Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bigger Picture!

Every morning I wake up to the Music system playing “Deiviga Ragam”. The RJ tells wonderful snippets and stories(with morals) daily in between the songs.
When I heard today’s story, it was so apt. With mid-year review happening, the story was more like a reflection of our lives.
Once there was a Wealthy Man who loved travelling. During one such expedition, he travelled with a new servant. After a full day of travelling, they decided to take rest near a stream. The Master asked the new servant to be awake the whole night and keep a watch on their horse. And then he told the servant, “if you feel sleepy, then start thinking about the biggest problem and your sleep will go off.
 With that, the Master went to sleep. He woke up after sometime and saw that the servant was deep in thought looking at the sky. He asked, “What are you thinking?” The Servant replied “Am thinking from where the stars have come and assembled like how we can see in the sky”.
Master was happy with the way Servant was thinking and following the instructions and went back to sleep.
After sometime again Master woke up and this time the Servant was staring at the stream. The Servant looked at the master saying “Am thinking from where did so much water come in the stream?”.
 Master was happy that Servant is following his orders and slept off.
 He woke up at dawn and saw the Servant was deeply thinking with his eyes closed.
He asked, “What are you thinking now?”
Servant replied “Am thinking how the horse which was tied, ran away. Did it go by itself or someone took it”.
Moral – To achieve the main objective, we do smaller things but then at times we get so absorbed in those smaller things that we forget the Main objective!
P.S – I hope I was able to write the whole story just like the RJ told (Tamil to English is always a problem) :P
P.S 1 – I know i know… this is like those moral science stories :P but couldn’t help posting it :D