Friday, May 20, 2011

Vicious Cirlce!!!

Life is a vicious circle and a few people are always in that circle!!!!

For example consider one of those relatives about whom we always crib and avoid meeting but when we do meet, we try to show that we are so happy to meet them!

For simplicity let's assume that particular relative to be your dad's cousin's sister-in-law's husband's mother!! Long chain right, but the catch is that this "Lady" is also staying in your neighborhood so knows more about what's happening in your life than your cousin! This "Lady" represents those 'n' no of relatives and family friends whose one of the main objectives of life is giving advices to you on anything and everything!!!

Alright so how come it's a vicious circle.

Scene 1 - Your mom is Pregnant!

The "Lady" comes to meet your mother to wish her. She is genuinely happy for your mother and the conversation that starts off in congratulatory note slowly takes the tone of advices, not for just your mother, but also for you. She will talk to you in your womb telling you that once you come to the world you are supposed to be like this, you are supposed to meet such things etc etc. Well apparently she expects us to be like Abhimanyu (aah I hope you know about him, else go and read Mahabharata ;))

Expectations are already set for you even before you have entered this World!!

Scene 2 - You are a new born baby

The "Lady" comes to visit the new darling of the family. The first observation would be how you look like. Now that she knows the whole family , her observations would be something like this - Her eyes are just like mothers, face shape just like her fathers, the smile is so much like her uncle's and the way she raises her hands..see see.. Just like that her aunt used to do...

And then she takes you in her arms. Now if you are very quiet and simply let her take you in her arms, she is going to tell "Wow,what a wonderful child. Not at all crying and fussing. This child is going to be such a lovely person" and she beams at her own words!! And then series of advices to your parents on how to raise the child!!!!

Now if by mistake you ended up crying then the remarks would be something like - "Aah, already fussy. Doesn't want to leave mother and come to us!" And then a series of advice on how to raise a child!!!

Scene 3 - You are in middle school - Choose any of the classes from 1 to 5

It's Sunday and the "Lady" decides to visit your house.

You are apparently upset with her visit and your TV watching time is gone for a toss and she is going to bombard you with questions for which she might not even be interested to hear the replies!!! Well the visit could go something like this.

Lady - "Beta, what are you watching"

You - "Some movie"

Lady - "You shouldn't be watching tv at this age, you should be doing this and this and this. Wasting your time blah blah"

You - simply stare at her knowing if you talk back your parents are gonna scold you

Lady's husband - "What do you want to be when you grow up"

You - wondering why everyone asks this question and not let you be a kid replies meekly "doctor"

Lady - "you want to be a doctor, my brother's so n so's so n so's a doctor and you know at your age he used to blah blah"

And then the Lady wants to know what all "extra" classes you are going.

By this time your head has started spinning but you keep a straight face, look at your mother for help and blabber something and escape to your room.

Scene 4 - You are in Class 12 - Boards approaching

This year is one of the crucial years of your life in terms of your career and you don't want to goof up. You know all about the competition and trying your best but still there are times when you get all cracked up. This is the time you try to avoid all the people as they all have the same set of Q's!! And perfect timing for our "Lady" to appear!

Lady - "Your board exams are coming right?"

You reply meekly- "yes"

Lady - "Good, so how are preparations? "

You - "good"

Lady - "my son got so n so marks in his 12th and he got a seat in This college"

You - blank face

Lady - "What entrance exams you are going to write?"

You - "IIT,AIEEE,etc etc"

Lady - "you need to study a lot. Do well. One boy whom I know got this many marks and by merit he got into....."

You get lost in your own world just wishing you were dead and not listening to this talk!

Scene 5 - Final year of College

Time flies and your college days are getting over. Next tension now is the campus recruitments. The "Lady" never misses such opportunities to visit your place and find out how things are going on in your life, much more than her own kids!! Let's assume you are not from IIT's but from a regular engineering college of your city!

Lady - "Final got placed?"

You - "Not yet, placements have to come"

Lady - "Oh but my neighbor's son got placed I this company. Even package is so good. In your college placements come so late?"

You - "It will come late"

Lady - "you should have tried and got into higher ranked colleges. See now this is the problem..blah blah blah...."

You - silently curse yourself and try to escape....

Scene 6 - good job - Marriageable age

These are the times in your life when you both love and hate life. You love the life because you are earning and can spend it on yourself. You have your set of friends and you hang out and love the bachelor days! But then the flip side is that "questions" that pop up during any social gatherings. For example, in your cousin's wedding -

Lady -"You are looking so good. When is your marriage?"

You - Simply smile

Lady - "this is the time for you to get married and start being responsible in your life"

You - (am I not responsible now that am earning) of course you say this to yourself and simply smile at the Lady

Lady - "You shouldn't give tough time to your parents. They have retired and they would want to see you settled and play with your kids"

You try to shake your head by nodding and at the same time trying to say no :P

Lady - "I know this person, my friends's so n so and blah blah"

And the matchmaking begins then and there for you!!

Scene 7 - Your wedding

Finally you found your perfect partner and the wedding day has arrived. "Lady" wearing a glittering saree trying to outshine everyone present pulls you aside.

Lady - "congratulations. I wish you happy married life"

You(for the first time genuinely smiling at her )- "Thank you"

Lady - "Remember now that you are married, you have to be more responsible. You should blah blah blah..."

You(the genuine smile automatically turning to the meek smile ) - simply smile at her nodding your head.

The advices of married life continues for half an hour

Scene 8 - You are pregnant!

And then the vicious circle starts where you are having a child and our "Lady" hearing the news comes to wish you! . She is genuinely happy for you and the conversation that starts off in congratulatory note slowly takes the tone of advices, not for just you, but also for your child.

And the vicious Circle continues!!!!

P.S - The "Lady" could be anyone - relative/family friend

P.S.S - You could be anyone - guy or a gal - both face similar kind of situation!

P.S.S.S - This post is purely for fun and not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments

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Sreeram Shenoy said...

Lol..that "lady" is there in everyone ;)
Reliance even cashed on it with their "free advice" ad campaigns!! ;)
Good post Sound! :D