Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love lasts forever!!

13th February 2009 -

Celebrations were going on in full swing. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy. Kids were running around playing without any tension. It was a typical marriage house. Elders were busy making final preparations for the Moment. Youngsters were dancing and having fun.

He sat in his room quietly. He hated the noise going on outside. He wondered what he was doing here. This is not the place he should be right now. He looked at the time - 7 p.m. He should be somewhere else but any time they will call him.

She looked at the watch – 7 p.m. He should be here by now. Where was he? She again looked around herself. Everything was ready. Only he had to come. But then she wondered – Why hasn’t he come?

“Dilwale Dulhinya le jaayenge” – Background was filled with this song.

Priest was chanting the mantra’s when he said, call the groom. Groom’s brother started going upstairs to call his brother. As he passed the bride’s room, he heard laughter. He smiled as he heard the bride’s friends teasing her.

His phone started ringing.He felt his feet go cold. He had to decide now. He looked at his phone and then at the door. He had to decide now.

She looked at the time desperately. He should be here by now. She got scared. What’s taking him so long? After a long time she was very happy and looking forward to something! She again looked at the time and then nervously picked up her phone calling his number.

The bride walked down the stairs as everyone looked up admiring her. Everyone gathered around the stage practically crowding the place. The bride sat in her place as the priest continued chanting the mantra’s. Shehanai was also being played loudly

He opened the door and and just started running outside as everyone stared at him. He drove his bike as fast as he could to the station. He had to stop her before she left him forever. He made the biggest mistake of letting her go in the first place.

His phone kept ringing. Why isn’t he picking up the call? Has he forgotten that we were to meet here. She kept looking around for him.

The Groom looked at his bride and smiled as he went to tie Mangal sutra around her neck. Just as he tied it, he gave her rose in her hands and whispered in her ears – “Welcome to my life, I Love You”.
He spotted her waiting in the platform for the train. He ran to her and fell down on his knees. She looked startled as he held her hand and gave a rose and said – “My dear wife, please forgive me and don’t leave me. I Love You.”
She felt some one behind her. She turned and saw him standing. She was about to scold him when she saw him looking apologetically as a small school kid. She couldn’t help but smile. He looked up at her and took out a rose and said – “For our 50th wedding anniversary, I Love You

14th Feb 2009 -
Ticket Collector came to check the tickets –

Mr and Mrs. Mohan Verma – Seat 5 and 6 – Newly Married couple on their honeymoon.

Mr and Mrs Vinod Mishra – Seat 2 and 3 – On their second honeymoon after the decided to give their wedding another chance.

Mr and Mrs Anil Sharma –Seat 1 and 4 – On their Honeymoon to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

"True love is timeless. True love is endless. It turns your life around. It makes you the happiest person alive!"

Love lasts forever!!! :)

P.S - There is Valentine day Carnival going on internal blog of my company and this is one of the posts i have posted there after trying to make my grey cells work for this theme!! :)


cutedevilmeg said...

i said it prev... and i say it again...
this was bloooddyyy brilliant...
and yes i stand by wat i said... it reminds me of Love Actually and Salaam -e- ishq... only the characters arent connected...

i soooo loved this one... :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Jolly good :)

Thank god I am not colour blind :D

Sumit said...

Good one! Read this on internal too.. but this is good :)

Rajlakshmi said...

great to see you here gal :D
loved the stories... of love lasting for forever... :)

Je m'appelle Madhushree...!! said...

dat was lovely sound.....:D

tha said...

Nice...i like the interplay of different story lines...

soundarya said...

thanks meghz :D

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