Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping mania!!!

“Sound, Tomorrow we need to go for shopping, prepare a list!” - My mother told me as soon as came home from office yesterday.

“Oh No” - I shouted inside my mind! I didn’t want to go out anywhere,but then my mother was right. I needed to buy a few things before packing off to coimbatore and weekends only I’ll get time!

But still the word shopping somehow makes me uncomfortable.

I simply hate shopping!

One of the reasons might be the way I have been shopping from my childhood. Whenever we needed to go out and buy something, we would make a plan. List out all the things needed to buy and then mark the shop where we have to buy it. We had our regular shops and stores to visit in Bhilai(after all it didn’t have so many shops to chose from!). Then we would visit these places, choose only the ones we needed and return back home. Never had we gone out of the list and bought something or taken time in choosing.If it was a dress, whatever was shown from that we would choose one and come back.

But after coming to Chennai and seeing the way people shop, especially in T.Nagar area ..phew…I can’t imagine standing in one shop and seeing the dresses or accessories or any other stuff repeatedly and either chose from them or just claim that i didn’t like any and go to next shop and again see everything.

My parents had always had this notion that if they visit some shop, it would not be nice to leave it empty handed, especially dress shops. And somehow that has got into my mind too.

But one thing i learned is to bargain. I prefer the pavement shops to the crowded stores! As its open, I need not bother about not buying from any of these pavement shops. I have been lucky to get goods in really cheap price with bargaining in first 2,3 shops itself and never had to go into all the pavement shops and have arguments with the shop owners.

Well I ended up going and spending 5 hours and doing huge and major buying both quantity and money wise but thankfully got most of the things in same shop!! So I ended up carrying things like this…

Even though the shopping was done for me only, but still its boring. I can’t imagine people ready to be on the move, the moment they hear the word “shopping”!

Now i know you all might be wondering - “What sort of a girl is she, not to even like shopping??” Well I am an exception I know!! And I know the guy who will marry me is very lucky And even if he’s keen on shopping,which I pray not!) still I will hate shopping and I would prefer watching a cricket match or read a book than go shopping!!