Friday, January 2, 2009

In the End, We all are same

Who am I? Who are you? Who are the people surrounding us? When I say people, I mean parents, relatives, friends, crowd in the bus you travel, or the shopkeeper from whom you buy your dresses, or the maid who comes to your house etc.

This is not a philosophical question or anything to do with philosophy.

Of late, this question has been in my mind after observing a few things. Oh yes, I’ve been so jobless that I actually have started observing things ;)

We all are so engrossed in our work, personal commitments, social life etc that we tend to overlook simple things in life. The purpose of life!!

The other day, I was talking to my brother in Skype and my grandfather came. When he saw my brother in computer screen, he became so happy. As he cannot hear properly he’s not able to converse with any one in phone and seeing my brother like this made him so happy. He, like a small kid, told every one who came to our house about seeing my brother who lives so far off.

We were shifting from one place to another and had arranged for movers & packers. Five men came from the company to pack and load all the things. When they had finished loading all the things, I took out my camera to take pictures of the loaded truck and the empty house when I saw kind of childish excitement in those men’s faces. One of them excitedly asked me if I was going to take their photos. I asked all of them to sit in one place and took their photo. Though we are paying them for their work, but still the joy that I saw in their face when we took their photos gave me more satisfaction than anything else.

These kind of small joys are the one’s that we all have forgotten in this fast moving life - the joy of seeing our parents happy by just spending some time with them, the joy of seeing the happiness in maid/fruit seller/milkman’s face when we respect them and get some gift for them when they don’t expect it, the joy of seeing happiness in friend’s face when we visit them just to say we care for them.

Instead of classifying ourselves based on caste, social, financial, gender etc, why are we not able to live with each other in good way? After all we never know what’s going to happen? Whether we will live to see tomorrow?

The satisfaction and happiness that we get when we make some one else happy is what life all about is.

In the end, we all are human beings only.

In the end, we all are same.



Harish said...

Why in the end? Throughout life, all are same...

Harish said...
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soundarya said...

thats what i the end, effectively meaning as we all are same...y to differentiate among ourselves in our lifetime!!

LK said...

enna sollavara kadisiya

soundarya said...

@lk - that we all are same!! :P

Harish said...

I think you need to re-evaluate 'end'.
When you say 'in the end, we are all the same', the 'end' here is a figurative expression - not an actual ending to something
But then when you say 'why to differentiate among ourselves in our lifetime', this puts an implicit meaning to that 'end' as the end of life. But that introduces a logical fallacy- if you mean we are same 'only' at the end(i know u didn't use the word 'only, but it's quite suggestive), then u might be actually justifying discrimination as we may not be the same in our lifetimes!