Monday, April 7, 2014

WE - The So called Women Empowerement!

There are times when one gets so frustrated that all he/she sees is negative things around. One of those days results in all random rants! Well these were written in such days :

* I used to wonder how girls/women used to cover their face completely while traveling especially in this hot sun, but now after I started riding my own 2-wheeler and circumstances forced me to cover my face completely, i have realized how useful it is, compared to getting all sweaty!

    -  you don't have to bother about all those bikers who stop next to you during traffic signal and give those looks and at times comments, as they can't see your face now!
    - you don't have to bother about all those peering eyes in bus and bus stops as they call all see is face covered girl with cooling glass!

 But then I wonder why should I be scared and hide my face just because of some idiots who roam around with their only agenda in life is to make life of women helpless/worse!

* In this generation where we are talking so much about women empowerement etc, when one meets guys who say , girls should get married and take care of kids and house, it's super irritating! Recently met 2 guys like that, though they worded it slightly different - on one side the guys tried to convince that they were the nicest guys and that they were modern (had microwave, washing machine and electric gas at home - am sure term modern would have committed suicide hearing it) and secondly,  more than them , their mothers could just not believe that when families were ready to take talks further the girl would even say No.
And ofcourse all the guys need - a traditional girl with modern outlook(someone has to clearly define the limits of traditional and modern)

* Recently I went to trichy with 2 blogger friends(guys) for another ex-cts bloggers wedding! While waiting for others, I was reading newspaper when the news of a college girl in coimbatore assaulted by 2 of her friends caught my attention. She had befriended these 2 brothers while doing her project work, had gone to chennai also where they had helped her for project work and after coming back , one weekend the brothers sexually assuaulted her at their home. As I read ,
I wondered where the friendship, trust and loyalty had gone! Here I was with 2 friends whom I had known virtually and met once-twice but c2blogs platform had given the foundation and trust.!! I recollected the other trips made with blogger friends(guys and girls) in these past 3 years! My parents have never met these guys but somehow trusted me to go with them. I have been lucky to have made good friends!

I have seen so many relationships made, thanks to such virtual medium like c2blogs but still when one reads such news , one wonders how relevant are these words - trust, loyalty and friendship.

* Recently for a family function, my uncles and brothers had come down. It was a monday and I had to go to Siruseri office for meetings. I had booked office cab. While waiting for cab in morning, all of them started inquiring about how the cab systems work, how trustworthy the cabs are etc. It was very odd as they had never asked anything earlier but as I was entering the Siruseri in cab, passing the area where that poor girl's body was found, I wondered if we women could ever live without fear for safety and the concerns of our loved ones who do not want to show the fear but it becomes very obvious from their questions/expressions!

* Having watched Queen movie, the topics during lunch table was ofcourse about movie and then the reality with each teammate sharing stories she knows from around. Hearing the stories on one side makes me feel proud of my family who have given the complete independence, but then sad for all those women who are trapped because of these "unsaid society rules"! -(a girl is emotionally blackmailed by her parents to marry someone because her sisters had love marriage against their wishes, a girl is killed by her parents , honor killing, as she loves someone outside her cast, a girl is asked to leave job because her prospective in-laws demand and ofcourse dowry is always the talk around!)

It's not enough to let girls study school and college. They have the right to choose what they want in life but unfortunately right now, for everything they need to ask permission, get approvals from others and each of their decisions are questioned! :(

And last but not the least, in the eyes of society, a girl can never have a good life or happy life, unless she is married! Even though she earns and is financially independent, she is a burden to her parents! And she is asked questions as if she has decided that she is not going to get married, which is never the case! And parents are scolded for giving "freedom" to the girl!

But still WE live in hopes that times will change!


Rajlakshmi said...

This is a powerful post sound. Brilliantly written. Yeah I do wish that you don't have to write on this, but such is the fate. Loved this write of yours.

ANURADHA said...

Powerful post sound :-)
It makes me sad to see even the educated ones behave like that. Wonder what will bring the change we need

ANURADHA said...

Powerful post sound:-) it makes me sad to see even the educated ones behave like that.
Wonder what will bring the change we need right now .