Friday, February 14, 2014

The Rest is History! :)

He kept looking at the door wondering when she will be coming?

He glanced at the watch and then at the door. It was already 3pm. She is normally in by this time.
He had already bought his weekly groceries. The only thing he needed now was time before she came. 

Just as he was losing his patience, she walked in to the store. His heart skipped a beat looking at her ever smiling face. She looked around and took the basket to do her shopping. 

She was wearing pink top and jeans, his favorite! He tried to act as if he was shopping and went behind her. He knew her routine well by now. The order in which she picks up her groceries and then admires those chocolates and flowers in the entrance while the billing is being done. He never had the courage to talk to her. Many times she would have passed him. Each time he would freeze as if some one shot him!

It was already 4 months since he saw her first, during one of the friend's party. The moment she had walked into the hall, his heart had skipped a beat. He wondered if this was what was called "love at first sight". But being the quiet guy he was, he had just admired her from a distance till the event was over.

Even though he didn't see her for almost 1 month but he kept thinking of her. He realized that she was not like other girls and kept to herself and rarely went out, especially parties! And she only spoke to people whom she was comfortable with!

One of the weekend as he was shopping, he saw her in the same shop. Even before he could think of talking to her, she passed him and went on with her shopping! Every weekend from then on he came to the shop just to see her. The weekends she didn't come, he was terribly disappointed.

There were a few random parties where she had come but they had never spoken!

Just as he kept thinking about her, she walked past him to billing counter. 

She picked up the Dove Heart Shaped chocolate he had wanted to buy and give her! Before he could even think and act, he saw her getting her groceries packed to leave the shop struggling with the big milk cans near the door. 

Without thinking, he went over and asked "Hey, Can i help you?".

Startled,she dropped the chocolate from her hand.

He bent down to pick up the chocolate and looked up apologizing. 

Their eyes met and for a moment the whole world Stopped!

And as they say, the rest is history! :)


Rajlakshmi said...

Aww w sound Teri story bhi aisehi hi hone wali :D instead of parties it would be wedding receptions.

Aiswarya said...

Loved it Sound :D

Aiswarya said...

Loved it :D cuuuuuuute :D