Monday, March 21, 2011

Religion of India!!!

All the Atheists(those who hate/don't like cricket), please stay away...

The Most Common and Unanimous religion of India is Cricket.
And the GOD of Cricket is SACHIN!!!

If you have had any doubts on that, you should just go and watch an Indian match in any cricket stadium.

From the day I have followed Cricket, I wanted to go and watch one match at a stadium. And this wish was fulfilled by my uncle on Sunday :D

Venue - Chepauk Stadium, Chennai
Date - 20th March

One of the biggest problem in India is the facilities. Even though we left early from home to be by 1.30 PM, we struggled and went around not able to get a proper parking sace. The traffic policemen, in very bad simply kept showing their hands in some direction and we were left to assume what that direction would have meant! Finally we ended up parking at the beach and walk a good 20 minutes before we reached the ground gates. Once inside the gate, we were welcomed by a long queue.

By this time we got to know (courtesy my bro) who had won the toss and the team.

The most ironical thing is when you are inside the stadium(and not stands), but still actually call/msg someone to know the details of the match :| My brother kept updating as we were in the queue which was moving like a tortoise and the deafenings roars of the crowd inside the stadium was making us more upset that we were not in yet. Finally missing 2 overs, we got into our stand but then had missed Sachin by then :(
But still, despite all that, we had awesome fun...

A few clicks :)

Check the price ;)

Crazy spectators :P


So Near yet So what i felt when I saw the cricketers through this!!
Chepauk!!! :D
At night! :)
A Roaring noise, the enthusiasm, the charm, the tension... the feeling was so good...

Each Four or Six hit... or when a wicket goes... or when a review is taken...

The comments passed, shoutings and trying to see if you were being shown on the camera!!!

And the best part of everything is our own GOD.
He just has to be on the field for the crowd to go crazy!!! He just has to touch the ball and crowd roars!!! :D Despite all that he is a normal guy.

Not just the humans but evens dogs couldn't stay off the ground..with one dog running around the ground not wanting to miss any action ;)

Undoubtedly,one thing that connects all of us and gets us together...

GOD - Sachin
Religion - Cricket

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