Sunday, August 31, 2008


For the first time I am writing review of a movie here.

Rock On – One reason why I liked the movie is it relates to one’s life. It doesn’t have unnecessary action (dishum dishum’s) or a character villain or unnecessary romantic scenes. All the characters are for real and their emotions change with time and circumstances.

The story as such is good but moves on very slowly. At times I felt that the direction could have been better. The movie is simple, showing that not all our dreams are fulfilled and those unfulfilled dreams always haunts us throughout our lives. The emotions have been portrayed well. Three times in this movie, this line is repeated – “life is full of compromises” and it is a fact and reality.

Farhan Akhtar as an actor doesn’t fit the bill as such but surprisingly is a good singer.. His chemistry with Prachi was really nice but somehow his acting didn’t gel. Prachi as farhan’s wife does her bit well. I have never considered Arjun Rampal as an actor and he doesn’t do much out here. Shahana Goswami as Arjun’s wife has done an awesome role.
Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny have also done their roles well especially in second half when the band is again about to play. The stage scenes were really good and all the four carried off themselves well.

The music is all enough for this movie to rock. Personally am not fan of rock music. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy surely know how to create magic. Javed Akhtar'slyrics is also good.

My take – you should surely watch the movie once.

P.S – Rock On songs are going on in background as am writing this review ;


sumit said...

Nice review
Ek bar phir chale kya :D

kamal kannan said...

hmmm..i dont agree to a lot of what u've said but a nice blog and a good review..feels good to knw that a good blogger is gonna be my colleaugue ; check mine out to when u've got the time soundarya...keep bloggin..i'll pay this site a visit from time to time!!

soundarya said...

thanks sumit.... phir se tumhebore hona hai kya?? :P

@kamal - thanks ..u cud have mentioned dpoints which u dont agree :)

kamal kannan said...

two things i dont agree are..
1. Arjun was top class in this movie perhaps even the best of the lot..but u said otherwise
2. Farhan wasnt that bad either..

hey nvr knew 'life is full of compromises was used 3 times....that was a good line na...