Saturday, August 13, 2011

Acquainted Love - Part 3

He was very excited. More than attending Raj's Wedding or the Sight seeing, he would get sometime to spend with Madhuri. Till now they had talked over the phone or chatted but had not met personally after the train meet. In the past few weeks he had started liking her a lot. He would eagerly wait to call her in the evenings to talk to her. His friends had started teasing him a lot. One of them even asked if Madhuri was his girl friend and he had actually blushed.He didn't say yes or no. Did he think of her as his girl friend? Now he wasn't sure himself. There was something special about her. But what did she think about him?

With this trip, he felt he would get good chance to know her better.

There were 7 of them who started from Mumbai together. Their plan was to leave on Thursday night from mumbai to Pune. The wedding was taking place in pune on Friday night. And after the wedding they decided to spend the weekend in Lonavala and then back to mumbai.

Apart from Himanshu and Madhuri; Sreeram, Meghana, Dishit, Anu and Ravi were the part of the "Gang".

As soon as the trip started, Himanshu never felt he was going along with some people whom he just knew, thanks to Raj. They all hit off from the time the van started, which they had arranged for the whole trip. The guys decided to drive themselves all throughout the journey as it would be extra fun.

Dishit started driving from Mumbai. Himanshu's heart pumped when he saw Madhuri sitting alone. The rest of the seats were taken by others. He went and sat next to her.

He thought of the million things he wanted to talk to her and know about her which he could do throughout this journey. As he was about to start a conversation, she plugged in ear phones and closed her eyes.

He was disappointed but then thought she might be tired and just left at it.

The journey to pune was smooth and they reached late night. Raj had already arranged for their accommodation.

Friday morning saw them in between various functions which take place before the actual wedding. They feasted on the sumptuous food served and enjoyed their time doing simply nothing.

Himanshu tried his best to talk to Madhuri but she was very distant towards him. In the group she was cordial to him and talked to him just like she was talking to everyone.

He wondered if he was trying too hard. He had never felt like this before. The gang had the time of their life in Raj's wedding and left from Pune to Lonavala. He was to drive the 1st part of the journey and he texted MAdhuri asking her to sit next to him in the front. But Madhuri ignored his message and sat behind.

As he started driving the van he kept asking himself - Why was she ignoring him…


On one side Madhuri was very excited about the trip. After long time she was going out somewhere.But on the other side she was very nervous. In the past few months that she has spoken to Himanshu, she felt very happy. She wasn't sure why. When one of her close friends had asked her if she loved him, she got scared and confused.

Was she treading into dangerous grounds? She had spoken to many guys but she had never felt so comfortable as she felt with him.

She thought about her family. They were fine with her talking to guys and going out with friends but one thing her family would never accept is a Love Marriage. Till date all the marriages in her family had turned to be disastrous and affected the whole family.

Realizing these, she even thought of not going for the trip but she knew that she couldn't miss Raj's wedding at any cost. She had decided to keep a distance from Himanshu but now it was increasingly tough.

But as the trip started she felt like like talking to him. She tried to keep her distance between them but still be friendly but it was increasingly tough.

He was trying to talk to her but she had been ignoring him. He had asked her to sit next to him in the van but she had intentionally sat behind though she badly wanted to sit in next to him.

Now with them going to Lonavala and Himanshu trying so much, will she be able to keep her distance from him?


While both their minds were confused and trying to justify their thoughts, rest of the gang could make out what was going out between the two and came up with a devious plan…


sushobhan said...

Wow!... Nice one.. :)

Megzone said...

kitni gandi ladki hai tu :O :O
btw didnt the van have a music system?? that she had to plug in her earphones..
or why dint himanshu play "yeh dooorriyyaaaaannn" when he was driving :P :P

chal ab fatafat happy ending maar :p

bhupesh said...

Since you were wondering what to do over the long about hurrying up with Part 4?

Dishit D said...

wow! - dont know how i missed this have kept waiting poor Himanshu for long now :P

bhupesh said...

really very long now!