Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bewitched Night!!!

I tried my hand at writing a short story. In my company we hve internal blogging system and there is a short story contest - with the theme "One night story". The story should happen between 8p.m to next day 8 am. This is my first attempt at writing a story. Thought of sharing it here too :)



I lay in my couch staring at him. My whole life, I have been faithful to him. Now old and tired, my days are numbered. But he was in his own world, surrounded by books. He didn’t even bother to look at me. As I see him leaving the room, I am reminded of that night - Bewitched Night - when my life got changed! Everything that I had was never the same.


It is his 7th birthday. John. He is my best friend. We both are inseparable and need no one else to play with. The night has started off just like any other night. It’s around 8.30 p.m. We finished our ball-game and dashed into the house for celebrations and special dinner. Mother has prepared delicious items. On such special occasions, she prepares my favorites too. Father got the cake ready in dining table. Dining hall is also nicely decorated with John’s favorite things. John is very eager to cut his cake. I am excited and jumping here and there with joy.

Mother and Father had adopted me when I was small. They found me abandoned near the shore and took me with them. They have bought me up just like am their own. They gave me a special and beautifully decorated room. Their home is my only world.

We were all set to celebrate his birthday, when something on the table caught my eye. A nicely wrapped golden covered parcel. I didn’t know why, but somehow I felt uneasy after I saw it. We all assembled around the table. John cut the cake as the birthday music is playing in the background. Mother, Father and John, all three are very happy.

Father gave John the golden-wrapped parcel but told him to open it later when he is alone. Dinner is served and all of us are enjoying and having a great time as family. Mother looked at me with a bit of concern, but I pretend as if am very happy and cheerful. But deep-down am scared of the parcel kept near John. I kept an eye on the parcel as if something was going to happen because of that. After dinner we played some games, but I couldn’t concentrate.
By the time, I and John went to John’s room; it was around 11.30 p.m. Though its John’s room, but I spend all my time in his room only and not in mine. John was very keen to open the parcel. He put it on the bed and started opening it. I tried to distract him from not opening it, but he didn’t budge. I came out to the hall as I got scared and didn’t want to see what was inside it.

Suddenly I heard him scream! White light glowed from John’s room. It almost blinded me. Lightning stuck. Thunders roared. I ran here and there around the hall but everywhere it was like smoke. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I wanted to shout for John, father or mother but no voice came! I hid below the couch. I lay there for some time.

Then everything became silent! I looked around completely scared, wondering what happened to others. I was startled when I heard the church clock ring. It was midnight. Then again it became silent. Some time had passed and I decided to go to John’s room to check on him. As I tried to muster courage and try to make my way to John’s room, I heard voices. Initially I felt like it was coming from nowhere. But then realized it was coming from John’s room. I went to John’s room and peeped inside. John was lying on the bed with something in his hand. I went and jumped on the bed and sat next to him. He didn’t even notice me. He was staring at that thing in his hand. I heard voices from that thing. Light was glowing from that .I felt as if the whole world was spinning. I was subconscious and saw different kind of creatures. Humans, animals were walking, flying and I just couldn’t understand what was happening. There were small kids, beasts, giants and something like magic was happening. I didn’t know when I slept off.

I woke up with a jolt. It was early morning and sun was ready to come out. John was not on the bed.I looked around surprised as he never gets up unless i wake him!! I went looking outside and saw John sitting in garden with that thing. Early morning used to be our own time but now he was completely into that thing. He simply ignored me. One look in his eyes and I knew that we were separated. He got a new best-friend in that thing and did not need me from then on.
Mother called us for breakfast. He put that thing on his chair and ran to get ready.

I went near my new enemy, who has taken my position and looked at it.

It was a book and read “Harry Potter“. John’s new best friend and my enemy!!

I barked “woof woof” and ran inside the house.


black coffee said...

It is nice, the way you described the way a dog looks at a human master. :) But, you led me to believe that the gift would have been a video game of some sort, not Harry Potter! :) You write fiction well!

Harish said...

hahaha! 'woof woof' in the last line - just too much! :))

Dirk said...

nice read sound, pavam harry potter a villain akitta. Good one.

Vinod R Iyer said...

Good one .. Nice twist :)

tha said...

Nice story...i like the 'woof woof' in the end...

soundarya said...

thanks akila :)

@harish - ya i know toooo much but then i wrote the whole story after thinking of this particular ending!!

@dirk - thanks :) can i know your name plz :)

@vinod - thanks :)

@uthara - thanks :) as i told harish thats what i wanted as the highlight :)

@all - glad that you al liked it. i guess i have not bad for my 1st story :)