talked only when needed. She had liked meeting him. But thanks to work demand, they all had gone their ways.

They started regularly chatting online after that. Both wondering why they liked talking to each other.

One Day Himanshu called Madhuri.

Himanshu - "Hi"

Madhuri - "Hey"

Himanshu - "Raj's wedding is coming up. You got the card na"

Madhuri - " Yea, I got it. aAe you going?"

Himanshu - "Yea, me and a friends are planning to. What about you?"

Madhuri - "Not sure. Have to find out yahan se kaun jaa raha hai"

Himanshu -"ok.Let me know. Nahin toh you can join us. I mean if you want to"

Madhuri - " Thanks. iIll let you know"

Raj was her school friend and once upon a time neighbor as well. Both of them and Raj's sister had practically grown up together. She knew that if she didn't attend the wedding, Raj and his sister Reema, would be very upset.

After lots of calls/mails finally a group - mix of Raj's School/College and Work place friend's decided to attend the wedding together. They had decided to use the long weekend to not just attend the wedding but also go out for a trip!

What happened in the trip - To be continued...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 1

Hi Everyone :) After long long time am back with story telling. Hope you like it :D


Himanshu was waiting in the station for the train. He was already running late. He looked around and saw the crowd everywhere. He swore to himself why it has to be so full today only compared to the other days. Finally the train came and he got into the already crowded train.

As he got into the train, he saw a girl standing at the middle of the coach. First look at her and he thought, she looked very pretty. Next moment, it dawned to him that she looked very familiar but he simply couldn't remember when and where he had met her.

Through the jostle and pushes, he found himself in the middle of the coach. He heard a pat behind his back and turned back. It was the same girl he saw when he had entered the train.

The moment she saw him, she smiled widely and said,"Himanshu! Hi, how are you. Heard that you were working in Mumbai. "

Himanshu simply couldn't remember who she was. Not wanting to be embarrassed, he simply smiled at her and nodded his head.

The Girl continued speaking, not minding his silence. "You are still with same company? It's so long since we met na"

Himanshu tried to keep a straight face and remember at least the girl's name.

The girl suddenly turned and saw out of the window and then told,"My stop has come. Good to see you even if it's this crowded place.See you sometime. bye." and struggled her way out of the coach as the train stopped in the station.

He meekly said bye, which only he could have heard. He was still wondering who the girl was. He felt relieved that the girl's station came soon and he avoided being embarrassed in front of the girl.

She got down the station. As she started walking, she wondered, if he had recognized her. She wasn't sure remembering the look in his face when she said hi; despite the confused look he looked cute and handsome. She laughed at herself and decided, she will find out if they meet and picked up her phone as she went out of the station.

He reached the office just in time for the meeting. Throughout the meeting he was constantly distracted by who the girl was. As soon as the meeting got over, he went to his place to write a blog about the incident in the hope that he might find out.

She logged into facebook once she was in her desk and wondered if he would be there. She searched his name and found his profile. His profile had his photo and minimal information. She wondered if she should add him as friend. She checked the mutual friend's list and saw only one name - Raj. Raj was the common friend for both. She had met Himanshu on Raj's birthday treat.

Still not remembering where they had met, he clicked on the publish button hoping he should find out before he met her next time, if that time comes. He checked his Facebook and saw a few friends' request. Without giving much attention to the names, he accepted the friend's request and logged off.

She was surprised that he has immediately accepted the request. He must have remembered her then. She smiled to herself. She started going through his profile when she saw his blog link. She opened the link and started reading his latest post.

He went to bed wondering if she would find out and read the blog post.

To Be Continued...


This story is a work of fiction inspired by one of the friend's blog post! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10th July!!! - The next journey of Paadhai :)

“His life is complete. He is in love. He is working with the best music composer. He is living his dream. But then, he had a secret. One small mistake, one small incident, changed his life. How will he get his life - music and love back?”

You want to know how he wins life back?? Wait till 10th July!!!

Paadhai is back with their 2nd Musical Novel with a bang - Neon Nagaram!!

The Tamil version is going live from 10th July and the preorder can already be done for the book + music at Flipkart -

Even if you don't know how to read tamil, thats alright!! Grab the CD to enjoy the music, which simply doesn't have any language!!

