Friday, April 13, 2012

Joy of a Bus Ride!!

When was the last time you had fun/joy travelling in an MTC bus???

Life is very Simple, Man makes it complex.

With the Software industry booming and bikes and Cars of various kinds in the offering, our lifestyle have taken a step higher and we tend to forget the days when we used to even walk those 5-10 kms or take the bus to get basically anything.

Those were the "nostalgic days" part of the other life which the kids of which generation might not even be familiar with!

Getting used to such a life where we do not need to think twice to take an auto despite the charges, I was in a pleasant surprise when the sight of a "bus" brought a whole community together and happiness spread!

The stretch from my place to main road is 1.5 km walk which takes 20-30 mins depending on your walking speed. And the Autos easily charge 30-40 rupees for one side trip.And for a common man, shelling out that money on a daily basis adds to the worry.

For those who do not have own vehicles, its minimum 45 minutes spent daily to walk. Its an herculean task especially in this hot summer where the sun is already up in your head at 6.30 AM!

So when a MTC bus was released last week for this stretch along with another route, there was an excitement and chaos all around! One could see the sheer happiness in the faces of people for whom it was like a savior.

People came out of their homes to just watch the bus as if they were seeing it for the 1st time in their life!!!

It brought me back to the reality that while we crib about so many things in life(which at times i feel is unnecessary), the genuine happiness and sharing of such people for the basic necessities in life.

And Daily Morning, travelling in the bus and watching the smiles all around, gives me a new energy in life :)

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