Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Taking the pan
In the hand
Cooking the food fast
To not be in office last
I looked here and there
Thinking I missed scissors where
When i heard him come
as usual on time
I looked at him
Looking all trim and slim
Tracing his looks
I found it in hook
Opening the pack
And keeping it in rack
I got busy with work
As he waited for his perk
As I hummed the tune
The time passed soon
He made angry sound
Forcing me to turn around
I looked at the clock
It showed 10′o clock
I kept the morsel of rice
Only to hear his cries
I tried ignoring
But couldn’t help noticing
I looked pleadingly
He stared Angrily
He walked up and down
With a frown
While I took the clue
And finished making stew
I again looked at the rice
Trying to look at him nice
But he had the sway
And simply looked away
Finally I gave up
And added stew on top
And kept the food for him
And he ate every bit of them
As i watched with pleasure
He smiled in leisure
Spreading his wings he flew
Cawing a Thank you!

P.S – my mere attempt at poetry again ;)

P.S 1 – This is my entry for Poem in humor category for an Internal Contest!!

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