And wait and watch for the English which will also be out soon!!! :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 years and going on....

The alarm rang…

She woke up with a small smile in her face.

It was a special day.

She quickly got ready and left her house. All the way from her house, she wondered what special she can do to make the day more memorable.

She entered the place, which is called office, which had practically become her 2nd home.

The moment she stepped inside the gate, old memories flooded in front of her eyes. suddenly she heard the bells ringing.Flowers were showered upon her as she started walking inside. She felt like the whole world was praising and blessing her!

She walked through the securities to the lift. They all were smiling at her welcoming.

She meekly smiled back and got into lift.

Once out of lift she saw the housekeeping person who wished her.

She again smiled at her and walked towards her bay. As she sat down in her chair and looked at her PC, it was smiling back at her. As she unlocked her system, she felt like the system was talking to her.

She closed her eyes and thought about a phone call.

It was one of her cousins who had called her generally and as usual the talk went in the direction of work/career. He as usual was asking her all the Q';s that a normal IT professional gets - "Still with the same concern?not Switching jobs? "

To be frank,she was tired of hearing it. And as she opened her eyes, she realized why so.

she loved the company where she was working and loved her job which was most important of all, despite the day to day hectic works and typical work issues.

And then nothing else matters.

The day went along as usual and in the end she thought. What was most memorable thing i did today?

And her mind told her - everything you did was memorable.

As one of her friends had told her - it was all in our mind on how we took things around us!

Keep smiling :)

P.S - Today I complete 2 years in Cognizant and hope have many more years to keep writing like this :)

P.S.S - This is dedicated to each and every soul who are/were part of cognizant and my journey of these 2 years! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vicious Cirlce!!!

Life is a vicious circle and a few people are always in that circle!!!!

For example consider one of those relatives about whom we always crib and avoid meeting but when we do meet, we try to show that we are so happy to meet them!

For simplicity let's assume that particular relative to be your dad's cousin's sister-in-law's husband's mother!! Long chain right, but the catch is that this "Lady" is also staying in your neighborhood so knows more about what's happening in your life than your cousin! This "Lady" represents those 'n' no of relatives and family friends whose one of the main objectives of life is giving advices to you on anything and everything!!!

Alright so how come it's a vicious circle.

Scene 1 - Your mom is Pregnant!

The "Lady" comes to meet your mother to wish her. She is genuinely happy for your mother and the conversation that starts off in congratulatory note slowly takes the tone of advices, not for just your mother, but also for you. She will talk to you in your womb telling you that once you come to the world you are supposed to be like this, you are supposed to meet such things etc etc. Well apparently she expects us to be like Abhimanyu (aah I hope you know about him, else go and read Mahabharata ;))

Expectations are already set for you even before you have entered this World!!

Scene 2 - You are a new born baby

The "Lady" comes to visit the new darling of the family. The first observation would be how you look like. Now that she knows the whole family , her observations would be something like this - Her eyes are just like mothers, face shape just like her fathers, the smile is so much like her uncle's and the way she raises her hands..see see.. Just like that her aunt used to do...

And then she takes you in her arms. Now if you are very quiet and simply let her take you in her arms, she is going to tell "Wow,what a wonderful child. Not at all crying and fussing. This child is going to be such a lovely person" and she beams at her own words!! And then series of advices to your parents on how to raise the child!!!!

Now if by mistake you ended up crying then the remarks would be something like - "Aah, already fussy. Doesn't want to leave mother and come to us!" And then a series of advice on how to raise a child!!!

Scene 3 - You are in middle school - Choose any of the classes from 1 to 5

It's Sunday and the "Lady" decides to visit your house.

You are apparently upset with her visit and your TV watching time is gone for a toss and she is going to bombard you with questions for which she might not even be interested to hear the replies!!! Well the visit could go something like this.

Lady - "Beta, what are you watching"

You - "Some movie"

Lady - "You shouldn't be watching tv at this age, you should be doing this and this and this. Wasting your time blah blah"

You - simply stare at her knowing if you talk back your parents are gonna scold you

Lady's husband - "What do you want to be when you grow up"

You - wondering why everyone asks this question and not let you be a kid replies meekly "doctor"

Lady - "you want to be a doctor, my brother's so n so's so n so's a doctor and you know at your age he used to blah blah"

And then the Lady wants to know what all "extra" classes you are going.

