Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love is Blind

Rohit and Kiran were the most romantic couple.

Like any bollywood movie love story, their love story also kick started with a slap and then hate for each other when they met first which slowly turned into love of the century! With full opposition from their families (all the fights and emotional dramas taking their roles perfectly) they ran off and got married.

Uday, Rohit's best friend helped them during this time and got a house in the nearby city - Sitapur, for them to settle down.

Uday was the typical side hero character who fell in love with every girl whom he met but none of those girls looked back at him. He ended up helping his friends get success in their love matters but his was always a failure.

Starting their new married life, they wanted everything to be full of "love". So anything and everything in their house was seen as a couple with names given, like TV is a guy called Mike and Music System, a girl called Stella. Doors are guys called Bob,Rob,Job etc and Windows are Girls called Meena, Neena,Leena etc.
From the floor mattresses to Kitchen utensils everything were "love pairs" and names accordingly.

The Names they chose for everything also depended on whether they liked it or not. They liked the name Mike and Stella and hence these names for their favorites TV and Music System. Their two Toothbrush's had names Rahul and Rakhi after they watched the Swayamvars and wanted to chew something to vent their frustrations ;)

Their married life was going lovingly when they met Julie. Julie is a dog whom they almost ran their car over. They felt pity on scared Julie and took her home with them.

Julie was very happy in her new house with her owners but then there was a problem. She was single.

Rohit and Kiran decided to get her a companion. They searched and introduced Julie to many handsome Dogs, but each time Julie saw that dog, she would run and get the Dirty old socks of Rohit to show her disapproval of the dog.

Both Rohit and Kiran got desperate to find a partner for Julie and went to one Astrologer. the astrologer looking at the "horoscope" of Julie told them that for her to find a companion, she should get married to a Man who is also desperately looking for a Girl Companion.

Rohit could think of only one guy who fulfilled the Astrologer's words - Uday. But to convince Uday to marry Julie?

They both went to Rampur where Uday was staying, to talk to him and convince him.

Rohit - Uday, I need a huge favor from you.
Uday - Rohit, I am always there for you but before that I want to ask you something.
Rohit - What?
Uday - You find a beautiful girl to date me for 1 evening and I'll do anything you want me to do. Any favor you ask for. But first get me 1 girl.

Rohit and Kiran went back to sitapur and started their search for a girl for Uday. After a few weeks they finally found a girl who was ready to date Uday. They called Uday and asked him to come over from Rampur to Sitapur for his date.

The Place where the Blind date was fixed was romantically set. Even hard-hearted could fall in love with anyone in such an environment. Uday was all excited and bought beautiful red roses and entered the place when his eyes fell on her.

It was love at first sight.He had never seen such a beautiful bitch before. Julie looked at him and she ran towards him. He forgot about his date and took Julie in his arms and kissed her ;)

The rest as they say is history with Uday and Julie marrying each other and living ever happily ;)

Well, after all, Love is Blind! :evil green:

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