Sunday, November 4, 2007

Are We Independent!!!

When I say 'We' , I mean Women. Or more specifically 'Indian Women'.

There are talks about Women Empowerment & how women have come
out of the four walls & began to make mark in various fields,be it academics,sports,politics,entertainment,corporate sector etc.

If anybody is asked to name women who have made a mark or inspire you then
few set of names that automatically come up in the minds are -
Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi etc.
And ,of course, Bollywood actresses' names are always in the list.

I admire women (apart from names given above) like M.S.Subbalakshmi,
Jayalalitha,Sonia Gandhi,Anju Bobby George,Shiela Dixit,Mithali Raj,
Sania Mirza,Medha Pathkar & the list continues for the way they've shaped
their own lives. I would like to add that personally i might not hold same views
as them or might not agree with what they are doing in their own fields but still
1 thing is there. These women have come up in their life in their own manner
& Its truly inspiring.

But the question is to what extent is this true.

Just by seeing a small group of women making it big doesn't mean that
the whole women population is becoming independent and that they are
given the rights to come up.
In smaller towns & villages, still a women going for work or a girl going to
school & college is still a taboo. In Major Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
we see women growing up independently. They are given opportunities to
improve themselves. But then that too is only to some extent.

As a young woman about to graduate from college,i've big dreams. And thankfully
i come from a family where i've been given the freedom to choose on what i want
to do in my life. But this is not true in each girl's life. Whether she comes from
an educated & well-to-do family or an illiterate family,she doesn't have her rights.
Now Parents have to some extent become open & are allowing their daughters to
complete college education. But after that they are not allowed to choose their own path.

Many might argue that situation has changed but out of my experience,
where i've seen in many of my friend's & classmate's life, i've to say that
still 'We' have a long way to go.

Women Empowerment is just hyped. Its not about becoming modern.
Its not about achieving high in any field.but its up to day-to-day basis
that matters most & which will change the shape of "Indian Women".


Harish said...

Highlighting achievements of 'a small group of people' is very importants, as they are the role-models who can inspire others to break the mould and confront orthodoxy. It's not an end by itself, but a means to achieve the larger goal.

soundarya said...

i agree that achievements are important & it starts in smaller ways but at this moment 'women empowernment' tat its happening a lot are hyped.

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hmmm... nice post to start wid.. :)