By this time your head has started spinning but you keep a straight face, look at your mother for help and blabber something and escape to your room.

Scene 4 - You are in Class 12 - Boards approaching

This year is one of the crucial years of your life in terms of your career and you don't want to goof up. You know all about the competition and trying your best but still there are times when you get all cracked up. This is the time you try to avoid all the people as they all have the same set of Q's!! And perfect timing for our "Lady" to appear!

Lady - "Your board exams are coming right?"

You reply meekly- "yes"

Lady - "Good, so how are preparations? "

You - "good"

Lady - "my son got so n so marks in his 12th and he got a seat in This college"

You - blank face

Lady - "What entrance exams you are going to write?"

You - "IIT,AIEEE,etc etc"

Lady - "you need to study a lot. Do well. One boy whom I know got this many marks and by merit he got into....."

You get lost in your own world just wishing you were dead and not listening to this talk!

Scene 5 - Final year of College

Time flies and your college days are getting over. Next tension now is the campus recruitments. The "Lady" never misses such opportunities to visit your place and find out how things are going on in your life, much more than her own kids!! Let's assume you are not from IIT's but from a regular engineering college of your city!

Lady - "Final got placed?"

You - "Not yet, placements have to come"

Lady - "Oh but my neighbor's son got placed I this company. Even package is so good. In your college placements come so late?"

You - "It will come late"

Lady - "you should have tried and got into higher ranked colleges. See now this is the problem..blah blah blah...."

You - silently curse yourself and try to escape....

Scene 6 - good job - Marriageable age

These are the times in your life when you both love and hate life. You love the life because you are earning and can spend it on yourself. You have your set of friends and you hang out and love the bachelor days! But then the flip side is that "questions" that pop up during any social gatherings. For example, in your cousin's wedding -

Lady -"You are looking so good. When is your marriage?"

You - Simply smile

Lady - "this is the time for you to get married and start being responsible in your life"

You - (am I not responsible now that am earning) of course you say this to yourself and simply smile at the Lady

Lady - "You shouldn't give tough time to your parents. They have retired and they would want to see you settled and play with your kids"

You try to shake your head by nodding and at the same time trying to say no :P

Lady - "I know this person, my friends's so n so and blah blah"

And the matchmaking begins then and there for you!!

Scene 7 - Your wedding

Finally you found your perfect partner and the wedding day has arrived. "Lady" wearing a glittering saree trying to outshine everyone present pulls you aside.

Lady - "congratulations. I wish you happy married life"

You(for the first time genuinely smiling at her )- "Thank you"

Lady - "Remember now that you are married, you have to be more responsible. You should blah blah blah..."

You(the genuine smile automatically turning to the meek smile ) - simply smile at her nodding your head.

The advices of married life continues for half an hour

Scene 8 - You are pregnant!

And then the vicious circle starts where you are having a child and our "Lady" hearing the news comes to wish you! . She is genuinely happy for you and the conversation that starts off in congratulatory note slowly takes the tone of advices, not for just you, but also for your child.

And the vicious Circle continues!!!!

P.S - The "Lady" could be anyone - relative/family friend

P.S.S - You could be anyone - guy or a gal - both face similar kind of situation!

P.S.S.S - This post is purely for fun and not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments

Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is Simple!!!

I sat on the shores of the beach, enjoying the sound of the sea and waves playing and splashing the shores.

My mind was confused and completely upset. Life was full of unnecessary complications.

I got up and started walking towards the water. I stopped when i reached the wet sand. I waited for the waves to come and splash on the shores wetting my feet.

The difference in the surface of normal sand and wet sand seemed like the difference in two mind sets.

As the waves came splashing, my legs automatically walked backwards avoiding the water.

The waves looked a bit upset but went back.

The waves again came, this time more forcefully, and as I prepared myself to brace them it splashed just before my feet teasingly and went back without touching me.

Then again the next set of waves came and I took a step forward and waves came splashing and kissed my feet and went back.

