Friday, October 31, 2014

Life is a heist!

I was reading this news while watching Ocean’s Eleven! It was cool watching Clooney and Brad Pitt using their charms and wits to rob Casinos.

Now watching a movie, where the Hero is performing such a heist is thrilling! C’mon we all agree that we will enjoy whatever the so-called “Heroes” do in the movie – be it a Dance, Romance scene, action, murder, theft anything. Period! They are the Hero – larger than life persona.

Why else would a movie like Happy New Year, whose reviews I have been hearing are super bad(best being of Vigil guy’s) , but still the movie crossed 100 Cr mark making all those making the movie richer by god knows how many multiplications!

Not just Happy New Year, but any movies in recent history and here I am talking only about Bollywood.

Now this news also carried the headlines in many other news article mentioning, Bollywood style heist! You ask any movie makers and they will say they get inspired from real life incidents.

So who got inspired by whom here? Special 26, all the Dhoom movies, HNY, etc etc (you can add many more movie names) show the classic robbery cases with all the possible justifications possible convincing us that the robbers are/were good people!

Bollywood inspires us to no means. The entertainment industry as such inspires us. But what is that inspiration is a huge question mark. ‘Grass is always green on the other side’.

Somehow success is being equated to coming on tv or being in this entertainment industry. Sports is next on the list.The work we are doing have our own success chart but very few people I can see who take that path seriously.

There was a time when Bollywood gave us “what we call as good morals”. How many of you know that Sholay movie’s ending was changed because censor board rejected the ending where Thankur kills Gabbar Singh. Justice should not be taken in our hands, so the ending was changed to show that Gabbar is handed over to police. But then if sholay was made today(am not talking about Ram gopal verma remakes here) , the ending would have been very violent. The classic change of movie ending of Amitabh and SRK – Don itself shows what Bollywood is showing us. The Big B generation applauded when the innocent Vijay helps the police to nab all the criminals and SRK generation applauded the return of ‘Don’ who is supposed to be master criminal.

Is it good to be bad.. so bad? So many movies have anti-hero image and they justify it in every sense to convince us that its actually correct. Now on one side, if it does show a bit of reality but then to what extent is my concern.

So we all acknowledge these images that Bollywood is showing us and make them superstars.

In real life, even if people were inspired, can you imagine, these robbers – if you saw/met them, to be good guys who looted a bank because of some good 2 reasons and acknowledge them for this wonderful heist they pulled?

The news currently doesn’t bother any of us because it was not my locker or money which was looted. All we can do is sit and complain about police/security etc etc and at the same time enjoy the same scene shown in a movie while watching TV!

I am not blaming movies, Bollywood. They are making money for themselves.

I pity ourselves because we are taken by this imaginary life and do not know how it will hit our real life in some form!

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