Sunday, November 13, 2011

A-Z ~ Home Alone!!!

Idle mind is a devil's workshop but then Sound's mind also went for weekend vacation as she was stuck at Home Alone!!!

A - Awesome feeling of being alone at home

B - thinking about Blogging about it

C - Cleaning my stuff to make sure mom is happy :P

D - Dancing all over the place!!

E - Excited to be alone

F - Figuring out what different to do

G - Gifting myself

H - Home alone watching Home Alone

I - iTunes - my companion

J - enJoying

K - K is boring ….

L - Loudly singing

M - Messages

N - Noodles

O - Origami - future paper king :P

P - Pizza in between

Q - gonna be a paper Queen like paper princess :P

R - Read books

S - Singing loudly

T - watch Television

U - Upbeat about everything

V - feeling Victorious after cleaning my place!

W - Wishing a lot of things like...

X - Xpect the home alone weekend to extend!!

Y - Yawning and trying to sleep

Z - Finally Sleep off on the last night...

Ok now don't get angry after reading this.. New Week is starting and am excited!!! :D :D :D

1 comment:

Jay said...

Ha Ha - This is what we call as Utmost and Upmost home alone. I mean top to bottom all alone at home :-D