Monday, August 5, 2013


Appreciation: This is something we all yearn for!

A hard day’s of work and when someone appreciates we feel happy. That small joy becomes worth all the troubles we take.

There are times when we feel all our efforts are wasted when we are not appreciated on time. And worst when we end up feeling that someone else is being appreciated for what is due to us.

On one side, it’s the professional environment set up, where one appreciation mail from client helps you tremendously or from supervisors/managers.

And other side, even in personal life, when you cook something and your parents appreciate you, or siblings appreciate you for some support or some relative/friends appreciate you we feel happy and acknowledged. We truly become a part of that group which recognizes you be it in any situation/ reason!

Why do we remember grandparents who only appreciate us, or that school friend who always gave thumbs-up when you won something, or that uncle who would appreciate when you did something  and the list goes on!

We all realize and understand the importance of appreciation and actually feel bad when we are not appreciated (when we think we deserve it), but then do we appreciate others equally?
Do we also show our appreciation truly to people around? Am not just talking about thanking them(that’s a completely different topic).

Do we appreciate our mother/spouses cooking even if its normal dish they had prepared? Or appreciate father for something he does for us? Or appreciate the maid/dhobi/security for the work they do. You might argue that they(except for our parents- where we see it as their duty) are being paid for the work they do for us, but then are we also not paid for the work we do?

Still these appreciations matter – the motivation to continue, to believe in ourselves and work harder to prove – be it in professional or personal life!

We can easily find fault in others around us but do we take time to appreciate the smallest thing done by someone.

If you have , please share the stories and if you have not, just try to appreciate some – be it the office security person(for properly checking bag) or cab driver(for driving properly) or the guy serving in cafeteria or back home, to anyone who is there to support you at home with different works.

Most importantly, notice that small joy which shows in their face for that 2 seconds when you appreciate the person!

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