Thursday, March 8, 2012

No Women's Day!!!

Why should today not be a Women’s Day!

It’s again that day of the year when we celebrate “Women’s Day” – 8th March.

We get down to celebrating the “success stories” of those “Successful Women” in life who are well known in their circle!!

While we celebrate the “Stories” of those who have come out of their houses and made a name in the so called corporate/entertainment” world, we tend to forget the stories of those women who also have come out of their houses to earn to ensure her family gets three course meals. Those are the women whose life revolves around a very restricted world and who have to fight daily for their mere existence!
What’s so special about celebrating a Women’s day when we trying to tell the whole world that all of us are equal, be it a Man or a Woman. The general argument immediately from the other Gender is that if you are equal then why the debate for 33% reservation or separate Q for ladies in various places etc. If we were considered equal then we won’t bother about these reservations!

Still a woman who is not married is looked down upon as someone not a good person or a working mother who leaves her kids in playschool is deemed as not a good mother! In this generation where women also work, still a so-called dowry is expected indirectly from the bride’s side.

Ritu has done her masters and loves her job, but now that she is in her “marriageable age”, she is being pressurized to quit her job since a high paid working woman cannot get a good groom in her caste.

Sita has been in love with Rakesh for more than 2 years and the day she told her parents, all hell broke loose. The mere fact that she loves someone has made her an “outcast” in her society and is being looked down upon as an irresponsible girl, despite the fact that she is well educated and loves her family and respects everyone.

Neetu has been married for 4 years but she knew from Day 1 that this marriage would never work. But she is still stuck and both her and her “so called husband” is leading a meaningless life because she knows that if she gets a divorce she will be looked down upon and never be respected by the society.

Meeta works very hard to make ends meet. Being a widow and mother of 2 girls, life is very tough with no one to help. Her daughters do now want to follow their mother’s steps by being maid. Instead they want to study and earn well. But then her mother is not able to send them to college. With the society’s pressure, she is in turn searching groom for her elder daughter.

And we can see “n” no of examples.

Today morning when I opened the “Women’s special” edition of The Hindu paper, I read this -

Behind every Liberated Women, is a Women doing dishes

And that’s a hard truth!

Just being a liberated mind doesn’t help us to lead a life that every woman wants to!
I have heard the very educated folks(leave the illiterate minds) also talk about how “women” after marriage should only be at home taking care of kids and In-laws. And with such a mindset how can one expect to cherish and celebrate “Women’s day”!

There is no point in celebrating such a day, when only a few like me are trying to come out of that “invisible circle” around us which the “So Called Society” calls the Boundary. There are arguments that the society is changing but the reality is that it has not!

What do women actually want – RESPECT! And that respect is not just for those women who are well known and celebrities but for each and every woman around you and letting them make their choices!

The Day we are respected and allowed to make our own choices would be the day we should celebrate “Women’s Day”!

P.S – I know this post especially from a woman might be surprising but this is my point of view and I respect if you differ from these points!

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Dishit D said...

this post echoes some of my own thoughts written in my second or third post on ch1 in 2007...brought back the memories.... unfortunately cannot access it now :(

i agree completely on this...however, on the other hand, looking at attitudes of men towards women in corporate life, i do think women would need some extra benefits...right now it is too loaded towards men....