Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matter of Survival

She was standing at the corner of the road.

He hugged his mother tightly not wanting to leave her. She fed him. He quietly ate whatever she gave him. He felt happy when she took him in her arms.He felt secure.

She looked at him with all the warmth and love in this world. He was her baby and she would never let anyone harm him. She felt him shiver as he heard the noise. A van stopped near them. She saw a few get out n come near her. A few were sitting inside and watching her, as if laughing at her.

One of them took something from his hand and kept near his face. He was looking intently at her.

She looked here and there. She could sense that her son was very scared. He had closed his eyes and was tightly hugging her. She was ready to fight them if they tried to do any harm her son.

*Flash*, light flashed out of what that thing the guy had in his hand. She was about to snatch it away from him when she heard them going back to the van laughing.

The van started and the shouts and laughter slowly fed down.

She looked at her son and whispered something in his ears. He looked up and slowly came out of her arms. Danger had gone for time being.

P.S - Today while doing major cleaning at home, I had to break the nest that was built by wasp. There were baby wasps inside. After all the cleaning, the mother wasp came seating for her nest and baby and was roaming the whole room for almost one hour searching in vain. I felt sad but then could't help it!

As my father put it.. its just a matter of survival!


Sreeram Shenoy said...

Nice one...indeed a matter of survival!! :)

Psst..the mommy wasp came searching, seating nai :P

tiku said...

I feel good when young people find time to stop and ponder over the lives of those who are as much a part of our universe as we are. Very poignant and well written. I know you will like this one so leaving a link. Do read. First time on your blog and I have bookmarked it. Best to you . feel free to share if you like. it would be a pleasure if you read my other writings too. thank you for your comment on the blog.

china said...

The picture was misleading.. i felt it was something to do with animal capture or vaccination..