Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 years and going on....

The alarm rang…

She woke up with a small smile in her face.

It was a special day.

She quickly got ready and left her house. All the way from her house, she wondered what special she can do to make the day more memorable.

She entered the place, which is called office, which had practically become her 2nd home.

The moment she stepped inside the gate, old memories flooded in front of her eyes. suddenly she heard the bells ringing.Flowers were showered upon her as she started walking inside. She felt like the whole world was praising and blessing her!

She walked through the securities to the lift. They all were smiling at her welcoming.

She meekly smiled back and got into lift.

Once out of lift she saw the housekeeping person who wished her.

She again smiled at her and walked towards her bay. As she sat down in her chair and looked at her PC, it was smiling back at her. As she unlocked her system, she felt like the system was talking to her.

She closed her eyes and thought about a phone call.

It was one of her cousins who had called her generally and as usual the talk went in the direction of work/career. He as usual was asking her all the Q';s that a normal IT professional gets - "Still with the same concern?not Switching jobs? "

To be frank,she was tired of hearing it. And as she opened her eyes, she realized why so.

she loved the company where she was working and loved her job which was most important of all, despite the day to day hectic works and typical work issues.

And then nothing else matters.

The day went along as usual and in the end she thought. What was most memorable thing i did today?

And her mind told her - everything you did was memorable.

As one of her friends had told her - it was all in our mind on how we took things around us!

Keep smiling :)

P.S - Today I complete 2 years in Cognizant and hope have many more years to keep writing like this :)

P.S.S - This is dedicated to each and every soul who are/were part of cognizant and my journey of these 2 years! :)


Anonymous said...

Good writeup :) Congrats on ur 2 year completion!! Have a great time ahead...

Rajlakshmi said...

congratulations girl :D lovely write :D

Dishit D said...

Hey - congrats! - felt a twinge of nostalgia....

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Yaaaayy!! congratzzz Soundu!! :D :D :D Yes..I too wish u many more years to write so! :D :D

" All the way from her house, she wondered what special she can do to make the day more memorable." Loved this line!! I felt so connected to it!

lovely post Sound! God bless u :)