Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NP2KMCRS - 6 Wanderers

There were 5 Wanderers, who accidentally or coincidentally, met at one of the greatest Wanderer's house on a saturday morning The 6 Wanderers(NP2KMCRS) decided to hang around for the weekend with nothing much to do!

They are -

Mr.P, Mr.M,Ms.R,Ms.S,Mr.C and Mr.NPK

So the 6 Wanderers decided to go out in car to a place called Valparai. No concrete idea was made. They simply started from R's house without taking any eatables or anything. Camera's in hand and smiles in their face, they decided to explore not just the nature of Mother Earth but also themselves!!

Mr. NPK - Prasanna - He wandered in the tea states in Pollachi and Valparai and found a new passion - plucking tea leaves ;)

Mr. C - Chiranjib - He wandered and got awed by the Nature's beauty and got out his passion for photography!!
Ms.R - went into the stream of journalism and scared a few people near Valparai Police Station ;)
Ms.S - The MAD Scientist felt herself completely lost looking here and there!!
Mr.P - got into two passions - Driving and Modeling ;)

Mr.C - He also tried his hand in Modeling but turned out that Chaiwala in him was better ;)

Not just the humans, but our NPK's lots of other friends also were there to give them company -



Biscuits were the saving grace for the wanderers

But then who was complaining as far they had an awesome ride.

Mother Nature was kind enough on them and showed them the best in her!

And thus the Wanderes wandered back to Ms.R' house to rest and chat and have fun-filled weekend! :D

P.S - NP2KMCRS - Habit of Mad Scientist ;)

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