Monday, August 15, 2011

Pen Pal

Sudha picked up the newspaper and started reading it. As she was flipping the pages, her eyes fell on a picture.

The person in the photo was smiling at her.

Obituary column : Ramesh , 10th August 1940 to 13th August 2011.

As she was reading the details, postman knocked at her door. She opened her letter.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. We are growing older!

You know that am not an emotional sort of person, but today for some reason am feeling nostalgic. There are times in our life when we need a person to whom we can depend on, a shoulder where we can lean on and a hand which we can hold for support. That person doesn't expect anything in return. And we are are forever indebted to them.

You are one such person to me. I recollect all those situations when even though you were not here physically, you helped me in your own way.

I am still happy that I made that small error of miscommunication that let us to know each other.

This world might not see us in right frame of mind but deep down we both know what our relationship is - Friendship!

With age creeping, a small fear has seeped in. Even though we had agreed to never know each other's name and details but just converse through these letters. Today I wish to know you name and see you once before I close my eyes forever – Birthday wish.

Am enclosing my business card and a photo of mine along with this letter and hope you will send yours soon.

I wish we are friends in the next lifetime also.

Your Pen Pal

Dated - 10th August 2011

The smiling face in the photo was the same as the one she saw in the newspaper.

P. S - This post is an entry for Friendship Day Contest held in Internal Blog of my company!

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