Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Books - Inspiration!

Rainy Day, A cup of hot tea in hand and a Book! Life is bliss with these 3 combinations!!!

Books play an integral part in our lives. Starting from school text books to fictions to non fictions to self help to biographies. Each and every book teaches us something and we learn without even actually learning!

One of my friends recently asked,which is my favourite genre of book and and it kept me thinking on what kind of books I read!!

Recently I have started books of different genres.I even started reading Fantasies, Chiclits,Romance etc ;) But in fiction/non-fiction, a few have really inspired me. Do pick these and read in your own leisure time -

  • The Leader who had no title : Robin Sharma

Am not a great fan of the self help/guide books but this book with simple examples inspires. An apt book for all of us on how we can make a difference not just within ourself on how we work but also within the team.

  • Switch - How to Change Things when Change is hard : Chip and Dan Heath

Change is something we all hope/expect/look forward for but when the change actually comes we are not ready to accept it immediately. Even the slightest change like direction from the normal route makes us uncomfortable even though we want the change. This book is just the "Switch" on how we can embrace a change. A change can be a very smaill thing. And most importantly even "You" can inspire a change!!!

  • Chanakya Chants : Ashwin Sanghi

A fictional book based on Chanakya's principles. Loved this book to the maximum as the book keeps switching between present day and past giving us a wonderful picture on how the Chanakya's principles are effective even today! I recently heard Dr. Radhakrishnan, Author of Corporate Chanakya on how Chanakya's principles can be used for effective Management. Its next "to read" in my list.

  • Mafia Queens of Mumbai : S.Hussain Zaidi

True stories are always an inspiration! The title of the book says it all but still reading the book makes you realize that the worls is not actually so nice as it seems. It made me thank my stars that i am on the other side of the grass. Each and every story tells us how a woman is caught in the web of deceit, lies" and how she turns from the "innocent woman" to the "hard hearted mafia queen".

On the lighter side, moral of the story - Don't fall in Love ;)

Each and every woman's story is how their life was all rosy till they fall in love with a man who cheats and betrays her and she ends up in those dark cities of Mumbai!!!

  • Makers of Modern India : Ramachandra Guha

This is the latest book i have started. Guha comes up with yet another inspiring and knowledgable book on India's history. Here he takes 19 Indians who were visionaries and had a hand in shaping India's Future. As he clarified he only took the names of those who had ideas/visions of modern India. The book, not just has the story of their visions but also excerps of their articles. Inspiring is a very understated word!

Do share your list! :D

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