And then the series of waves started coming and i was all set to go inside the water and wet myself and enjoy the joy of being in the beach.

I played with the waves till my heart's content and went back to sit on the shores.

As I dried myself, watching the beautiful sunset, i suddenly realized that I was feeling much better.

My mind was calm, devoid of all the unnecessary complication, enjoying the moment where i felt life was just it's supposed to be!

It suddenly dawned to me that the game I was playing with waves sometime back was actually what Life is!

We live daily,survive but are never happy and content. We yearn for a change. But when a change comes, we are hesitant. We are not ready to accept them.

I was standing on the shore in the dry sand, and the change was the wet sand and waves. When the waves came, the first instinct was to withdrew and then after sometime ready to accept it. And then ready to brace the change in form of waves! Once we accept the change, we are ready to risk by going deeper inside it.

I was happy.Thats how life is.

As I was thinking about this comparison, I saw two people walking towards the waves. Intrigued by what they will do, i waited and watched. They also hesitated and then played with the waves. One small kid ran past me towards the beach. She immediately started playing with the water.

As kids, we adapt to changes easily. But as we grow older, we yearn for change but do not accept it easily.

Life is simple, only we make it complicated!!!

P.S - Coincidentally,The latest book that am reading is "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal which is compilation of 25 Success stories of Entrepreneurs from IIM-A. The base of each and every story is to accept Life and changes and prepare yourself to brace it.And then be ready to take risks. In the end its your happiness that counts in front of everything.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Religion of India!!!

All the Atheists(those who hate/don't like cricket), please stay away...

The Most Common and Unanimous religion of India is Cricket.
And the GOD of Cricket is SACHIN!!!

If you have had any doubts on that, you should just go and watch an Indian match in any cricket stadium.

From the day I have followed Cricket, I wanted to go and watch one match at a stadium. And this wish was fulfilled by my uncle on Sunday :D

Venue - Chepauk Stadium, Chennai
Date - 20th March

One of the biggest problem in India is the facilities. Even though we left early from home to be by 1.30 PM, we struggled and went around not able to get a proper parking sace. The traffic policemen, in very bad simply kept showing their hands in some direction and we were left to assume what that direction would have meant! Finally we ended up parking at the beach and walk a good 20 minutes before we reached the ground gates. Once inside the gate, we were welcomed by a long queue.

By this time we got to know (courtesy my bro) who had won the toss and the team.

The most ironical thing is when you are inside the stadium(and not stands), but still actually call/msg someone to know the details of the match :| My brother kept updating as we were in the queue which was moving like a tortoise and the deafenings roars of the crowd inside the stadium was making us more upset that we were not in yet. Finally missing 2 overs, we got into our stand but then had missed Sachin by then :(
But still, despite all that, we had awesome fun...

A few clicks :)

Check the price ;)

Crazy spectators :P


So Near yet So what i felt when I saw the cricketers through this!!
Chepauk!!! :D
At night! :)
A Roaring noise, the enthusiasm, the charm, the tension... the feeling was so good...

Each Four or Six hit... or when a wicket goes... or when a review is taken...

The comments passed, shoutings and trying to see if you were being shown on the camera!!!

And the best part of everything is our own GOD.
He just has to be on the field for the crowd to go crazy!!! He just has to touch the ball and crowd roars!!! :D Despite all that he is a normal guy.

Not just the humans but evens dogs couldn't stay off the ground..with one dog running around the ground not wanting to miss any action ;)

Undoubtedly,one thing that connects all of us and gets us together...

GOD - Sachin
Religion - Cricket

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love is Blind

Rohit and Kiran were the most romantic couple.

Like any bollywood movie love story, their love story also kick started with a slap and then hate for each other when they met first which slowly turned into love of the century! With full opposition from their families (all the fights and emotional dramas taking their roles perfectly) they ran off and got married.

Uday, Rohit's best friend helped them during this time and got a house in the nearby city - Sitapur, for them to settle down.

Uday was the typical side hero character who fell in love with every girl whom he met but none of those girls looked back at him. He ended up helping his friends get success in their love matters but his was always a failure.

