Saturday, February 15, 2014


He stared at the stars up in the sky very confused. This was not supposed to be like that! Was it?

Lying in the mattress in the terrace of his friend's house, he could not understand why he was here instead of going down and talking to others.
He turned and looked at his phone. The battery had to die now only!

He closed his eyes and slowly started thinking.

She was his friend, that's it. But then why did he miss her so much. It was just a weekend. Monday he would be back and they would meet as was their routine.

Her smiling face kept popping in his head.

They had met almost 2 years back through a common friend. Being in same company and location, gave them enough opportunities to meet and slowly they became close of friends. They had soon formed a close gang of friends, who regularly met which was sometimes daily if all were in same work place!

The daily talks had continued with chats almost whole time and most weekends meetup with the gang.

But then she was also a friend!

Was she now?

He opened his eyes and again look at the stars. He felt like he was miles away from earth near the stars. He suddenly wished she was next to him watching the stars!
When did this change happen , he wondered!

Last weekend she had gone out of town and never messaged. He felt very bad and even scolded her.

This weekend he had come for his friend's wedding to a village. He decided he won't message her. But then he felt childish and decided to message. He took out his phone and there was no battery. He had forgotten to charge it.

Thinking about all those moments he had spent with her, during lunch, coffee breaks, movies, treats , he slept off!


She just could not sleep. Tossing around the bed, she kept looking at her phone waiting for his message. He had not messaged from the moment he left for his friend's wedding. But then why was she bothered?

She knew he was upset that she did not message him last weekend when she was not in town. But then she had a very busy schedule and her phone was also in roaming. She had tried to explain but he was still a bit angry with her. Was that why he was not messaging?

She kept down the phone and sat up. She had sent him so many messages but not a single reply! She picked up her phone and thought of messaging others in their gang but then her mind kept thinking of him.

He was taller than her and had the childish smile , when her friend had introduced him. He soon became part of her gang of close friends.
And she never realized how close they had become in recent times.

Frustrated, she again lied down but could not sleep. Why was she missing him so much? It had never been the case with others.

Once when they all had gone for shopping, she had seen this beautiful shirt. She didn't know why but she had wanted to buy it for him! Was that natural for friends?

Deciding that she would not talk to him on Monday when he comes back, she closed her eyes trying to sleep!


He kept calling her the whole day once he was in office. He had to meet her today. Finally he decided to wait for her outside the bock where she was seated.

She came outside the block late in evening thinking he would have left for home when she saw him.

He looked at her pleadingly.

They started walking together without saying anything.

After some 10 minutes of silence and walking outside their company's deserted roads, they were passing the street light when he stopped.

They turned towards each other and said 'I am sorry', both said at the same time.
He had her favorite Corn in his hand!
They both started laughing.

Their eyes met and all those unsaid words were understood. They started walking back to gate hand in hand!

P.S - This story is dedicated to 2 of my friends who have become couples. Ofcourse she made him propose her again romantically but then that's a different story altogether! ;)


Siddhesh Kabe said...

Good one.

Rohini Varun said...

Soundu, you are really good at writing such mushy love stories :) me likeyy

Tarun Kinger said...

Well written...ofcourse those two people will tell you that the truth is faarrrrr from this! :P

Sree said...

I think the last time i heard this story was right from the horses' mouth! :P Good one Soundu, well scripted! :)