Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10th July!!! - The next journey of Paadhai :)

“His life is complete. He is in love. He is working with the best music composer. He is living his dream. But then, he had a secret. One small mistake, one small incident, changed his life. How will he get his life - music and love back?”

You want to know how he wins life back?? Wait till 10th July!!!

Paadhai is back with their 2nd Musical Novel with a bang - Neon Nagaram!!

The Tamil version is going live from 10th July and the preorder can already be done for the book + music at Flipkart -


Even if you don't know how to read tamil, thats alright!! Grab the CD to enjoy the music, which simply doesn't have any language!!

And wait and watch for the English which will also be out soon!!! :D


Chandru said...

Soooper this!!! :))

Chandru said...

Sooper This!!! :))))