Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crazy hope!

As I sat in the balcony,
sipping cup of tea,
waiting for the dark clouds to open and shower with rains,
With the hope to drown my worries,
And have new hope inspired!

I looked across the street
Where the old lady struggling to sell flowers,
And the auto driver tying to bargain with customer,
And the watchman was sitting staring nowhere,
And the maid was slowly walking back home.

Do I have any bigger worries than any of them?
Arose the question in my mind!

Giving up on the rains I came in,
Switching tv hoping to get distracted,
But the plights of the innocent lives stranded in Gaza,
And the anger of the loved ones of the aircraft mishaps ,
Crushed me more than anything!

Switching it off and turning to the ever faithful smartphone,
I stared at it wondering what to do,
With the world around being so crazy,
Except pen down my random thoughts,
With the only hope to make myself feel better!

1 comment:

Channu Mouli said...

Sometimes when i look out at other people, i feel the sole reason for our troubles is that we have aspirations... and the brains to make those to happen..

Who would take such leaps and loans if they knew they did not have the ability to pull it off? Not those people i see outside!