Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beep - you have got a message!!

Life has become a business of sort! Compromises..Negotiations..Persuasions and what not to live our own life in ur manner!

Oh am not going into philosophy now ;)

My cell beeped with this message which prompted me to write this post!

"SMS PUBLICITY for your business development excellent response@low cost for just Rs.1800 for 1 lakh sms. Attractive discount for corporate & bulk orders!"

Thanks to the bulk sms option; we, the customers, who have a phone get numerous messages varying from plots on sale to holiday resorts to how to treat your hairfall!

This goes by saying that when your cell beeps and you read such a message, it in turn only spoils your mood because we all look forward to messages from someone else...hmm i meant friends ;)

All the service providers have this option of disabling any advertisement oriented msgs.

I had also subscribed for that till recently.

Normally each time I get such a message, i delete it or just have it in my inbox without reading it.

So today out of sheer boredom(I mean too much work :P and also the fact that inbox was full), I started reading the messages one by one. A few very important and a few very idiotic and a few quite ..well..lets say humorous to be very polite ;)

"Dear Soundarya, wherever you go we are with you. Justdial, India's local search engine is now available from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a single number +918888888888. From any village, town to city get an instant info by sms. "

JustDial is very helpful when we need to know a few numbers and are not accessing internet to google at that time!! :D

"Thank you for using to file your income tax return. Today is the last day, please ask family/friends to file. Thanks you again"

This message was very helpful reminder especially for those who were engrossed in their hectic schedules!

"A Casual attitude towards safety - "Casualty".Wear Helmet for your safety. Issued in Public Interest by Chennai Tamil Police."

A seriously thoughtful message and a good gesture from the department which almost all of us criticize!

"For train fare sms ...... to 139 and get the details instantly!"

for all those who travel by train, this helps a lot!

"It's Sunday. Time to catch up with friends - no worries about mobile bills, its FREE! Unlimited SMS and more.Join _______ now!"

This sms on a Sunday morning, made me smile :)

"IPL Cricket Offer, buy Kent Aquaguard Genpure RO Water purifier and get ceiling fan and dust cover free. Offer valid for 2 days only. contact _____"

Wonder what IPL, Aquaguard and ceiling fan have in common :roll:

"Reduce upto 5 kgs in just 4 weeks! with new 3in1 Suana Slim Belt for just 2499 Rps. For booking sms to _____!"

Well for those who know me, this sms will make you laugh over me! business stragy wrong as message coming to non-intended recepients ;)

"Are you in search of your Life Partner? Please register at _______site and find one.Contact _____"

Well no comments ;)

And the most hilarious of all the sms was this one -

"Get Pregnant faster using easy do it at Home, Ovulation Predictor Kits. 99% accurate.Contact - ___"

Sigh!!! what can i say ;)

I have it saved in my inbox, to read it when am too stressed to laugh over it :D

Recently I have started recieving Teen Love tips from Airtel also ... Sigh...

I heard that The Mumbai police used this bulk SMS facility to send message to all those staying in Mumbai when a recent terror strike hapened to inform everyone to not panic and be safe!

Each of the service/businee has its own + and - !!!

Have you got any interesting/wierd SMS? ;)

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Dishit D said...

lolz....i am subscribed to this bulk services....they remind me where my mobile is :)