Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is Simple!!!

I sat on the shores of the beach, enjoying the sound of the sea and waves playing and splashing the shores.

My mind was confused and completely upset. Life was full of unnecessary complications.

I got up and started walking towards the water. I stopped when i reached the wet sand. I waited for the waves to come and splash on the shores wetting my feet.

The difference in the surface of normal sand and wet sand seemed like the difference in two mind sets.

As the waves came splashing, my legs automatically walked backwards avoiding the water.

The waves looked a bit upset but went back.

The waves again came, this time more forcefully, and as I prepared myself to brace them it splashed just before my feet teasingly and went back without touching me.

Then again the next set of waves came and I took a step forward and waves came splashing and kissed my feet and went back.

And then the series of waves started coming and i was all set to go inside the water and wet myself and enjoy the joy of being in the beach.

I played with the waves till my heart's content and went back to sit on the shores.

As I dried myself, watching the beautiful sunset, i suddenly realized that I was feeling much better.

My mind was calm, devoid of all the unnecessary complication, enjoying the moment where i felt life was just it's supposed to be!

It suddenly dawned to me that the game I was playing with waves sometime back was actually what Life is!

We live daily,survive but are never happy and content. We yearn for a change. But when a change comes, we are hesitant. We are not ready to accept them.

I was standing on the shore in the dry sand, and the change was the wet sand and waves. When the waves came, the first instinct was to withdrew and then after sometime ready to accept it. And then ready to brace the change in form of waves! Once we accept the change, we are ready to risk by going deeper inside it.

I was happy.Thats how life is.

As I was thinking about this comparison, I saw two people walking towards the waves. Intrigued by what they will do, i waited and watched. They also hesitated and then played with the waves. One small kid ran past me towards the beach. She immediately started playing with the water.

As kids, we adapt to changes easily. But as we grow older, we yearn for change but do not accept it easily.

Life is simple, only we make it complicated!!!

P.S - Coincidentally,The latest book that am reading is "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal which is compilation of 25 Success stories of Entrepreneurs from IIM-A. The base of each and every story is to accept Life and changes and prepare yourself to brace it.And then be ready to take risks. In the end its your happiness that counts in front of everything.

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