Starting their new married life, they wanted everything to be full of "love". So anything and everything in their house was seen as a couple with names given, like TV is a guy called Mike and Music System, a girl called Stella. Doors are guys called Bob,Rob,Job etc and Windows are Girls called Meena, Neena,Leena etc.
From the floor mattresses to Kitchen utensils everything were "love pairs" and names accordingly.

The Names they chose for everything also depended on whether they liked it or not. They liked the name Mike and Stella and hence these names for their favorites TV and Music System. Their two Toothbrush's had names Rahul and Rakhi after they watched the Swayamvars and wanted to chew something to vent their frustrations ;)

Their married life was going lovingly when they met Julie. Julie is a dog whom they almost ran their car over. They felt pity on scared Julie and took her home with them.

Julie was very happy in her new house with her owners but then there was a problem. She was single.

Rohit and Kiran decided to get her a companion. They searched and introduced Julie to many handsome Dogs, but each time Julie saw that dog, she would run and get the Dirty old socks of Rohit to show her disapproval of the dog.

Both Rohit and Kiran got desperate to find a partner for Julie and went to one Astrologer. the astrologer looking at the "horoscope" of Julie told them that for her to find a companion, she should get married to a Man who is also desperately looking for a Girl Companion.

Rohit could think of only one guy who fulfilled the Astrologer's words - Uday. But to convince Uday to marry Julie?

They both went to Rampur where Uday was staying, to talk to him and convince him.

Rohit - Uday, I need a huge favor from you.
Uday - Rohit, I am always there for you but before that I want to ask you something.
Rohit - What?
Uday - You find a beautiful girl to date me for 1 evening and I'll do anything you want me to do. Any favor you ask for. But first get me 1 girl.

Rohit and Kiran went back to sitapur and started their search for a girl for Uday. After a few weeks they finally found a girl who was ready to date Uday. They called Uday and asked him to come over from Rampur to Sitapur for his date.

The Place where the Blind date was fixed was romantically set. Even hard-hearted could fall in love with anyone in such an environment. Uday was all excited and bought beautiful red roses and entered the place when his eyes fell on her.

It was love at first sight.He had never seen such a beautiful bitch before. Julie looked at him and she ran towards him. He forgot about his date and took Julie in his arms and kissed her ;)

The rest as they say is history with Uday and Julie marrying each other and living ever happily ;)

Well, after all, Love is Blind! :evil green:

This is an entry to one of the contests hostedin internal blog by the Dude himself - "Tonmoy"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Voice

She got up hearing a voice. she looked here and there but simply couldn't remember anything. She heard a voice distinctly, a very familiar voice. She realized that she was in hospital. Flowers were arranged by her side.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember… Accident.. yes she met with an accident and then what? She tried to concentrate and remember but her mind was blank. She couldn't remember when the accident happened. She opened her eyes and wondered how long she had been in hospital.

She heard the door open, she got up and saw a nurse entering. Seeing her awake, the nurse smiled and gently asked her how she was feeling.

She opened her mouth but no voice came. She tried to clear her throat and speak again but she couldn't. Suddenly her throat was full of pain. she heard the voice again in her head. Before she could understand anything, she passed out.

She woke up and saw her mother sitting by her bed side. She looked around and saw that she was still in hospital. Before she could say or ask anything, her mother asked her to quietly lie down. Seeing questioning look in her face, her mother told her that she had met with an accident 5 days back and doctors had fought to keep her alive. She had to be in hospital for few more days and then she could go home.

As her mother was speaking, she heard the other voice, very familiar voice. She looked around but there was no one.

Soon a few days passed by and she recovered from her injuries except for one - her voice.

She lost her voice in the accident, when the glass pane of window had pierced into her neck. Doctors saved her life but couldn't save her voice. She heard the voice and this time she recognized it. It was coming from her mind and the voice was...


She was a Radio Jockey.

As she started from hospital, she heard the radio in the car. She looked at herself in the rear view mirror, the new her who was going to begin a new life as she hit the road again.

P.S - I attended a soft skill session, where I was asked to tell a story based on this pic. I didn't do a good job at that time, but this pic stood to my heart and i rewrote the story. As i was writing this, i saw this video clip which touched me speechless.

P.S.S - this story is for all those who live their life and inspire us though they are not able to tell about it.