Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally..Got DOJ!!

Finally after a year’s waiting I got information about my joining date yesterday and the best part is that I got it when I was least expecting it. Each day as I get up, I would think today is going to be the day! After days of hopes and expectations that I’ll know about my joining date, I had sort of stopped thinking about it the first thing in the morning! So when my friend messaged yesterday early morning asking me to check my mail and see if I have any mail, without any hopes I got up and opened the mail. I thought it would show 0 new mails but there it was. A mail from the company informing me to join on 29th June!! I had never felt as relieved as I was yesterday.

So I know that I’ve one more month before I join. Now when I look back at this 1 year, I have enjoyed life doing nothing! If some one is to ask me what I’ve been doing for past 1 year I can’t give any concrete reasons. Let me see what I’ve been doing past 1 year.

First of all 2008 had been a sort of landmark year in my family as all three of us(me and my brothers) were passing out from our courses in April and my father getting retired in October.

April 2008 – Well my final review got over mid-April and then I went on family trip for 1 week. Then headed back to bhilai with my parents and elder brother.

May 2008 – Meeting all old friends, family friends, spending time with parents and brothers and eagerly waiting for joining date! Also learnt car driving during that time!

June 2008 – 1st week went of in attending my friend’s wedding in Madurai and then back to Bhilai where my elder brother was all set to leave for Bombay(err..Mumbai :)) to join his work! Then I learnt some cooking and practice car driving.

July 2008 – Had been pretty hectic with my parents gone to Chennai for 1 week and my twin brother and me taking care of our grandfather at home. Then we had a series of relatives and friends visiting us at home as we would be leaving bhilai by the end of the year.

August 2008 – My twin brother was leaving for US this month so busy with him. He wanted to visit a few relatives before leaving for US, so made a trip with him to Chennai Then went with him to Bombay to see him off and spent 2 days there.

September 2008 – Well the feeling slowly started sinking in that we would be leaving bhilai in 2 months. Major planning started on when, how to shift and what things to take.
There was also 10days festival during ganesh chathurthi in a temple there which pretty much kept us busy. I had been secretly hoping for delay in my joining date as I needed to be with my parent’s next two months to help them.

October 2008 – Easily one of the busiest months with all preparations on packing, a series of parties to be attended and in between came my father’s 60th birthday(though we celebrated it only in simple way).

November 2008 – Again another busy month as we made two visits to Chennai. First was to leave my grandfather in aunt’s place. We also had a simple house warming ceremony and then looked after finishing touches of our new house. Then back to bhilai and last minute courtesy calls to all friends there and doing final packing. Then came time to say goodbye to bhilai. We flew back to Chennai via Mumbai spending 2 days there meeting all relatives.

December 2008 – Well two days after we came to Chennai I got chicken pox. After recovering from it, came the tedious work of arranging the new house and getting used to the new place and environment.

January - February 2009 – Taking care of pending jobs in new house and visiting (courtesy visits) all relatives (elders of the family) to inform them about our shifting to Chennai. Same time there were lots of relatives visiting us in new house too.

March – April 2009 – Busy with online training that company had sent to us asking us to finish it in given time and apart from that I was catching up on visits to my friends and spending time with them.

May 2009 – With all the election hungama’s going around, IPL and my brother’s visit to Chennai, days were just going by. And now I get to know about my joining date!

So over all if I see I had not been doing anything to talk about except that my presence at home was much needed for my parents. It was more of moral boost for them than anything else. If some one asks me what I did career wise then nothing specific. I guess family commitment is what I can say to those who ask me! And at times it’s also equally important. Now with my joining date nearing, my parents won’t expect anything out of me as family commitment for the time being! I am in a way happy that I could be there for my parents when they needed me. I enjoyed life doing nothing constructively. I simply watched movies, sports, made new friends through networking sites and spent time with my family. I don’t think I would ever get such time again in my life!! :)

Finally am relieved that I got my joining in June itself compared to my friend’s some of whom have got in October, November or even December! :)


kamal kannan said...

Congratulations...seems urs was an evenful 2008 . Mine was as boring as it could get I could write it in 2 lines :D. All the best for professional life :)

Je m'appelle Madhushree...!! said...

phew........who said u did nothin concrete in last 1 yr..?? thr u hav soo many things to say.......;) newayz....Congrats once again for gettin the DOJ...n meri party pending hain..:D

tropical iceberg said...

congrats sound. Hope you have great days ahead :)

soundarya said...

thanks kamal ..cia soon in cts :)

@madhu & amz - thanks a lot :)

@madhu - yeah next time u r in chennai,treat wil be there :)

Anonymous said...

Vanakkam to Chennai !!
Hope you have nice time localizing in Chennai than what i did have when i landed up here..

Orkut was the ultimate gainer this past year isn't it ??

Cia in in a company which claims to be filled with passion :P