Friday, September 30, 2011

Neon Nagaram Book Review

Are there times when you hear a new song and wonder if the tune is very familiar?

Are there times when you felt completely dejected and all alone in life?

Are there times when you wanted to tell something to your loved ones(be it anyone) but couldn't tell it openly?

If you can relate to any of the above, grab the copy of Neon Nagaram and experience it yourself.

When we ask a group of people what are their hobbies, 90% of the replies would be "Listening to Music" and "Reading Books".

Paadhai has taken this wonderful concept to of mixing both these pleasures to one package and presented us with the 2nd musical Novel - Neon Nagaram.

A complete novel written with the hero,Vinay ,in the lead and a perfect story woven with all the mentioned points!

  • One can relate to each and every character in the story. From the father, who understands the son but hardly talks to him. A mother who is concerned about you. A brother who will, without even thinking for a second, will give his own things to you. A friend who is there for you always. A boss who remains distant to you but still encourages you. A colleague who is not actually a friend but understands you .

  • Each and every relationship written in subtle ways captures one's attention. Father-Son Relation. Father-Daughter relation. Siblings who help each other but don't overstep the line.

  • Friendship which helps you come through tough times! Initially the hero's friend is portrayed as the typical "comedian" friend that we see in the movies, but as the story goes, one can deeply acknowledge the way the "Friend " helps the Hero professionally/personally, being in the backdrop!

  • No one is a Hero/Villian. Situations make you to become something you might not have been before!

  • The Moral of the Story - "When one door closes another door opens". Just believe in yourself.

As one of my friend's who read the book said - Vinay is my best friend as I can relate to him so much!

The impact that this book leaves on each is immeasurable!

You can just pick up the book and read, if not listen to music at same time!

Musical review coming up in the next part!

P.S - For all the non-tamil readers, you can still pick up the copy and listen to the songs! Music has no language barrier!

And have some patience! English/Hindi version soon will be out for you all! :D

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Sreeram Shenoy said...

Good one soundu!!
Waiting for the Eng version :)